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Preparing businesses for the economic recovery

Preparing businesses for the economic recovery






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    Preparing businesses for the economic recovery Preparing businesses for the economic recovery Presentation Transcript

    • Preparing Businesses for the Economic Recovery Kenneth Peterson, Founder
    • Agenda: 10:00AM to 1:00PM 10:00AM to 11:15 PM Presentation 11:15AM to 11:30 AM Questions and Answers 11:30AM to 11:50 AM Break 11:50AM to 12:30 PM Expert Panel Case Studies 12:30PM to 1:00 PM Questions and Answers and Wrap Up
    • Helping clients UNDERSTAND where they are Helping them PLAN where they should go Helping them with tools to EXECUTE their plan
    • Helping clients UNDERSTAND where they are (rock solid financials, marketing surveys, customer surveys, employee assessments) Helping them PLAN where they should go (strategic goals/tools, BHAG, one page business plans, projections) Helping them with tools to EXECUTE their plan (Tactics, Measure, Financials, TTM charts, KPI’s)
      • “ To my mind, no CEO can claim to be in charge of the organization unless within 30 minutes-and I mean this literally-he or she can answer the following questions and others like them.
        • What are the Company’s revenues per employee?
        • How do the figures compare with the competitions?
        • What are the revenue per employee for each of the companies leading product lines?
        • What explains recent trends in each product line?
        • What is the average outgoing quality level in each product line?
        • Which of the company’s top twenty executive are standouts, which are low performers, and why?
        • Which business units could recover from a major competitive shock (massive price cuts, new entrants, technological change) and which are vulnerable?
        • What are the yields, costs, and cycle times at every manufacturing operation?
        • What explains the company’s stock-price valuation relative to its competitors?
      • By now, I suspect, some readers are ready to protest: What CEO can possibly generate such information within thirty minutes?”
    • “ I have a different question: What CEO who can’t produce such information can possibly claim to be doing the job?” T.J. Rodgers, founder of Cypress Semiconductor
    • PLAN
    • Porter's Generic Strategies Target Scope Advantage Low Cost Product Uniqueness Broad (Industry Wide) Cost Leadership Strategy Differentiation Strategy Narrow (Market Segment) Focus Strategy (low cost) Focus Strategy (differentiation)
    • Marketing What is the purpose of marketing? The only measure of marketing is qualified sales leads! Who is our market? Do we ramp ahead of demand? What does our website do? What do we do with social media? Is there really value there?
    • Sales What Causes Sales? What comes before that? What comes before that? Do the activity and the sales will come! Are we setting goals and holding people accountable? Are we keeping an actual sales pipeline? What does it look like? What is our correct growth rate? Have we segmented our customers or clients? Who are the most profitable? Why? Have we graded our customers?
    • Personnel Are the right people on the bus? Did we get rid of our dead wood? What does our bench look like? Where’s our farm team? Take prospective employees to dinner with their spouses. It is amazing what you’ll learn. What skills are we lacking? Do we have mentors in our organization? Have we profiled are top performers? What do they look like? Are we hiring to that profile?
    • Technology KISS method What new technology can we take advantage of? Technology: Is it a differentiator or a necessary evil? Is it Strategic? Do we need to look at a software upgrade? Do we need to update our equipment?
    • Management Is open book management for me? Do my managers and employees understand the numbers? Do I want them to? Are the CEO’s learning and progressing? Have them write a resume. How do we communicate as a management team?
    • Risk Management What are our biggest risk areas? Financial Reputational Environmental Who’s assessing and watching these? What keeps you up at night?