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A4uexpolinkingstructure 1224068989580452-8


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Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 1. Internal link building
  • 2. Roy Huiskessr. SEO Consultant
  • 3. The next 20 min:• What’s an internal linking structure?• Why is it important to optimize?• Most important strategies• Take aways
  • 4. What you’ll learn:• Why website structures are important for link building• Why the wikipedia works so well• How to improve your breadcrumbs for link building
  • 5. Why are links important?• They give you a ‘vote’ for your website.• They tell something about the page it points to• Therefore search engines use them to value pages on your site and determine ranking
  • 6. What is internal link building• Website structure• In text links• Breadcrumbs• PageRank Flow (and PageRank sculpting...)• tags and more...
  • 7. Why?Your linklove should flow to the pages whichare most important for your money flow!
  • 8. Information Architecture• First for users• Keep the search engines in mind for accessibility and spiderability
  • 9. So, give the right directions!
  • 10. Focus
  • 11. Size doesmatter!
  • 12. Dont’ forget:it’s about themoney pages!
  • 13. An Example
  • 14. MainSecondary
  • 15. MainSecondary Great content!
  • 16. Siloing
  • 17. What? and why!Contextual value in content and links
  • 18. PageRank Sculpting
  • 19. Control PageRank flow
  • 20. How?• Nofollow (hipster)• Javascript Links (old school)• Robots.txt (kinda stupid)• Noindex, Nofollow Meta information (more advanced and works great)
  • 21. The General Idea: Don’t send linkloveto pages that do not deserve or need it
  • 22. Got some spare time?• Go! see what it can do for you• But rather spend more time on developing a great website structure
  • 23. Beware!• Duplicate Content• Print pages• Canonical Issues
  • 24. In text linking
  • 25. Why the wiki worksConsistent, contextual links, in textwith great relevance and external link building that flows with relevance throughout the whole website
  • 26. Breadcrumbs
  • 27. Breadcrumbs• Home > books > horror > Stephen King• But think about this:• Bookstore > Horror books > Stephen King
  • 28. Where are you?• And how do you know?• It’s an extra relevant link to each page, based on importance• It increases the spiderability for your website
  • 29. WordPress Users?• SEO Smart links• Internal Link Building link-building/
  • 30. WordPress Users?• Yoast Breadcrumbs• Yoast Meta Robots• Yoast RSS Footer•
  • 31. Take aways• A good website structure is important• Categorize your pages• Be consistent with keywords• In-text-linking is the best (remember the wikipedia)• Focus on Moneypages
  • 32. Questions!
  • 33. Get in contact!http://www.onetomarket.com