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[Credentials];[Notch JSC]

[Credentials];[Notch JSC]






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    [Credentials];[Notch JSC] [Credentials];[Notch JSC] Presentation Transcript

    • Connecting Vietnam through exceptional experiences.
    • Mission To connect people, communities and businesses through exceptional experiences 2 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Our Structure Notch brands specialize in web and mobile web marketing, creative and digital products. 3 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Our History 4 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • MANAGEMENT TEAM 5 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Nguyen Manh Quan Chairman & Co-Founder Quan has 14 years of international and local experience in IT, Digital Marketing and Web/Software/MVAS product development. He has been an entrepreneur and leader in some of the most popular websites in Vietnam including VietnamWorks, YoBanBe and Zing.vn the #1 domestic domain in Vietnam. Most recently Quan was the Division leader at VinaGame/Zing for Advertising sales and MVAS. 6 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Dao Le Cong Duc, PMP Managing Director & Co-Founder Duc has over 13 years of international experience in IT and Web/Software Development. Recently, Duc was the VP, Project Delivery at FCGV and led a business unit with more than 600 engineers working on projects from clients like Microsoft, IBM, NTT-Data, BakBone, MiTEK, SkillSoft and Verint. 7 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Le Xuan Binh Business Development Director Binh has worked in the advertising, marketing and market research industry for over 9 years. He has lead campaigns and launches for accounts such as Heineken, Google, HSBC, Unilever and Nokia. Most recently, Binh worked for BatesAsia 141. Binh has even worked as an Investment banker in the United States. 8 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Ngo Minh Thuan Design Director Thuan is a local phenomenon and talented designer and art director for web + flash design, print design and branding. Over the past 7 years, Thuan has created engaging pieces for Zing, YoBanBe, Honda, Listerine, CoolAir, Heineken, Sacombank and countless movies & music media. 9 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Nguyen Quang Thai Non-Executive Creative Advisor Thai is a creative guru of design, branding and marketing activation. Thai has worked for JWT Vietnam, Deutsch, Inc NYC, Liquidline and currently leads up Spark. Thai has even produced a feature movie called “1735km”. 10 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • NOTCH DIGITAL MARKETING 11 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Notch Digital Marketing A full-service digital marketing agency that creates solutions leveraging deep consumer understanding, creativity and digital technologies to engage and build loyalty with consumers towards brands. 12 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • What We Do All are important – But what is important is All Consumer Understanding Digital Creativity Technology Consumer Engagement & Loyalty 13 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Digital Marketing Services 1. Campaign Strategy and Management 2. Search: SEO/SEM 3. Digital Direct Marketing – Email (EDM) and SMS Marketing – CRM solution 4. Social Media Marketing (SMM) – Social Network & Content Marketing – Blog & Forum Marketing – Online/Digital PR – Social Media Optimization (SMO) 5. Digital Media Planning & Booking 14 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Creative Services 1. Web Design – Design Concept Development – User Experience & Usability – Flash animation & scripting – Rich Media, Banners & Asset production 2. Creative Design – Art Direction – Digital Brand Identity – Packaging & Point of Sale – CD and DVD Sales/Marketing Kits 15 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Digital Technology Services 1. Web Development – Web & Mobile Web Presences – Widgets and Applications – CMS platforms – Back-end integration – Maintenance & Support 2. Flash Development – Websites, Tools and Games 3. Development and Flash Production Services 16 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • NOTCH eBUSINESS SOLUTIONS 17 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Notch eBusiness Solutions We partner with you to develop an online business that integrates a comprehensive online strategy through conception, development, operation and promotion. Outsource all our parts of your eBusiness and we can help you to reach your goals. 18 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • eBusiness Solutions 1. Full-service Website Management – Entertainment, community, eCommerce websites, etc.. – Intranets and web applications 2. Web Technology Outsourcing 19 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • NOTCH LABS 20 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Notch Labs Notch Labs is where we take all our expertise and knowledge to research and develop engaging web and mobile web products. It is an incubator for new and exciting concepts to come to life. 21 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • NOTCH MOBILE MARKETING 22 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Notch Mobile Marketing Extend your ability to communicate in exciting new ways. With the "always on, always with you" nature of mobile devices, mobile marketing is quickly becoming a 'must have' for companies and brands seeking to interact with their audience - wherever they are. 23 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Mobile Marketing Services 1. Mobile Websites, Apps & Widgets 2. SMS Advertising and Marketing 3. Mobile Adverting 4. Mobile Content 5. Mobile SEO/SEM 24 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • CASE STUDIES 25 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Honda – Repositioning Campaign • Back ground: – Honda has not been perceived as a young and youthful brand even though its awareness is more than 90% on the market. Major users are in the mid 20 age group and above. The mission is to bring Honda closer to teenagers to promote Honda’s new strategic “repositioning” approach. • Challenge: – Technicality issues to handle from Honda.com.vn – Attract the young group to take on Honda campaign. – Approaching the right target audience. • Solution: – Strategically aiming for Music and Dance as well as “favorite judges” that are considered as the optimal “hook point” amongst youth nowadays. – Optimizing banner ads – Tactical PR and SMM – Calling for “WHO I AM” based on research findings – Effective prizes that mostly attract users to join. – Targeting the websites and channels of communication that have more than 50% of target group interaction. – Calling for action to be “STAR” in Honda TVC. – Solving technical issues for pure streaming. • Result: – There were more than 200 submitted videos – There were more than 100,000 visits – 5000 sign-up members – CPC = 9 cents (media) 26 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Coolair – Awareness Campaign • Back ground: – Cool Air wants to established it’s online presence and build the brand pillars based on career and youth entertainment… to Vietnamese teen and youth with regard to career. • Challenge: – There are many sites talking about career and entertainment. – Differentiating the Cool Air site with others. – Ideas that can prolong the site existence and build traction. – Cool Air has no previous digital experience and seriously lacks of resources. • Solution: – Establish a “re-usable” and “scalable” strategic platform that fits in education and youth’s interest. – Building a long-term “continuity” campaign strategies to attract different age groups. – Approaching from angles of “better tomorrow – with better education” top of mind. – Hence, build an interactive online contest called Dream Campus and also provide online resources (personality test, articles, news, community, IQ test, etc.) to help students find out more about themselves and potentially win full university scholarship at their dream university and potentially find their dream job. – Create a buzz among teen communities using viral tactics combined with online banners and offline events. • Result: – Attracted over 250K visits with over 1M page views after 3 months. – Site has over 13000 active registered members with average TOS being 4 minutes. – CPC = 11 cents (media) 27 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Listerine – Educational Campaign • Back ground: – Current consumers believe that brushing is enough to be clean. However, brushing is only clean 25% of total mouth. – Listerine to promote an educational campaign to advise consumers ,SEC ABC+, rinsing with Listerine in their daily oral regimen for a total 99.9% mouth clean and to collect a database of consumers for future marketing purpose. • Challenge: – Vietnamese consumers do not get used to rinse with Listerine or other liquid mouth wash products. • Solution: – The strategy is to research and find targeted consumers’ behaviors to integrate the connection points with these consumers through a fun loving yet educational digital marketing program where consumers will find interesting “hidden facts” from a hero who is named “GURU”, a man who speaks of wisdom of knowledge, to promote the truth behind the “total 99.9% mouth clean by rinsing with Listerine message. – Users hence can learn and dispatch messages to friends and family or they can be a GURU themselves if a validated message is submitted by users to create a friendly and fun interactive programs. – The campaign is executed at 360 degrees marketing levels including activation, PR, Media, web banner, Email and community seeding to draw consumers to micro-site. • Result: – The campaign is recently launched and drew in more than 150,000 visits in a period of 2 months. The site attracted in average 5,000 visit/day in the first month. – CPC = 18 cents (media) 28 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • GEOX – Digital Activation • Back ground: – A new European shoe brand GEOX entered Vietnam market with low brand awareness. • Challenge: – To promote the brands to its target audiences who is in AB+ class who has no idea of GEOX and benefit of the products. – To introduce the reality that the pair of shoes from GEOX can do to help users. • Solution: – The strategy is to promote the TVC that speaks up the “breathable shoes” that give you the confident of not having a wet and smelly foot. The TVC must be fun-loving and speaking of reality to bring the consumers closer to the brand. – The communication strategy is to execute through four key channels including banner ads, community seeding, email marketing and TVC trailer in theaters. • Result: – Delivering more than 52,000 unique visitors to GEOX website, 60,000 viewing of the trailers and TVC, and more than 900 sign-ups in 4 weeks. – CPC = 20 cents (media) 29 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • CAMPAIGN MICROSITES 30 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Kimberly Clark – Kotex www.buocnhayxitin.com 31 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Honda – Honda motorcycle www.honda.com.vn/beunik 32 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Wrigley - Coolair www.coolair.vn 33 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Listerine 34 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • WEB DEVELOPMENT & eBUSINESS 35 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Gargyle – Fashion (international) www.gargyle.com 36 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Nha Be Corporation – Fashion www.nbc.com.vn www.mattana.com.vn 37 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • CSC – IT Consulting (international) www.csc.com/cloud 38 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Clinique St. Charles – Dental (international) www.cliniquestcharles.com 39 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Sothebys Vietnam – Real estate www.sothebysrealty.com.vn 40 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Wetterhome – Home decor www.wetterhome.com 41 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • AVC Communications - Agency www.avc.com.vn 42 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • YoBanBe – Social Community www.yobanbe.com 43 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • HerVietnam – Community network www.hervietnam.com 44 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • BRANDING & ART DIRECTION 45 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Vietnamworks – Brand identity 46 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Zing – Brand Identity 47 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Movie media 48 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Illustration 49 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • CLIENTS AND PARTNERS 50 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Our Clients 51 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Our Partners 52 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • Contact Information Notch JSC 115 Nguyen Phi Khanh Tan Dinh Ward, District 1 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam T: (84 8) 6291 1239 F: (84 8) 6291 1240 info@notch.vn www.notch.vn Mr. Dao Le Cong Duc Mr. Le Xuan Binh Managing Director Business Development Director 090 376 1450 090 969 3637 duc@notch.vn binh@notch.vn 53 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC
    • THANK YOU 54 Copyright © 2009 Notch JSC