Recruiting at LinkedIn


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I love recruiting at LinkedIn. Every day I get the opportunity to work with people who are passionate and happy about creating the future. Check out my recruiting best practices and how I have applied it here at LinkedIn!

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Recruiting at LinkedIn

  1. 1. Recruiting @ LinkedIn by Lisa Nguyen
  2. 2. I love recruiting because I get the chance to change someone’s life by giving them a career opportunity that will help them grow professionally and build a future.
  3. 3. So, how do I make someone’s dreams come true…aka recruiting at LinkedIn??
  4. 4. Know your target audience Position your company as an “employer of choice” Measure Results Engage top talent
  5. 5. Talk with hiring managers to identify requisition specifics, candidate “must haves”, and position information Know your target audience
  6. 6. Position your company as an “employer of choice”
  7. 7. Develop your personal introduction, create compelling Inmails, and become the master Engage top talent
  8. 8. Track Inmail response rates, review usage reports and metrics , and identify bottle necks Measure results