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Some of the cool tools that make journalists' jobs easier, whether for editors or reporters. Compiled after ONA 2012 conference in September 2012.

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Cooltools 100612

  1. 1. Cool web tools
  2. 2. Saving time to innovate Verification and aggregation tools Aggregation and production Multimedia: Doing audio, video, graphics Optimization: Making sure people see what you do Mobile and tablet: Where we want to be
  3. 3. A new audience Mobile audience is growing quickly 83% to 90% of Americans have cell phones; 55% have smartphones; 74% of ages 25-34 have them 68% of people with smartphones say they can’t live without their smart phones Android and IOS are biggest drivers; IOS drives more usage and page views Tablet audience doubled from 2011 to so far in 2012 -- $121 million spent this year on tablets. Two-thirds of those are iPads.
  4. 4. Frequency of use 19% of people check their devices every 30 minutes 17% do so once an hour 14% check every 10 minutes Tablets account for more usage than any other device late at night Mobile early in morning, desktops and laptops through the work day.
  5. 5. Habits and patterns Sequential use: People move from one device to another. 96% of people polled downloaded apps last year 68% use mobile to watch short form news videos 64% do two-screen multitasks 47% seek weather info 31% watch video 29% local news; 24% national news
  6. 6. What about social media?It’s not the main driver to news, especially our audience. But helps to pay attention to it.
  7. 7. Verification toolsThere is an increasing skepticism of journalism and a demand for more verification. Tools are helping verify.Super Pac App: Allows you to hold it up to a presidential ad and it will identify where it came from, who is behind it, etc. Like Shazam for political ads; from Newsweek and Daily Beast
  8. 8. SuperPACApp
  9. 9. Verifying sources Photos
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Aggregating sources Smart ways to see what others are doing Nearly all your sources are on social media now, too Companies, individuals, other aggregators How do you keep track of it all?
  12. 12. Muckrack Sign up as a journalist, and you can create alerts of fellow journalists tweets, get lists of journalists covering the same beats or areas. See these: CCB Forbes: Metro Detroit: Bloomberg News:
  13. 13. By beat or geography
  14. 14. Latest and most active
  15. 15. Twitter search Twitter search: Use the advanced search function to find out whats going on in a particular subject area or geographical area. Heres a search for "restaurants" within 15 miles of Detroit!/search/restaurant%20near%3A %22detroit%22%20within%3A15mi
  16. 16. Tweetdeck
  17. 17. Tweetdeck Schedule tweets Create lists or searches by hash tags or terms Keep track of more than one feed at once
  18. 18. Allows you to target tweets and to go back in time
  19. 19. Spundge Pulls in feeds from RSS, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube Does what Google Alerts used to do, but in a more targeted way Is very, very new!
  20. 20. Dan Gilbert: Spundge notebook
  21. 21. This allows you to see videos and tweets that are trending on world issues and on politics. You can narrow it to Michigan to filter:
  22. 22. Geocoding Geofeedia: Allows you to see tweets, instagrams, videos in a certain area over a certain amount of time
  23. 23. Video and audio Video and Audio: It has become a thing unto itself. It is no longer good enough to create video based on a content strategy. Journalists think about content -- but there are way too many people in the game. Its about how you distribute it and use it. The Washington Post: The Grid Socialcam app: Allows you to take and share video in many ways within seconds. Instagramfor photos Adding audio clips easily
  24. 24. The Grid: Washington Post
  25. 25. Scribble Live Live blogging and interacting Freep using for Kwametrial
  26. 26. Other social arenas Obama does RedditAMA (Ask Me Anything) It’s all captured in a Storify here
  27. 27. Elections: Most social ever Michelle Obama and Ann Romney are on Pinterest: There is a lot of aggregation and use of tools to report from one social media platform to another. When Obama did a AMA on reedit: A storify of that AMA was done:
  28. 28. Storify A great tool for aggregating from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, and now even Reddit to create a customized story. A good FAQ about storify (includs some good, short instructional videos) Candidates are using storify to aggregate campaign coverage, with photos and posts:  Obama on storify  Romney on storfy Onion editor’s live tweets from RNC, compiled into a storify: part-2-of-2
  29. 29. Storify A tool to bring together many sources – or one stream of tweets, posts, instagrams.
  30. 30. Cool trends A top tech trend is wearable technology Everpurse: Charges your phone while it’s inside the purse Utility-based applications: CLOTH app allows you to catalog your closet, then it picks clothes based on the weather
  31. 31.