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Wizcorp Presentation

  1. 1. Access to the latest technologies
  2. 2. About us General information 1/3 Wizcorp is a team of online communication specialists, whose mission is to bridge the communication between foreign countries and Japan. Our experience of the Western and the Japanese culture is an asset for all of our customers, as we are able to localize or globalize their website for their desired target. We are passionate about the latest web technologies and always want our clients to have access to the latest tools available on the internet. In other words, our customers always are a step ahead of their competitors, starting with a technological competitive advantage. We understand how the current economy has reduced IT budgets all around the world and our clients choose us not only because we constantly search for solutions that have the best quality/price for them, but we also find ways to reduce their IT costs. For more information www.wizcorp.jp
  3. 3. Our philosophy General information 2/3 – We aim for a long term relationship with our clients, not only by doing what they have asked for but also giving them ideas to improve their business. – The success of our clients is essential, because their success is also ours. – We create competitive advantage for our clients, we provide them with technologies, which other companies cannot. – We provide cost effective solutions, by using open source technology. – If there is something we are not able to do for them, we will help them find a specialist among our trusted network. For more information www.wizcorp.jp
  4. 4. Our services General information 3/3 Wiz Web Wiz Media Wiz Ecom Websites and Web Web design and E-commerce and systems graphic design store localisation development production solutions For more information www.wizcorp.jp
  5. 5. Wiz Web Solutions 1/2 Your Challenges: You have a business but you do not have any internet presence yet. Your website is getting old and you think a renewal would help getting you more leads or sales. Our Solution Full Website Development Your Challenges: You have a global corporate website but you would need a Japanese version in order to effectively reach your potential clients. You do not have full control of your Headquarters’ website and would like to create a .jp local website. Our Solution Website Localization Your Challenges: Updating your website is a hassle and takes a lot of your time. You would like to add new functionalities to your website. Our Solution Content Management Customization Your Challenges: The ranking of your website on search engines is not satisfactory, you would like your website to appear on the first pages of Google or Yahoo. You want to optimize your website using the best keywords for your business. Our Solution Search Engine Optimization For more information www.wizcorp.jp
  6. 6. Wiz Web Solutions 2/2 Your Challenges: You want a website that can be accessed by mobile devices. Your mobile website needs to be compatible with the latest devices (ex: IPhone). Our Solution Website for Mobiles Your Challenges: You do not have full control of your website. Your data information is critical for your business and it needs to be backed up and encrypted. You would like to be sure that your website cannot be hacked. Our Solution Website hosting, Security and Backups Support Your Challenges: You are being charged every time you make any changes to your website. You want to make sure that your website is online at all time. The response time of your current provider is too long. Our Solution Website Maintenance and support Your Challenges: It is not easy to find information on your website. Your visitors are often confused and leave your website in frustration. Our Solution User Experience and usability Optimization For more information www.wizcorp.jp
  7. 7. Wiz Media Solutions 1/1 Your Challenges: Your corporate identity does not convey your values. The people do not remember your brand and do not associate any identity to it. Our Solution Corporate Logo Creation / Branding Your Challenges: Your website lacks human and life dimensions. The visitors are not moved emotionally by the content of your website. There is no video presenting of your company’s services. There are no testimonials from your clients that would convince potential clients to buy from you. Our Solution Multimedia & Videos Contents production Your Challenges: Your corporate brochure needs to be refreshed. You business card is to plain and you are not satisfied with it. Our Solution Data To Print and graphic design Services Your Challenges: Your content needs to be translated professionally by native speakers. Your content is not selling, you need to improve your selling speech. Our Solution website Translation and Copywriting For more information www.wizcorp.jp
  8. 8. Wiz Ecom your E-Commerce site in Japan Solutions 1/1 Your Challenges: Your company already possesses a shop on the internet in your country, but you would like to sell to the Japanese market without taking risk and with the lowest investment. Our Solution WizEcom Localization Package* Your Challenges: You do not have any e-shop website but you would like to sell in Japan, with a low risk investment. We will customize our WizEcom system to fit your corporate design. Our Solution WizEcom Easy Commerce Package* Your Challenges: You need a whole e-shop fully customized for the Japanese market with special functionalities. Our Solution WizEcom Premium Package* Your Challenges: You do not speak Japanese and you would like to receive English or French invoices. You would like us to help you find the best storage solution for you in Japan. You want to have full transparency of your sell using a logistic monitoring system based on your needs. Our Solution WizEcom Logistic Solutions * All the packages include order management, Web hosting and SEO services. For more information www.wizcorp.jp
  9. 9. Our clients Clients and partners 1/6 Our clients are trusting us In Wizcorp, customer’s care is a top priority and because we understand that any company needs to keep innovating in order to survive. It is part of our vision to build with our clients new services in order to help them grow. For more information www.wizcorp.jp
  10. 10. Our clients TESA KK Clients and partners 2/6 TESA KK Japanese web site : TESA KK is part of the Swiss multinational Hexagon Metrology Group. They manufacture high quality measurement tools. Their challenges in Japan were their lack of control over the international corporate website and their little internet exposure. Japan is a very particular market as the Japanese user experience is really different from the western one. In addition the techniques used for the Search Engine Optimization in Japan are different from the ones used in other countries. Did you know that in Japan Yahoo is more used than Google? Those are all concerns that were expressed by TESA Japan. We worked closely with our client to redesign an appropriate layout for the Japanese market and focused on the Japanese SEO taking into account their market entry strategy. We have obtained 400% growth of unique visitors within the first 3 months after the new website was online. Our Solution Full Japanese website based Customer : TESA KK on Joomla CMS with SEO upgrade. Release date : March 2009 Technology : Joomla, PHP, CSS, HTML, Flash, Javascript Design : Original design Package : Web site, hosting and maintenance For more information www.wizcorp.jp
  11. 11. Our clients European Business Council Clients and partners 3/6 EBC web site renewal : The European Business Council is an organization at the head of the European chambers of commerce in Japan. It currently represents over 3,000 local European companies and It is essential for them to possess a website with a strong professional identity. However, their website was facing a few challenges: -No Content Management System, which was making any updates of the website a time consuming process. - Little exposure on internet due to low ranking on search engines . - Limited content on the Japanese version of their website Wizcorp created a new system which allows them to update their website more quickly and easily. The Website is optimized for Search Engines and more content has been translated to Japanese by native speakers. Customer : European Business Council in Japan Release date : Under construction Our Solution Full renewal of the web site Technology : Joomla, PHP, CSS, HTML, Flash, Javascript with new design and new system to improve Design : Full re design their communication. Package : Web site, hosting and maintenance For more information www.wizcorp.jp
  12. 12. Our clients CCIFJ France Japon Eco Clients and partners 4/6 France Japon Eco advertisement : The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan has been servicing hundreds of French companies in Japan for 90 years. They publish every quarter a bi-lingual magazine named France Japon Eco, which contains articles about the Japanese Culture and Economy. The chamber has been looking for a company able to provide professional design services at affordable prices and Wizcorp has been able to respond positively to such requests by designing advertisements for members of the chamber, usually with tight deadlines. Our Solution Data to Print services, Advertisement Professional design Customer : CCIFJ Release date : October, January and April 2008/2009 Technology : Photoshop Design : Package : Advertisement and graphic design For more information www.wizcorp.jp
  13. 13. Our clients Otacute E-Commerce site Clients and partners 5/6 Otacute Worldwide E-C site : Otacute is owned by the leader in the figurine wholesale industry in Japan. After deciding to increase their growth by starting selling internationally, our client has been looking for a partner who was able to provide a full E-Commerce package solution at an affordable price. Wizcorp did not limit our services to the development of the website but also provided business strategy consulting and logistic solutions to facilitate their communication with international customers. Wizcorp has provided a “ready to sell” E-commerce website, which exceeded the expectations of our client. Our Solution Fully customized E-commerce website with original branding and design. Customer : Otacute Release date : Under construction Technology : Zen cart, PHP, CSS, HTML, Flash, Javascript Design : Original design Package : Web site, web marketing consulting, hosting and maintenance For more information www.wizcorp.jp
  14. 14. Our Partners Clients and partners 6/6 − Blueshift Consulting : Encrypted Backup Solutions − Advantage24 : Server Hosting Solutions − Gram3 : PR Solutions − WeDoVideo : Professional Video Content Creation − Ataga Solutions : IT Infrastructure Support − Atomiz : Video Encoding Solutions for Mobile Devices For more information www.wizcorp.jp
  15. 15. Contact information Wizcorp LLC Higashi-Kanda 1-13-14 Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo Tel : 03 5829 9111 Email : info@wizcorp.jp Web : http://www.wizcorp.jp CEO : Guillaume Hansali CCO : Alexandre Rogaume Account Manager : Nhat Vuong For more information www.wizcorp.jp