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  • 1. Christine B Nguyen Abercrombie & Fitch 10796 ID#: 01015359 QUESTIONS: 1. What is a Diversity champion? 2. In your opinion, what characteristics does a diversity champion possess? To relate is a Good Thing, to be Diverse is a Great Thing “What is your definition of Diversity? Is it important in a workplace ? Why or why not?” That was it. That was the important question ending my Abercrombie and Fitch interview. I’ve never really thought of the importance of the subject until that question was presented to me… Growing up, people subconsciously make friends with someone who relates to them; whether it may be their race, interest, or obligations. A person connects with a friend through common interest, but they adore and appreciate them because of their difference. I met my best friend at work and we so happen to have the same birthday, but I adore her for her traditions that I don’t celebrate, her interest in Kinesiology as a career that I never fully understood, and her political views which I myself don’t relate but respect. My friend’s characteristics definitely had a huge affect on my appreciation for other qualities that exist out there. Being diverse doesn’t only consist of appreciating the different race and culture, but also appreciating their different skills, taking interest of their different passion, and respecting their opposing political views. Being this diverse allows a person to be open-minded and have them be aware that there are a variety of difference out there. They are welcoming and always accepting of a variety of characteristics. Having this appreciation will also make a person knowledgeable
  • 2. and having all this wisdom of their different surroundings. When a person hears the word “diversity” he/she automatically thinks different race, views, interest, and skills. But they forget what’s that similarity that brings everyone together. What’s that common interest? Reason? Obligation? Belief? A parent, a teenager, and a teacher all have different priorities, but they’re all seen at church for the same faith. An athletic jock, a dramatic theater nerd, and a science genius all have different skills, but they attend the same school. A model and a part-time impacter have different tasks, but they are both important and working together in the same company. So to answer the question of what is a Diversity Champion? Me, Christine Nguyen.