2011discover southern lands and southern islands      ALL AROUND THE WORLD, UNIQUE IN THE WORLD  AustrAliA, New ZeAlANd, t...
2              Nespresso adds the finishing touch              to your moment of pure indulgence               A perfect c...
5iNdex	                                                                  PageA WORD FROM THE PREsIDENT                    ...
6    A wOrd frOm the PresideNt    Dear Friends,    In a perpetually evolving world, seizing the moment    almost becomes a...
7iNfOrmAtiON & reserVAtiONsDiscover	anD	book	relais	&	châteaux	ProPerties                                visit	our	Maisons...
8                                                mAPs                                                PROPERTy             ...
9discOVer YOur OwNrOute du BONheurTravelling with Relais & châteaux is to experience theworld in a extraordinary way. Whet...
10                                          A rOute du BONheur                                          ArOuNd VictOriA   ...
11JAcques reYmONdrestAurANtwww.relaischateaux.com/reymondunique	 in	 the	 world:	 adventurous	 and	 often	 playful	cuisine...
12                                                                                                 chAteAu YeriNg         ...
13Pommery Cuvée Louise 1999“… a beautiful expression of a classic,restrained vintage, 1999 Cuvée Louise isall class …”Tyso...
14                                                      A rOute du BONheur                                                ...
15JONAh’s hOtel ANdrestAurANt ON theseAfrONtwww.relaischateaux.com/jonahsunique	 in	 the	 world:	 on	 sydney’s	 world	 ren...
16                                                                                                   tetsuYA’s restAurANt ...
17tOwer lOdgewww.relaischateaux.com/towerlodgeunique	 in	 the	 world:	 uninterrupted	 views	 of	 the	famous	 hunter	 valle...
18                                              A rOute du BONheur                                              ArOuNd New...
19the lOdge At KAuricliffswww.relaischateaux.com/kauricliffsunique	in	the	world:	the	golf	course	right	next	to	the	hotel	p...
20                                                                                                mOllies                 ...
21the fArm At cAPeKidNAPPerswww.relaischateaux.com/kidnappersunique	in	the	world:	the	moving	experience	of	getting	up	clos...
22                                                                                              OtAhuNA lOdge             ...
24                                                                                              whAre KeA lOdge &         ...
25mAtAKAuri lOdgewww.relaischateaux.com/matakauriunique	 in	 the	 world:	 spectacularly	 situated	 on	Queenstown’s	 lake	 ...
26                                                                       ArOuNd rAtuA PriVAte                             ...
27            MMMMMM - TMTTTT - BMMM BMMM - PMPP GMPGPTG CMPTCMC                                                  .TMTTM.M...
28                                                                                                rAtuA PriVAte islANd    ...
29le tAhA’A islANd resOrt& sPAwww.relaischateaux.com/letahaaunique	 in	 the	 world:	 a	 black	 pearl	 is	 offered	 to	 eac...
30     thANKs tO Our PArtNers                A great thank you to all Relais & châteaux Official Partners for their suppor...
DISCOVER EUROPE IN A BRAND NEW RENAULT                                      31                                  Call 1300 ...
Australasia – South Pacific  Reservations from within Australia 1300 121 341Reservations from within New Zealand 0800 540 ...
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Relais chateau brochure australia newzealand southpacific 2011


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Relais chateau brochure australia newzealand southpacific 2011

  1. 1. 2011discover southern lands and southern islands ALL AROUND THE WORLD, UNIQUE IN THE WORLD AustrAliA, New ZeAlANd, tAhiti, VANuAtu
  2. 2. 2 Nespresso adds the finishing touch to your moment of pure indulgence A perfect coffee to an excellent meal is an essential part of a truly refined gastronomic experience. Nespresso perfects this finishing touch with a variety of highly qualitative Grands Crus. As a guest you can be certain that the establishments serving Nespresso are passionate about coffee and will guarantee the highest quality serving, every time. Enjoy pure moments of indulgence in select hotels and restaurants. www.nespresso.com/pro
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  6. 6. 6 A wOrd frOm the PresideNt Dear Friends, In a perpetually evolving world, seizing the moment almost becomes audacious. Of course, we all need to recharge our batteries, to savour taking that precious time out... Offering you moments of “being” where all the senses are awakened in breathtakingly beautiful settings is the very essence of Relais & Châteaux. Thanks to the enormous talent of our hoteliers and Grands Chefs, our Association helps to spread this unique “Art de Vivre” around the world. This is something we have been doing well for more than 50 years. It all began in 1954, when a number of hoteliers and restaurateurs merged to create a way for holidaymakers on the road from Paris to the French Riviera to seek out places with the same level of excellence and a passion for fine cuisine and the art of living. In the beginning, there were only eight establishments along that route. Today, there are 500 members present in 60 countries. Relais & Châteaux properties and restaurants are both all around the world and unique in the world. From Africa, through China, the Pacific Islands or Australasia, our member properties open their doors to you in breathtakingly beautiful settings. Perhaps your next Route du Bonheur will be an unforgettable experience in an antipodean paradise! Jaume Tàpies International President of Relais & Châteaux
  7. 7. 7iNfOrmAtiON & reserVAtiONsDiscover anD book relais & châteaux ProPerties visit our Maisons Des relais & châteaux... Visit www.relaischateaux.com or call our Central Reservation FRANCE offices. If you are calling from the following countries, please dial: 33, boulevard malesherbes 75008 Paris Tower Lodge rc-paris@relaischateaux.com EUROPE France 0 825 32 32 32 * UNITED KINGDOm Austria, Benelux, Germany, Ireland, Italy, 10 Beauchamp Place London SW3 1NQ Portugal, Spain, Sweden, rc-uk@relaischateaux.com Switzerland & United Kingdom. 00 800 2000 00 02 ** Italy + 39 02 6269 0064 SPAIN-PORTUGAL Russia, Kazakhstan + 7 495 933 0960 Rambla de Catalunya, 62 3° 1A E-08007 Barcelona Ukraine + 38 044 272 4190 rc-spain@relaischateaux.com Jonah’s Whale Beach THE AmERICAS ITALy United States, Canada + 1 800 735 2478 ** Via Principe Amedeo 1, 20121 milano Spanish-speaking South America + 54 11 4326 3861 rc-italy@relaischateaux.com Brazil + 55 11 3255 2324 NORTH AmERICA ASIA-OCEANIA 10 East 53rd Street New york, Ny 10022 Japan + 81 3 5472 6789 rc-usa@relaischateaux.com China + 86 21 5212 2067 Hong Kong + 852 3121 3616 BRUSSELS Cape Kidnappers Thailand & rest of Asia + 66 (0) 2258 5060 65 avenue Louise, B 1050 Bruxelles Singapore, malaysia, Indonesia 1-800 733 2460 ** rc-benelux@relaischateaux.com Australia 1300 121 341 New Zealand 0800 540 008 The maisons des Relais & Châteaux provide information, take reservations, develop à la carte itineraries, and AFRICA +27 217 941 723 present our collection of Gift Certificates and special offers. *€0.15/min Or contact your travel agency. ** Toll-free numbers Ratua Private Island
  8. 8. 8 mAPs PROPERTy TOWN PAGE AUSTRALIA 29 Jacques Reymond Restaurant melbourne 11 Chateau yering “Historic House Hotel” yarra Valley 12 Jonah’s Whale Beach Sydney 15 Tetsuya’s Restaurant Sydney 16 Tower Lodge Hunter Valley 17 NEW ZEALAND Kauri Cliffs matauri Bay 19 mollies Auckland 20 The Farm at Cape Kidnappers Hawke’s Bay 21 Otahuna Lodge Christchurch 22 28 Whare Kea Lodge & Chalet Lake Wanaka 24 HAMILTON matakauri Queenstown 25 ISLAND VANUATU Ratua Vanuatu 28 FRENCH POLyNESIA Le Taha’a Island Resort & Spa Tahiti Islands 29 16 15 17 12 19 11 20 24 21 22 25
  9. 9. 9discOVer YOur OwNrOute du BONheurTravelling with Relais & châteaux is to experience theworld in a extraordinary way. Whether it’s a night in arestaurant or a few nights in a hotel, a resort or privateisland, enjoying the hospitality of a Relais and châteauxproperty is like spending time with an erudite, generousand well-travelled friend. mollies Nine RestaurantA journey to Australia, New Zealand and the southPacific takes the traveller into the far reaches of theimagination. Here is one of the world’s oldestcontinents, Australia, an extraordinary landscape witha history of human habitation that dates back morethan 50 000 years and its neighbour, New Zealand,where no human had had ever set foot until 1000 yearsago. Here too are the serene and captivating islands ofthe south Pacific—islands that have teased theEuropean imagination ever since the first Pacificmariners returned with reports of an earthly paradise.something else that sets Relais & châteaux apart is theRoute du Bonheur, literally ‘the road to happiness’. Itreflects a principle at the heart of the Relais & châteauxethos—the belief that the journey should always beengaging, illuminating and satisfying. Each Relais &châteaux property is not only a remarkable place tosavour the pleasures of fine dining and stylish living butalso an entrée to a Route du Bonheur of special places, Chateau yeringsights, sounds and tastes that elevate the journey intothe realms of revelation. Tower Lodge Ratua Private Island
  10. 10. 10 A rOute du BONheur ArOuNd VictOriA The drive time between Jacques Reymond Restaurant and chateau yering is barely an hour, yet the journey becomes an adventure par excellence when you travel via the Mount Dandenong Tourist Road. Almost immediately the road enters a lush forest of mountain ash surrounded by a lacy understorey of tree ferns. stop and listen and you might hear the tinkling calls of bell birds. stop at the Alfred Nicholas gardens, where paths wind Victoria through a dense forest planted extensively with rhododendrons. Don’t miss the waterfalls and the ornamental lake, which is at its photogenic best whenmelbourne its waters reflect the surrounding autumn foliage. At Olinda, the National Rhododendron gardens reach a spectacular climax in spring, when rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias and daffodils light up the hillside in a blaze of colour. From Olinda, it’s just a short drive north into the yarra valley and chateau yering. These flowing hills are one of the most dynamic cool climate wine regions in the country. The famous French champagne house, Moët & chandon, chose this area to grow the chardonnay yarra Valley grapes for its champagne-style wine, Domaine chandon. One of the novel ways to see this illustrious winegrowing area is from the basket of a hot-air balloon. An hour before dawn, fliers lift off from nearby chateau yering for a one-hour flight at the whim of the wind. The flight ends with a sparkling wine breakfast, and sublime memories of sunrise over the vineyards.Dandenong Ranges Chateau yering
  11. 11. 11JAcques reYmONdrestAurANtwww.relaischateaux.com/reymondunique in the world: adventurous and often playful cuisine, an adroit and erudite integration of european and asian influences that sings on the palateOriginally from Burgundy, Reymond found theinspiration for the style of cuisine that would dominatehis life’s work when he was exposed to the electrifyingflavours of ginger, lemongrass, Kaffir lime leaves andchilli on a trip to Brazil in 1976. Arriving in Melbourne afew years later, Reymond immediately made animpression on the city’s fine dining. It was the beginningof his mission—to integrate Asian flavours and texturesinto his classically-based cuisine, long before ‘fusionfood’ became fashionable. T: +61 (0)3 9525 2178 F: +61 (0)3 9521 1552 E: reymond@relaischateaux.com • 78 Williams Road, Prahran, melbourne 3181, Victoria, Australia • owners: Jacques and Kathy ReymondReymond does not imitate. Originality is the hallmark of • grand chef relais & châteaux: Jacques Reymond • Maître de Maison: Nathalie Reymondevery dish, combining mastery of technique with asubtlety of understanding that allows the naturalflavours to speak for themselves.Located inside a stately victorian mansion that owesits ornate architectural flourishes to the boom time ofcolonial gold rush, Jacques Reymond Restaurant is afamily affair, with service and style that evoke thefinest traditions of European dining. As you mightexpect of a chef with his roots in the soil of Burgundy,the wine cellar is superb.
  12. 12. 12 chAteAu YeriNg www.relaischateaux.com/chateauyering unique in the world: the chilean Wine Palm that soars above the house was planted in 1867 by baron von Mueller and is classified by the national trust set in the precise green geometry of the yarra valley’s vineyards, chateau yering is an exceptional country house hotel: a small, historic property that elevates good living to an art form. chateau yering was built in 1854 as a private residence for the owners of the sprawling cattle station that covered most of the yarra valley. Today this homestead—just a one-hour drive from the heart of metropolitan Melbourne—offers 32 suites preserving the original home’s opulent character while offering a high level of contemporary comfort. T: +61 (0)3 9237 3333 F: +61 (0)3 9237 3300 E: chateauyering@relaischateaux.com • 42 melba The sumptuous yering suite has its own private Highway, yering 3770, Victoria, Australia • owners: Len milner & partners • Maître de staircase, while the four-poster beds and open Maison: Sue O’Brien fireplaces in the stables suites evoke the warmth and Special activities: wine touring, hot-air ballooning, Healesville Sanctuary, horseback riding personality of the homestead’s origins. surrounding melbourne International Airport 60 km the house are 100 hectares of mature, heritage-listed gardens, rolling lawns and farmland sweeping down to the yarra River. chateau yering offers a choice of dining in Eleonore’s, the opulent fine-dining room, or the conservatory-style sweetwater cafe. chef Mathew Macartney offers a refined Modern Australian menu with a Mediterranean accent, based on outstanding produce from the local farms and fields and complemented by the prodigious cool climate wines for which the yarra valley is famous.
  13. 13. 13Pommery Cuvée Louise 1999“… a beautiful expression of a classic,restrained vintage, 1999 Cuvée Louise isall class …”Tyson StelzerThe Champagne Guide 2011Pommery Brut Royal NV“This has intense appley flavours andsome toasty yeastiness, and is tight andpowerful with lively zippy acidity.”Peter ForrestalAustralian Gourmet Traveller WINE,December 2010
  14. 14. 14 A rOute du BONheur ArOuNd New sOuth wAles From Tetsuya’s Restaurant in the heart of sydney, the drive to seafront Jonah’s Hotel and Restaurant takes about 90 minutes, delivering stirring views over some of sydney’s glorious northern beaches. Or for an unforgettable transfer, consider a 12- minute seaplane flight from Rose Bay taking in a sublime panorama of sydney Harbour, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge before turning out to sea with the blue infinity of the Pacific Ocean on one side and the golden beaches of sydney on the other. The plane splashes down among New South waleS the yachts of Pittwater where Jonah’s own vehicle awaits at the jetty to whisk you up to the hilltop retreat.Sydney Relaxation is a specialty at Jonah’s. There is nowhere better to soak up sydney in barefoot mode. Palm Beach, to the north of Jonah’s is a classic sweeping scimitar of sand where the hammerhead peninsula ends at Barrenjoey Lighthouse. Palm Beach is a favourite weekend retreat for some of sydney’s leading lights of film, media and finance. From Jonah’s, the 2.5-hour road journey to the Hunter valley and Tower Lodge takes you around the fringes of Ku-ring-gai chase National Park. Another intriguing possibility is a 25-minute helicopter flight from Terrey Palm Beach, Sydney Tower Estate Hills near Jonah’s direct to Tower Lodge’s own helipad in the Hunter valley. surrounded by some of the most distinguished vineyards in Australian winemaking, wine touring comes naturally at Tower Lodge. The Hunter valley’s broad repertoire extends to epicurean delights, several outstanding golf courses and historic villages that date back to the earliest days of Australia’s settlement, where every creaking door has a story to tell. Whale Beach, Sydney
  15. 15. 15JONAh’s hOtel ANdrestAurANt ON theseAfrONtwww.relaischateaux.com/jonahsunique in the world: on sydney’s world renowned northern beaches, Jonah’s is one of australia’s most stunning ocean retreats Poised on a hilltop near the tip of sydney’s northernpeninsula, Jonah’s is the perfect beach retreat—anenclave of style and good living overlooking the goldensands of Whale Beach.Décor in the 10 guest rooms plus the Executive OceanRetreat private pavilion features natural timbers andsoothing colours, a restrained, muted style that allowsthe stunning blue-water views to dominate. Even thejacuzzis in the limestone bathrooms are positioned tomake the most of the view, and each room has its ownprivate balcony. Jonah’s Private is a secluded, self-contained residence with three guest rooms, aswimming pool and cliff top verandah with expansiveocean views.Jonah’s is also an exceptional dining destination.classics of the European kitchen feature on a menuanimated by local seafood and herbs, chillies andheirloom tomatoes. The wine cellar features some ofthe most distinguished wines from Bordeaux andBurgundy, german Rieslings and a premium Australianselection.Polished but relaxed, Jonah’s is an outstanding exampleof a sydney specialty. It draws its inspiration from thewider world, applies this to a magnificent setting andcomes up with a result that is uniquely Australian. T: +61 (0)2 9974 5599 F: +61 (0)2 9974 1212 E: jonahs@relaischateaux.com • 69 Bynya Road, Whale Beach 2108, New South Wales, Australia • Maître de Maison: Ali Pinnington Special activities: swimming pool (outdoor), surfing and water sports, golf nearby Airport: Sydney Kingsford Smith (International) 58 km
  16. 16. 16 tetsuYA’s restAurANt www.relaischateaux.com/tetsuya unique in the world: tetsuya’s signature dish—confit of Petuna tasmanian ocean trout with konbu, apple, fennel and witlof Tetsuya Wakuda has been a towering figure on sydney’s dining scene, if not the world’s, for the past two decades. His sublime dishes based on the Japanese philosophy of natural seasonal flavours enhanced by classic French technique have taken the city’s palates into a fresh and exciting new gastronomic landscape. Japanese-born Tetsuya arrived in Australia in 1987 and worked under several of sydney’s seminal chefs before he established his own restaurant. Today, Tetsuya’s is one of the few restaurants to have featured in the san Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants year after year. set in a Japanese garden in the heart of sydney, his cool elegant restaurant has become an essential dining experience for lovers of fine food, including many world T: +61 (0)2 9267 2900 F: +61 (0)2 9262 7099 E: tetsuya@relaischateaux.com • 529 Kent Street, renowned chefs and industry professionals. Sydney 2000, New South Wales, Australia • owner and grand chef relais & châteaux: The menu at Tetsuya’s is a fixed-price degustation Tetsuya Wakuda • Maître de Maison: Jerry Jones consisting of ten courses with seafood as a predominant feature. Tetsuya Wakuda’s cuisine is an outstanding example of the cross-cultural culinary melange that has become sydney’s signature style. This style is often referred to as Modern Australian and carries a promise to tantalise, challenge and invigorate. Photos by: Nicky Ryan
  17. 17. 17tOwer lOdgewww.relaischateaux.com/towerlodgeunique in the world: uninterrupted views of the famous hunter valley wine region from the lofty heights of the towerLapped by a sea of vines, Tower Lodge sets a newbenchmark for style and fine living in the Hunter valley,one of Australia’s most illustrious winegrowing regions.This adults-only retreat is also a tribute to eclecticism,whimsical at every turn. The centrepiece of TowerLodge is a Tuscan villa-inspired courtyard with a loggiaand a splashing water fountain. Each of the 12extraordinary suites has its own distinct personality,enhanced by a fine collection of antiques, treasures andcollectables finessed with rich fabrics and recycledtimbers. The Oriental Room features chinese paintings,carved screens and a Japanese-inspired hot tub on thedeck, while the chairman’s suite has a 300-year-old,hand-carved Rajasthani bed and its own tower,complete with viewing platform.Nearby, Roberts Restaurant is the region’s premier T: +61 (0)2 4998 7022 F: +61 (0)2 4998 7164 E: towerlodge@relaischateaux.com • Cnr Halls & Brokegastronomic experience, located amongst the Roads, Pokolbin 2320, New South Wales, Australia • Maître de Maison: Andreas Breitfussvineyards in a National Trust-listed slab cottage. TowerLodge’s own Nine Restaurant serves a degustation Special activities: swimming pool, golf, private wine toursmenu in a warm and intimate sandstone-panelled Sydney International Airport180 km, Newcastle Airport 80 kmroom—three metres underground. Tower Estate’s ownlimited edition wines are a highlight of this sublimedining experience.
  18. 18. 18 A rOute du BONheur ArOuNd New ZeAlANd From the charming opera-themed hotel Mollies in Auckland, a half-day drive north through the undulating farms and forests of Northland takes you to Kauri cliffs. The handsome lodge overlooks Matauri Bay near the Bay of Islands, a natural harbour sprinkled with 144 islands and boundless sailing, fishing and scuba diving spots. commercial aircraft operate from nearby Kerikeri to the art deco city of Napier, gateway to The Farm at cape Kidnappers. set on 2600 hectares of rolling green pastures that rise from the sea, cape Kidnappers is close to one of New Zealand’s premier wine regions and the lodge’s grounds include a cliff top golf course. The nearby gannet colony, a crowded home to 20 000 of New ZealaNd these majestic sea birds, is something no visitor should miss.matakauri Lodge The south Island city of christchurch is a gateway for international flights as well as a hub for domestic air services. set in park-like grounds on its outskirts, Otahuna Lodge is a historic homestead that has been restored to a stylish and sophisticated retreat. From christchurch, a five-hour drive across the canterbury Plains will take you into the southern Alps, where Whare Kea Lodge & chalet is the perfect entrée to the splendour of New Zealand’s alpine region: trout fishing on the doorstep, winter heli-skiing and summer hiking trails lace through the mountain peaks. It’s only a short drive to Queenstown and its heart stopping views. Poised on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, Matakauri is a window on a pristine world. There is nowhere better to experience the magic of Queenstown, New Zealand’s alpine adventure playground. Otahuna Lodge mollies
  19. 19. 19the lOdge At KAuricliffswww.relaischateaux.com/kauricliffsunique in the world: the golf course right next to the hotel perched on a cliff overlooking the seaPerched on 2500 hectares of rippling green hillsoverlooking the cavalli Islands, Kauri cliffs is asuperlative base from which to experience the Bay ofIslands, one of New Zealand’s most inspiringlandscapes.Built in a neo-classical style with tall chimneys andwrapped in a broad verandah, the main lodge is thecentrepiece for a well-tailored resort that includes aspa, a restaurant, golf course and 22 guest suites alongwith a two bedroom Owner’s cottage. Each suite is T: + 64 (0)9 407 0010 F: + 64 (0)9 407 0061 E: kauricliffs@relaischateaux.com • 116 Tepenesumptuously equipped with a sitting area and open Tablelands Road, matauri Bay, Kerikeri (Northland), New Zealand • owner: Julianfireplace, a walk-in wardrobe, a spacious bathroom and Robertson • Maître de Maison: Kerry molloymarvellous views from the private verandah across the Special activities: indoor & outdoor swimming pool, spa, golf, helicopter tours, pheasantgolf course to the ocean.. shooting, quad bikesThe island-studded waters, beaches, native bushland Auckland International Airport 280 km, Kerikeri Airport 40 km • Closes each Juneand streams cry out not just for admiration but forparticipation. Kauri cliffs comes with a full complementof activities, but the standout is golf. With a long list ofaccolades from the arbiters of golfing excellence, the6510 metre, par 72, championship course drapes a sea-hewn coastline with astonishing views from virtuallyevery hole. six holes are played along the tops of rearingcliffs, while those set inland weave through marsh,forest and farmland.
  20. 20. 20 mOllies www.relaischateaux.com/mollies unique in the world: where else does dinner usually start with live singing or a short opera recital? small, cultivated, relaxed, brimming with charm and style—all the good adjectives apply at this romantic hotel overlooking Auckland Harbour. cloistered within a mature subtropical garden just a few minutes from the heart of the city, Mollies juxtaposes the classic and avant-garde—with a touch of fantasy. Along with the old-world comforts of antique furnishings, sumptuous fabrics and bountiful floral displays, Mollies also features sharp-edge design, high speed internet access, underfloor heating and the serene sanctuary Day spa. Accommodation consists of 13 suites, each with its own distinct personality. villa suites and Premier suites feature a spacious lounge and separate bedroom with ensuite bathroom and spa bath, while in the Junior suites, the bedroom opens to a private balcony overlooking the garden. One of the suites has a grand piano, another a harp. The owners are music devotees, T: +64 (0)9 376 3489 F: +64 (0)9 378 6592 E: mollies@relaischateaux.com • 6 Tweed Street, St and their passion shines through in the choice of music mary’s Bay, Auckland 1011, New Zealand • owners: Stephen Fitzgerald and Frances that wafts through the hotel. Wilson-Fitzgerald • Maître de Maison: Joanna Bourke Special activities: live opera recitals, sailing, spa The dining room at Mollies provides an opulent Auckland International Airport 16 km showcase for the talents of chef Lance Tripp. His cuisine brings a twist to the classical repertoire, drawing inspiration from around the culinary globe to ignite the palate with fresh and exciting combinations of ingredients, sourced from the local markets, farmers and fishermen.
  21. 21. 21the fArm At cAPeKidNAPPerswww.relaischateaux.com/kidnappersunique in the world: the moving experience of getting up close and personal with the endangered kiwicarved from rolling pastures beside one of the mostmagnificent golf courses ever created, this strikingretreat combines the stirring landscape of Hawke’s Baywith a stylish array of sophisticated pleasures.Borrowing its architecture from the stone-walledoutbuildings of the surrounding farms and vineyards,the main lodge building carries the rustic iconographyof its exterior inside, with chunky timber beams and bigopen fireplaces. Among its accoutrements, the lodgefeatures an opulent spa, a fitness centre and an T: + 64 (0)6 875 1900 F: +64 (0)6 875 1901 E: kidnappers@relaischateaux.com • 446 Cliftonacclaimed dining room. Road, Te Awanga, Hawkes Bay 4102, New Zealand • owner: Julian Robertson • Maître de Maison: Julia Carlsenguest suites are located within separate cottages or inthe main lodge building, each with soothing vanilla Special activities: Golf, tours of Art Deco town, nature tours, spa, wine tourstones and big picture windows framing views across Auckland International Airport 434 km, Napier Airport 30 kmthe fairways to the Pacific Ocean. Each of the 22 suitescomes comprehensively equipped for the tech-savvytraveller. Ideal for a family or a small group, the four-bedroom Owner’s cottage is the very pinnacle ofboutique hotel accommodation.The links-style course advancing across the headlandfrom the lodge high above the Pacific has been votedone of the world’s finest. At 6510 metres, the par 71course throws down a challenge to the keenest golfers,especially when the sea breeze is blowing. Holes 14 to17 are some of the most spectacular you will ever play.
  22. 22. 22 OtAhuNA lOdge www.relaischateaux.com/otahuna unique in the world: more than 120 different kinds of organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and mushrooms in the historic gardens set in a glorious garden brimming with botanical wonders on the outskirts of christchurch, Otahuna Lodge stylishly brings the atmosphere, the manners and the architecture of another era into the present. Built in 1895 by the New Zealand lawyer and politician sir Heaton Rhodes, new vigour has been introduced into the white timber mansion by two energetic young refugees from Manhattan who recognised a potential cinderella in the sprawling Queen Anne mansion. While preserving Otahuna’s original character, they have revitalised the house with a collection of antique furnishings that match the aristocratic dimensions and a notable collection of contemporary New Zealand T: +64 (0)3 329 6333 F: + 64(0)3 329 6336 E: otahuna@relaischateaux.com • 224 Rhodes Road, artworks, many of them commissioned specifically for Tai Tapu 7672, Canterbury (Christchurch) New Zealand • owners & Maîtres de Maison: Hall these walls. Cannon and miles Refo Otahuna has seven palatial suites, each decorated in Special activities: helicopter tours, swimming with dolphins, historic garden tours the same opulent style as the rest of the Lodge. In the Christchurch International Airport 25 km Rhodes suite, the four interconnected rooms include an octagonal study, while The clark suite, named after Heaton Rhodes’ wife, is suitably soft and feminine. Otahuna’s 13 hectares of sublime gardens include a sweeping front lawn with a reflecting lake, a formal parterre with mature exotic trees, a secret frog pond in the forest and a vast working potager garden. cuisine plays a major role in the Otahuna repertoire. served in the opulent dining room, Otahuna’s sophisticated menu is based extensively on the vegetables from its gardens, meats raised organically on site and mushrooms foraged from its woodlands.
  23. 23. 23
  24. 24. 24 whAre KeA lOdge & chAlet www.relaischateaux.com/wharekea unique in the world: experience absolute privacy beside glacial lake Wanaka and venture high into the southern alps to a private mountain chalet set on the shores of a glacier-carved lake, surrounded by soaring mountain peaks, Whare Kea is an ideal base from which to experience the majesty of New Zealand’s alpine region. This striking lodge looks and feels like a sumptuous conservatory, with floor-to-ceiling glass for total exposure to the dreamy views of lake and mountains. The lodge’s six guest rooms and suites are spacious and crisply tailored, from the Bose stereo system to the walk-in dressing rooms. Each guest room has a glass T: +64 (0)3 443 1400 F: +64 (0)3 443 9200 E: wharekea@relaischateaux.com • 494 mt Aspiring wall that opens to a sundeck with a wide-angle Road, 9343 Wanaka, New Zealand • owners: Louise and martyn myer • Maître de Maison: panorama of lake and mountains. Pamela Simpson Special activities: mountain hiking, hunting, trout and salmon fishing, alpine skiing Another intriguing option is The chalet, a unique Queenstown International Airport 70 km, Wanaka Airport 15 km sanctuary perched high among the mountain peaks, glaciers, residual snow fields and alpine meadows. Accessed by helicopter, this gorgeous hideaway has two double bedrooms plus a loft room and a combined lounge, bathroom, dining and kitchen area. chef James stapley came to Whare Kea after four years at the Park Lane Hilton and a subsequent role as Head chef at selfridges. James’ inspiration is the classic techniques of European cuisine applied to the finest, freshest New Zealand produce. A four course table d’hôte dinner menu is complemented by a distinguished collection of New Zealand and Australian wines and French champagne.
  25. 25. 25mAtAKAuri lOdgewww.relaischateaux.com/matakauriunique in the world: spectacularly situated on Queenstown’s lake Wakatipu with stunning mountain views from every angleclinging to the rim of a glacier-carved blue lake deep inNew Zealand’s south Island, surrounded by greymountain peaks that rear 1500 metres above the town,Queenstown is known for its postcard scenery. yet evenby the exalted local standards, the scenery from thishandsome lakeside lodge calls for fresh superlatives.constructed from local schist stone with extensive useof cedar and beech, Matakauri Lodge looks acrossdipping lawns to the cresting peaks of The Remarkableson the far side of Lake Wakatipu. Matakauri emergedfrom a total refit in late 2010 that has seen itreinvigorated with a crisp, clean aesthetic and 11 T: +64 (0)3 441 1008 F: +64 (0)3 441 2180 E: matakaurilodge@relaischateaux.com • 569lavishly appointed all-new guest suites bathed in Glenorchy Road, Queenstown, New Zealand • owner: Julian Robertson • Maître de natural light and bold colour. chef Dale gartland Maison: Jay Robertsonorchestrates a menu that showcases the outstanding Special activities: swimming pool (outdoor), spa, fly fishing, skiing, wine tours, scenic flightsregional produce. Queenstown International Airport 12 kmWhether your tastes run to total relaxation in thelodge’s spa, fly fishing in a mountain stream oradventures in the high peaks, the staff at Matakauri willconstruct a program that will make for an unforgettablestay.Matakauri Lodge is an excellent springboard fromwhich to experience the wonders of Queenstown, NewZealand’s adventure sports capital. Over the past fewyears, Queenstown has also become the centre for thecentral Otago vineyards, the world’s most southerlywinegrowing area, with an ever-expanding reputation.
  26. 26. 26 ArOuNd rAtuA PriVAte islANd, VANuAtu Ratua is the way the world should be—a castaway, 60-hectare island that might have sprung from a page of National geographic magazine. Paddle an outrigger canoe, explore by mountain bike or electric buggy, or have a wrangler saddle you one of the 20 horses that roam free on the island. snorkelling in the pristine tropical waters among corals and swarming, multicoloured fish is as simple as stepping off the beach. Or explore the island’s mysterious blue holes, sparkling Vanuatu swimming holes linked via underwater caverns. Big game fishing is another option. The neighbouring islandRatua Private Island of Espiritu santo offers some of the world’s finest wreck diving, while the island of Ambrym offers volcanic ash plains and seeping lava flows. ArOuNd le tAhA’A islANd resOrt & sPA, tAhiti While Le Taha’a is perfectly sculpted for relaxation, this outstanding coral reef island resort offers a cocktail of activities that can be found only in this part of the Le Taha’a Island Resort & Spa world. The waters of the coral-fringed motu on which Le Taha’a sits are warm and intoxicating. swim out to theTahiTi fringing reef and you’re surrounded by dazzling colours and darting marine life. shark feeding is an island specialty, and seasonal whale watching is available. Le Taha’a has its own dive centre and several sensational dive sites. Most of French Polynesia’s crop of vanilla, ‘black gold’, comes from the adjacent main island of Taha’a, and the resort offers excursions to vanilla plantations and black pearl farms. Jet skis are another option, and a choice of theme tours is available on Taha’a Island’s jeep safaris. Le Taha’a Island Resort & Spa
  28. 28. 28 rAtuA PriVAte islANd www.relaischateaux.com/ratua unique in the world: a private island at the world’s end Washed by a warm and crystalline sea, bathed in tropical sunshine and immersed in a forest of greenery, life’s simple pleasures are elevated to an art form on this island in the vanuatu Archipelago. The resort treads with the lightest of footprints on this garden of Eden. Thatched palm, bamboo and rattan feature predominantly in the design. guest accommodation on the 60-hectare island is in centuries-old teak cottages that were imported from Java and fitted out with Indonesian furnishings. Each is sited along the shoreline, allowing the breeze to T: + 678 300 20 F: + 678 300 22 E: ratua@relaischateaux.com • BP 396 Luganville, Vanuatu • flow through and eliminating the need for air Maître de Maison: Christian Succo conditioning. Special activities: travel the island by horseback, spa, outrigger canoeing, diving, fishing The island’s social nexus is the yacht club, which serves Access: a 30-minute boat ride aboard Ratua’s private launch from the island of Espiritu as the restaurant, bar, lounge, beach house and jetty. Santo and its international airport Barefoot and casual is the island’s style, but there is no shortage of creature comforts, including a spa with expert masseuses. Fresh, organic produce from the island’s own gardens is a highlight of the menu. Beef, pork, chicken, milk and eggs come from Ratua’s own free-range animals. Fruit you can pick for yourself, vegetables are grown organically and seafood is fresh off the morning’s boats. Among the 8000 bottles in the wine cellar are some notable wines from the owner’s French vineyard. A private plane from Port vila direct to Ratua Island’s own private runway is also available on request. (1hr flight)
  29. 29. 29le tAhA’A islANd resOrt& sPAwww.relaischateaux.com/letahaaunique in the world: a black pearl is offered to each guest who reserves via relais & châteauxscattered across the waters of a shimmering, peacock-blue lagoon, this superb resort captures perfectly thewarmth, the charisma and the romance that arepromised by the words ‘south Pacific’. The resort has astunningly beautiful natural setting on an offshoreislet, or ‘motu’, just a five-minute boat ride from themain island of Taha’a.Accommodation at Le Taha’a consists of 2 Royal villas, T: + 689 60 84 00 F: + 689 60 84 01 E: letahaa@relaischateaux.com • B.P. 67, 98733 Patio-10 Beach villas and 48 Overwater suites that fan out Taha’a, Tahiti, French Polynesia • Maître de Maison: Christine Chevalazfrom the shoreline. Each is more than 100 squaremetres. In the Overwater suites, about half that area is Special activities: black pearl farm visits, glass bottom boat, tales and legends of Taha’a,devoted to the deck, which has deck chairs and day sunset cruisesbeds tucked away under a thatched cabana, as well as a Access: from Raiatea Airport, 35 minutes transfer by boat; from Bora Bora, 10 minutes bysplit level that provides easy access to the water. Each helicopter or 1 hour and 45 minutes transfer by boat.suite or villa is a skilful interweaving of local Polynesianculture and craftsmanship with supreme Westernworld comforts.In the shade of a coconut grove between a small lakeand the lagoon, the spa adopts the Polynesian conceptof ‘taurumi’, an approach to wellness and relaxationthat encompasses spirituality, energy, language andtouch. The Polynesian massage uses locally derivedscented oils as well as healing hands to relax andenhance the circulation of energy within the body.
  30. 30. 30 thANKs tO Our PArtNers A great thank you to all Relais & châteaux Official Partners for their support this year. Photography credits: Tourism victoria, Tourism New south Wales.
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