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A way for red bull to use social media and gain more loyal customers

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Red bull

  1. 1. Red Bull energy drink“It Gives You Wings” Nicholas Honer A40669207
  2. 2. Red Bull Background• Red Bull has been growing as a brand since created in 1987• It is now in terms of market share the most popular energy drink in the world, with 3 billion cans sold each year• Red Bull also sponsors many major extreme sporting events and athletes all over the world
  3. 3. Obstacles and Challenges• Challenges for Red Bull include the other many Energy Drink Brands currently on the market as well as new ones getting started.• Red Bull must also stand out among the rest of the other energy drink brands by being bold and innovative• Goals would include to further sales past 3 billion cans per year and to keep consumers happy with Red Bull.
  4. 4. Event Detail• Red Bull does a lot of sponsorships for events already but will have to push the norms for events and get people talking about what they are doing.• Events that are consumer-oriented will be the most successful because people will leave happy and satisfied.• Getting people face to face with professional athletes they know and follow already on social media will bring them closer to Red Bull
  5. 5. Social Media• Social Media will have a huge part in promotion for these new events as well as PR after the events are over• Promotion through social media would be the most effective method because of it being free to Red Bull and having people using social media tell all their friends about an event that is coming to a city near them.
  6. 6. Feedback• Red Bull will also be able to judge how the events are liked by referring to their social media sites and taking peoples comments seriously and using them to better the next event.• Red Bull already hosts many unique events where big crowds come from all over to attend the events and many people talk good about Red Bull for these events being put on.
  7. 7. Budget for Event• I would propose a Budget for these special events between 100k-150k depending on the city and how big the venue is that they have to set up.• I would host an event every month in a different large city across the united states for the first 1 or 2 years then make way overseas after the events are known about worldwide.
  8. 8. Event Activity• I would like to events to have a really laid back party type of feel for people to become acquainted with Red Bull and their sponsored athletes.• These events would have food and drinks for everyone attending, live music, a course for an extreme sport where pros and amateurs may perform and meet and much more
  9. 9. Costs Associated• - a high estimate• Live Music from popular performer -$20000• Food and Drinks For Everyone in the Venue (est.10000 people) -$50000• Course build and take down as well as the venue rental -$80000
  10. 10. World Record Height Tail Whip By Ronnie RennerSponsored event by RED BULL