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Workshop on Learning Styles Part 1
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Workshop on Learning Styles Part 1


Published on

Workshop on Learning Styles (Part 1) …

Workshop on Learning Styles (Part 1)

Mr. Aaron Smith, Head of Asia Business Development and Marketing
MRWED International, Australia

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Speaker Series Copyright NHRD Pune Chapter
  • 2. Generational Learning Aaron Smith Head of Asia Business Development and Marketing MRWED International 20th February 2009 Copyright NHRD Pune Chapter
  • 3. What is a Generation? • Birth year within a 15-20 year range • Similar experiences • Share common beliefs and behavior • Self-perceived to be a generation Copyright NHRD Pune Chapter
  • 4. Generations Labels • Silent Generation (Mature) Prior to 1945 • Baby Boomers 1945 to 1964 • Generation ‘X’ 1965 to 1979 • Gen ‘Y’ 1980 to 1995 • Next Generation (‘Z’) 1996 to NOW Copyright NHRD Pune Chapter
  • 5. Generational Mix We are all in this together Copyright NHRD Pune Chapter
  • 6. Silent/ Mature Generation • Wise/ Builders Coming to their end? • Fighters/ Survivors Cant use technology? • Retired Cannot add value? • 20 – 30 Seconds for Marketing Copyright NHRD Pune Chapter
  • 7. Baby Boomer • Largest Population Cannot work with younger people? • First to “Want for Nothing” Only see from their • Power of the Media perspective? • 10 – 15 sec for Marketing Want to Retire? Copyright NHRD Pune Chapter
  • 8. Generation ‘X’ • New Technologies Don’t play well with others? • Skeptical of Media Easy Life? • First ‘Kids as a Market’ Self important? • 5 – 10 seconds Marketing Copyright NHRD Pune Chapter
  • 9. Gen ‘Y’ Lazy? • Technology is life Don’t want to be • Associate Brands with told? Personal Identity Cannot Focus? • 3 – 5 Seconds Marketing Want it all now? Copyright NHRD Pune Chapter
  • 10. Next Gen (‘Z’) • Dot Com Kids Short attention? • Multi-Task Cant relate in person? • Inventing a Worldwide New Language Copyright NHRD Pune Chapter
  • 11. Values Discussion What are the generational differences? Copyright NHRD Pune Chapter
  • 12. Who is this? • The value of hard work and paying their dues. • Anti Rules and Regulations • Investing in themselves • Making money is to spend money Copyright NHRD Pune Chapter
  • 13. What Generation Are You Really? Ask yourself these 15 questions: Yes or No • 1. Do you have your own web page? • 2. Have you made a web page for someone? • 3. Do you IM your friends? • 4. Do you text your friends? • 5. Do you regularly watch YouTube (or similar)? Copyright NHRD Pune Chapter
  • 14. • 6. Do you remix video files from the Internet and then upload? • 7. Have you downloaded music/tv/movies from the Internet? • 8. Do you know where to download free (illegal or legal) music from the Internet? • 9. Do you blog for professional reasons? • 10.Do you share torrents? Copyright NHRD Pune Chapter
  • 15. • 11.Have you visited MySpace at least five times? • 12.Do you communicate with friends on Facebook? • 13.Do you save money using VOIP? • 14.Do you text to communicate with your parents/friends? • 15.Do you Bluetooth your photos to friends? Copyright NHRD Pune Chapter
  • 16. What Gen Are You? Count the YES vote • 0- 6 points Baby Boomer • 6- 12 points Gen X’er • 12 or over Gen Y Copyright NHRD Pune Chapter
  • 17. Working Together VISUAL AURAL TACTILE Copyright NHRD Pune Chapter
  • 18. We Need To: • Understand what motivates our learners? • We need to be flexible to cater to all learners • Provide training to staff/ students in order to comprehend change and difference • Create open channels for communication • Matching people to their duties Copyright NHRD Pune Chapter