Pension Analytix.Com User Guide


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Pension Analytix.Com User Guide

  1. 1. Pension Analytix User GuideStep by Step Instructions3324225324485<br /> User Guide<br />Step 1: Login<br />Enter your user name, password and click on Login.<br />Step 2: Search By<br />After a successful Login, the below search screen is displayed:<br />Following are the available search fields: <br />CategorySearch StringPlan SponsorSponor NamePlan NameEINBusiness CodeGeograpghicalCityStateZipPlan participant# ParticipantsKey MetricsTotal AssetsAnnual Plan Cash FlowAvg Assets/ParticipantEmployer ContributionsTotal ContributionsTotal Contrib as a % of AssetsAvg Contributions/ParticipantAnnual Plan Cash FlowNet IncomeInvestment Management FeesPlan Rate of Return<br />Enter the required search field/fields and click “Go” to display the desired results.<br />Tip: Search criteria will be displayed in the “My Criteria” pane for easy reference.<br />Step 3: Search Results<br />Based on the selected search criteria, Pension Analytix search engine will display search results in a tabular format. <br />By default, the search results table will include EIN, Plan Name, Total Assets, Participants and 5 Star Rating. <br />Tip: Search Results data can be sorted either Ascending or Descending order by clicking on any of the headers.<br />Step 4: Display Detailed Plan Sponor Data<br />Click on desired plan sponor record to display detailed information. The detailed information is displayed in four tabs: <br /><ul><li>Contact Information
  2. 2. Plan Features
  3. 3. Financial Information
  4. 4. Graphs</li></ul>Tip: The following elements will make it easy to navigate thru the search results.<br /> By clicking on this button, you will be returned back to the search results screen.By clicking on this button, you will be returned back to the initial search criteria screen.<br />Tip: displays the Pension Analytix’s proprietory 5 Star Rating.<br />Step 5: Export Data<br />Pension provides 3 different ways to export plansponsor data:<br />PensionCRM® will enable a seamless integration with® – selected plansponsor data will be uploaded to (You need to have a account)Plansponsor data in the 4 tabs will be displayed in a simple HTML page that can be printed or savedPlansponsor data in the 4 tabs will be displayed in Microsoft Excel® can be printed or saved<br />Appendix<br />Forgot Password: <br />To reset your password, please click on the “Forgot Password” link on the login page. <br />System will prompt you to enter an email address associated with your account and then click Verify. <br />System will prompt you to enter the account verification information that you provided during your registration process and click Continue.<br />An email with a link to create a new password will be emailed to the registered email address. <br />Support<br />Contact our support team at for any additional questions or assistance.<br />