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Greencomputingpresentation Greencomputingpresentation Presentation Transcript

  • What is Green Computing !!??!?
    • Green computing is the design of practice of designing, manufacturing, using, and disposing of computers, servers, and associated subsystems effectively while causing the least damage to the environment possible.
  • Goals of Green Computing
    • Reduce use of hazardous materials
    • Maximize energy efficiency in products
    • Promote recycleability or bio degredeability of products
  • Apple Inc.
    • Apple Inc. is a corporation founded in the 70's that produces computers, software, and other electronics like the ipod and iphone. They are also one of the most environmentally responsible company's in the industry.
  • Materials Used
    • Apple strives to use the least amount of material possible in their designs.
      • - Todays Imac uses 55% less material than its first generation design which is equivelant to 10,000 metric tons per million imacs sold.
  • Removal of toxic substances from Apple designs
    • Every new mac, ipod, and iphone are free of the harmful chemicals polyvinyl chloride and brominated flame retardants.
    • All the new macbook pro models feature display with mercury free backlighting and arsenic free glass.
    • Apple is even making the way the ship and package their items greener.
      • The packaging for the new macbook pro is 41 percent smaller than the 2008 pro.
      • Smaller packaging means they can be shipped more efficiently with fewer boats and planes.
  • Energy efficiency
    • Apple is the only company whose entire line of computers meet energy star requirements and their mac mini is the world's most energy efficient desk top.
  • Recycling Apple's Products
    • Apple has set up recycling programs in 95% of the countries where their products are sold recycling 41% of their products or more then 33 million pounds of electronic waste.
    • Apple refuses to use prison labor at any point of the recycling process and does not allow the disposal of hazardous electronic waste in questionable areas.
  • Facilities
    • Apple has taken steps to reduce the amounts of energy used to produce macs in their facilities as well.
      • They had energy efficient lighting and motion sensors in all of their facilities
      • By the end of 2009 two of their facilities will run entirely on renewable energy.