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Pure leverage review

Pure leverage review






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    Pure leverage review Pure leverage review Document Transcript

    • Pure Leverage Review |Here’s Why You May Not Need It!You know when I first heard that GVO (who have been going a while now)were relaunching their Auto responder with a few other tools and launching100% commissions on their products I thought – oh no, here we goagain. Just another Company just trying to jump on the band wagon of thesuccess that the Empower Network has gained.But of course you HAVE to take a look don’t you…….I mean “getting in at the ground floor” (LOL what does that reallyMEAN??!!). I’ve seen so many launches hailed as the next big thing and“position yourself now” for the best position to earn maximum income…….Yada yada yada. 3 Months later and you never hear from the reps who werepromoting it or WORSE you see an apparent “guru” level marketer try andback away from the fact they were ever promoting it.Hysterical.BUT….. I am a marketer and once I achieved the success with EmpowerNetwork that had eluded me for so long with other companies, you kind of getspoilt with the 100% commissions and nothing else will doSo I had to take a look, especially as a few top marketers whom I TOTALLYrespected were jumping in.So what is this Pure Leverage Review all about?Well as I hinted above, Pure Leverage offers a tool suite of products that isvery useful to an internet or online network marketer but look how it comparesto rival products in the industry – especially when it comes to video emailwhere you can usually earn between 7-10% in commissions. Now think aboutthe affiliate commissions you can earn in the other BIG Auto respondercompanies – usually about 20% and yet here you can earn 100% on sign upand then 50% recurring bonus plus a 50% recurring matching bonus too.
    • So as an outsider looking for an independent Pure Leverage review – itsuddenly started to look interesting and I could see why there was a bit of abuzz going on.But of course it’s not all about the money right? I mean what if the usual prelaunch Pure Leverage Scam rumours that surround any new company weretrue?It’s no good getting 100% profits on a product that’s no good or in a Companythat’s not going to last.Well what I can share in this Pure Leverage review is that the Company isactually not so new. GVO has been around a couple of years already and Iam already a customer of their Autoresponder (which is a great tool by theway and much cheaper than the two best known ones.) But now you can get100% commissions!So lets have a look at what else there is.What are the Pure Leverage products?
    • The pure Leverage Tool suite comes with marketing training, ideas on how tomotivate your team members and a full traffic generation system including a“done for you co-op ad” and suggestions on where to promote using Solo adsvendors as well as the standard products.So what’s the catch with all this – I mean this is an unbiased Pure Leveragereviewright ?Yeah – here it comes.Why You Really May NOT Need Pure Leverage tools in your business.Well you might not want to follow up with your prospects via an auto-responder (but do you realise that pretty much all sales of products orservices online are made between the 4th – 12th exposure of it?) and youmay not want to hold team training webinars and send video emails.Okay okay……. so you’re a budding leader and maybe you DO want to dothat (which you should!!) so lets hear the real problems with the system.Well of course you have to know how to market it…… which makes it fall intothe same category as every other online business out there.
    • Or does it.In the Pure Leverage review Sales page, they make a bold statement tellingyou how to make up to 18 sales a day into your business through their EliteCoaching program and just take a look at some of the capture pages availableto you – they’re pretty impressive.But what happens when lots of people join and the pages become……toopopular!THIS is when it is important to join a team who will be able to help you withdifferent marketing strategies and creation of new, fresh pages when required.So the TEAM that you join becomes VERY important so that you get supportin your business. I mean as a sponsor we are achieving at least a 50% returnon your whole volume, so we need to be helping you a bit right?Well some won’t - I can guarantee it.
    • But we will.In our team.I have my own personal marketing training site on everything that enabled meto be in the top 125 affiliates in my primary business in just 3 months – and Iwill be setting up lots of new videos specifically for this Pure Leveragebusiness.So if you’re looking for 100% commissions in a system that provides ALL thetools an Internet marketer needs, then look no further and take the tourhere. Just click the beautifully crafted capture page image below and whenit’s activated it will take you to the real one (if not you’ll get the pre-launchone!). I like this one – do you?Or alternatively you may not want to.And that’s fine with me.I hope you found this Pure Leverage review useful – if you did, pleaseclick the share buttons.Email: Nicky@NickyPriceMarketing.comSkype: NickyVitalityTel: (+44) (0)7587 176155Facebook: http://facebook.com/DiamondMLMTribeP.S - Sick of Tiny MLM Pay Cheques? Its Not Your Fault - Click Here fora Much Faster Way to Earn Upwards of $3.5k Per Month Online ClickHere For Instant AccessP.P.S - A Nifty Way ToIncrease Your Cashflow