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Loc8te 18th jan

  1. 1. Semantic Mobile Engagement | Right Message, Right Person, Right Time NATHAN HILL-HAIMES FOUNDER / CEO
  2. 2. PUSH engagement is not intelligent and often annoying...“i listen to tunein radio and doze off to sleep... I uninstalled because they annoy me with push at work?” “i love playing Ziggurat but i always forget i have it on my phone on my bus commute”
  3. 3. Mobile advertising is terribly irrelevant“why am i getting Tide ads on DrawSomething? my wife does the grocery shopping” “why are my mobile display ads performing really badly in comparison to my online display ads?“i am a mum aged 40 i have no interest and will neverhave any interest in Call of Duty so why does it keeps coming up on my phone?”
  4. 4. Team Paul Austin Mark Tuttle Nath Hill-Haimes Matt Shultz Advisor Chief Scientist CEO Lead Engineer [consulting]Seasoned start-up professional Duke; Harvard; Stanford Founder Managed Comms Computer Science; very [PPC Mkting] Exited $15m GIS; noSQL; geospatialStrong finance & strategy skills experienced big data problem Founder Infinicom software stack developerIntuative & trusted feedback loop solver [PPC Mkting]Exited $24m
  5. 5. Behavior Graph: derivingintention from timeanalysis of space
  6. 6. Influence Graph: Safeway Homepredicting intention Gymfrom clustering thebehavior graph Mall
  7. 7. We understand Intentions. ` We have built one of the world’s most intelligent behavior platforms. Lunch Timeacceptable radius from user Influence Graph User Behavior Graph Sleep Behavior Graph tracks an user’s travel pattern, interests, and intentions. After Work Openness to recommendations in terms of radius. Location recommendations based on interest graph.
  8. 8. We are Loc8te. Right message, right person, right time.
  9. 9. Mobile phones hold the key to unlockingcustomer intentions because they are alwayson and never more than a few feet away fromthe owner.Two products for timely &relevant engagementSemantic push Semantic PushENGAGE REWARD We are always ON.Push users to re-engage premium rewards pushed to Loc8te tracks and analyzes all 1440with the app at the most customers at the ideal time to minutes in one day. 365 days a year.appropriate time. ad maximize app monetization for(interstitial) revenues are developersalways shared withdevelopers. powered by the behavior graph
  10. 10. Semantic PushENGAGE Semantic PushREWARDEnables developers to maximize engagement, and Reward users for visiting your app. Earn new revenueretarget users, by leveraging time, location & behavior. through profitably arbitraging virtual currency and CPAIncrease monetization and reduce PUSH cost by activity. Incentivize your users when they are most likelyjoining the most intelligent mobile PUSH platform. to convert.per 1m installs per 1m installs30 push ENGAGE per month 4 push REWARD per month4 ads per smartADZ™ wall 40 % open smartPUSH30 % open 2.5 % act on CPA85% fill $ 2.85 CPM $ 1 CPA= $87 210 / month = $40 000 / month
  11. 11. • reactivation - inactive users/ pushes/ opensDeveloper Dashboard • increase engagement - opens/ week • push throttle - how many pushes a week • push conversion - how many pushes opened • location insights - e.g. where is the app most used • message composer • ad wall enable/ disable
  12. 12. 2013 Roadmapfrom app engagement to premium pushREWARDSWe pay developers to pushENGAGE their users | displace existing push | gain smartADS inventory Sept 2012 March 2013 July 2013 Dec 201324 month contract with Public iOS SDK Rev-Shared: Semantic Semantic pushREWARDS free semantic pushENGAGE pushENGAGE launch launchUnited closed beta10 000+ active users Target 10 Appscollecting over 1m locations a day x1m users = 10m installs end of 2013
  13. 13. smartPUSH is the most intelligent offering; better still its FREE!we are aiming to disrupt the market with the most intelligent product at zero cost creating a huge ad opportunity Highly Intelligent Profit Center Cost Center Low Intelligence
  14. 14. Bottom Up Market Sizing Top Down Market SizingsmartPUSH will turn the cost of PUSH into a profit 250m Smartphone Users in USA ( IDC )line. We estimate the average developer will save$900/month. Average User has 15 Apps on their Device ( Flurry )An average customer will push 30 times per month. On average app developers send 7 PUSH message per wk (Quora)Presenting an opportunity to sell 30 ad unitscontaining 4 banners at eCPM $2.85 68% of apps are push enabled ( UrbanAirship )Using an ad exchange we can fill these ad slots at 66% users enable push notification ( HeyCrowd )85% eCPM  of  $2.85  =  $1.75Bn/annum  TAMMarket sees 30% push notification open rate.This represents $87,210/month of revenue per1m users we recruit.
  15. 15. Business Model Revenue Projections smartPUSH Reward smartPUSH engage Total Revenue$150,000,000$112,500,000 $75,000,000 $37,500,000 $0 2013 2014 2015 2016
  16. 16. What we’ve built...this has been builtwith $200,000 ofthe founder’smoney.
  17. 17. Deal $750,000 convertible loan noteto acquire the next 10m usersto add 2 back end engineers to scale andto add a front end engineerto build version 2 of the dash andto integrate an ad exchange andto cover AWS costs pre-revenue
  18. 18. To arrange a presentation in person, please contact: NATHAN@LOC8TE.NET or call him on 415-248-6842CONFIDENTIAL | 2013