Prinya Leadership And Social Responsibilty


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Prinya Leadership And Social Responsibilty

  1. 1. Something about Leadership Leadership is the role not the position What do you use to lead the people? Command Action Idea Charisma But if you want to lead the people Firstly you have to lead yourself What is the best method among these to lead the people? Use all of them, depends on what you have, on situation and people you are working with
  2. 2. Lead Yourself 1. Know yourself Know what you don’t know and what you cannot Ask the people who know and who can do What we know is what we have seen, heard, read and learnt Open mind to hear comments what people think about you Not prefer to hear only praises or admiration, but also critics 3. Never stop to improve and develop yourself Always learn from your mistakes and failures 2. Learn from others From their success and also their failures To do better and not do the failure what already has been done 4. Set priority How will you put stones, sands and water in a vessel?
  3. 3. Lead the People 1. How to lead the people Firstly find the same, secondly use the differences To find conclusion in the meeting: Be objective , not subjective Differentiate facts and opinion , methods and principles People are so different If you are not THAT big, begin with the same 2. Improve the meeting Because most of meetings are boring Meeting is for conclusion and agreement: Share idea and brainstorm before meeting
  4. 4. Lead the People 4. Let the people do what they are good at and enjoy doing In the same time spirit up them to do anything 5. Not centralize, but organize in dynamic group Central organization support and co-ordinate 3. Horizontal perspective of people Not vertical perspective And equal treatment Some example: Tsunami Disaster Relief Center 2004 International Universities Sport, Bangkok 2007
  5. 5. Imagination and Positive Thinking 1. Imagination is more important than knowledge The World has been changed with imagination 2. Positive Thinking When you see a glass with a half of water Half empty or half full ? A beautiful rose with sharp thorns Although this rose is beautiful, but it has sharp thorns or Although this rose has sharp thorns, but it is beautiful 3. Creativity If you want to change, you have to use new methods
  6. 6. Leadership with Responsibility What do you want in your life? Why do you want to be a leader? Why do you want to lead the people? Money Power Yourself Your family Your community Your society Your country Your mankind