[Research],[Mobile marketing Report 2011]
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[Research],[Mobile marketing Report 2011]






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[Research],[Mobile marketing Report 2011] [Research],[Mobile marketing Report 2011] Presentation Transcript

  • Confidential!!! For internal use only.
  • What makes Mobile Advertising so enticing? POTENTIAL PERSONALISATION   Mass advertising, high reachTraditionalAdvertising   Lacks customisation -   Zero interactivity   One-to-one advertising   Different design to different audiences On-lineAdvertising   Interactive advertising   Location based, highly targeted Mobile   Highly Interactive, viral , extremelyAdvertising   personal & omnipresent +
  • Vietnamese consumers are changing!
  • Mobile Behaviours  Killing time   Want something to do while waiting for the bus   Entertainment while family watches something on the main TV  Goal directed   Want to get in and out quickly   After a specific piece of information  Gen Y use multiple channels simultaneously  With new touch screen, advanced handsets   Normal internet behaviors   Convenience, contextual, relevant, location
  • Overall Mobile Channel Objectives Mass target  Reach MOBILE CHANNEL Core target  Engagement  Influence •  latform to connect on-line P and off-line • “Always ON” channel • SMS, Wap, Applications • Mobile to be supported by other channels 5
  • Mobile StickinessLow SMS Blast Mobile Ads / Web / Wap Mobile Applications (Games, Native Apps)High 6
  • SMS Blast vs. Mobile Display AdForcing; Uninvited Permission-based 7
  • Web vs. Wap?Screenshot from Vnexpress: Web and Mobile – same contents; ad banner is different Web and wap url(s) can be the same: www.vnexpress.net; or can be different: http://tuoitre.vn (web) and http://m.tuoitre.vn (mobile) In both cases, the back-end designs are different technology
  • Demographics of VN Mobile users* 64% 36%Yahoo Vietnam; depends on network *Source: Yahoo! VN | Mobile Advertising
  • Key Mobile Advertising Services 11  
  • SMS Marketing Types1.  Interactive response to short code integrated in an advertisement2.  Database Marketing3.  Branded ID and Footer advertising4.  SMS “push” based advertising5.  Voting or Polling
  • SMS Marketing Services Online SMS Marketing Tool Online SMS Competition EngineSMS Blast Helpline, Quizzes, Feedback,Campaigns CRM Comps Surveys  TextBlaster TextWinnerCustomer Quick Send Raffle Voting,Push Alerts SMS Promos Polls Platform features Profiled Targeting | High Speed Transmission | Personalised SMS Real Time Delivery Status | Scheduled Delivery | Mobile Number Validity 2010 PromoTexter. All rights reserved
  • TextWinner Interactive QuizInteractive SMS Quiz via TextWinner INVITATION TO JOIN QUIZ  Create Quiz campaign JOIN QUIZ QUIZ QUESTION 1 Initiate Quiz Invitation QUIZ ANSWER 1 View Quiz Results QUIZ QUESTION 2 online TextWinner Web Interface QUIZ ANSWER 3 QUIZ END TextWinner Quiz Features: Unlimited Multiple-Choice Questions Flexible Points System for Right & Wrong Answers Ping Pong Quiz Same Question All Players Bonus Question - Bonus Points IntelliQuiz Clues feature Question depends on Previous Answer Online Electronic Prize Raffle draws 2010 PromoTexter. All rights reserved
  • Footer  Ads   MyToday   MyToday  HEALTH:     BIZ:  Go  healthy  !  Use  pureed  veggies   *RBI  staff  strike  disrupts  bonds  instead  of  cream.  etc  for  gravies   trading    Ad:   *HDFC  sees  20%  growth  for  PRESENTING  THE  ALL  NEW   loans  in  FY10  FORD  IKON.  sms  DURA  to   Ad:    56263  FOR  A  TEST  DRIVE   INTEL  CORE  2  DUO  BASED  PC  RS   19,500  ONWARDS.  sms  INTEL   DB  to  566776  FOR  INFO  
  • Proposed Mobile Channels – Premium Nokia.mobi (Vietnam): 7M visits per month on all internet-enabled Nokia phones; Sold banner toYahoo! Mobile Vietnam: 3 Unilever Rexona campaign in Decchannels (News, Mail, 2010Messenger) Think success, think MDIS
  • Mobile Display Ad Channels – Ad Networks Serve ads to mass phones; Serve ads for Nokia Vietnam (below) Serve ads on high-end phones: Iphones, Android, BB and Symbian S60
  • Best Way to Display Your Brand on selectively targeted customers via their phone brands/gradesGrade A Smart Grade B Grade CPhones Smart Phones Smart Phones
  • BuzzCity  delivers  growth  in   impressions  of  61  per  cent   over  the  previous  quarter  h"p://www.buzzcity.com/f/BuzzCity_Mobile_Ad_Index_Q2_2010.pdf  
  • By Phone BrandsMonthly Traffic “ Sold” 2010advertising BannersInventory (Oct) 95 millionAverage Click Through rates 1% - 3%(CTR)Targeting Options(recommended, based on campaign If applicableobjectives)On  Buzzcity  Network:     Users ProfileNokia  phone  is  most  popular  phone  makes.  Top  mobile  phone  brands  are  China-­‐Made  or  Local  –made  phones  models  as  “Others”      Source  :  BuzzCity  monthly  Outreach    
  • Acquire1.   2.   Mobile 3.   Results Interaction Mobile Landing Page Upon Clicks on Ad banners Graphic •  URL Link to Mobile Viral Ad WAP Page ( mobile sites ) Banners OR • Customized Mobile landing Page to deliver Awareness Campaign messages, with/ without OPT-IN leads acquisition IdentityA. User is presented with Graphic/ B. Upon Clicks, users are directed to Text ad Banner on mobile sites Landing pages to interact with Brands; via URL link Graphic  for  Illustra0on  only    
  • Global Outreach with over2,500+ mobile publishers inBuzzCity Network.• Mobile internet websitesacross all popular categories ; • social communities, • Portal/search, • information/news, • mobile contents, • entertainment & Lifestyle• Your ad banners may becountry targeted to users inselected country or regions.• More targeting options isavailable via online self-serviceproprietary platform.
  • Targeting Capabilities ( Options ) :Online Associate Platform with full control to provide promotional messages, servethem, count them, and monitor progress of delivery across the advertising network.    Country Targeting  Region Targeting  Telco/ Carrier Targeting  Time Targeting  Targeting by Phone Makes  Targeting by Platforms  Targeting by Phone Features  Publisher Channel Targeting
  • Vitalk – Mobile Social Community Screenshot from Vitalk: Chat, Ket ban, Wall, Choi games, etc
  • Mobile advertising on VitalkClick go Ads Tab Click goto Promotion toAds Tab Event… Ads TabOr OrWapsite Wapsite Inline Ads Tabs Ads Text 1
  • In-Game Mobile Channels: Avatar Game Avatar Stats ( last 30 days): Active users: 350K Brand here with promo message Details in the next page to drive traffic to wapsite Brand here with promo message to drive traffic to wapsite
  • App stores - the iPhone and others  iPhone   Australian app store launched July 08   500 – 750k Australian users  Android (Google)   Australian app store launched March 09   2.3k applications   No. 4 Handset in U.S. in March (after iPhone, Blackberry)  Blackberry   Launched App store April 09 (not in Aus yet)  Nokia (Ovi store)   Australian app store launched   Predicted 20k applications on launch
  • IVR System in Wap platform 28
  • Digital Assets Management [Mobile Web Demo]
  • QR Code as a tool for mobile internet
  • Be CLOSERto the TARGET