Responsive Design & Prototyping -- An Agency Model (Part 1/3)


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Responsive Design & Prototyping -- An Agency Model

This presentation is in three parts, please see the links and description below:


Part 1:

Part 3:

Part 2:


Digitas is pleased to host the April 2012 UPA Boston meeting. We’ll be looking at some of the latest trends we’ve seen in Experience Design. We will discuss how we at Digitas are redefining our approach and share the successes and challenges we’ve encountered along the way. We will focus specifically on responsive design as well as the value of prototyping in new more complex digital ecosystems.

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Responsive Design & Prototyping -- An Agency Model (Part 1/3)

  1. 1. Responsive Design & Prototyping – Part 1 ! !Responsive Design & Prototyping !An Agency Model!"THE DIGITAS BOSTON TEAM!
  2. 2. Have a Question? !!Tweet: #UXDigitas"
  3. 3. Way Beyond Your !Mother’s Wireframes…"
  4. 4. “At Digitas, we’ve traditionally looked at UX !through an advertising and marketing communications ! lens, as opposed to an application-based, ! software development (or other*) lens…”" *! How about a “Next Generation ! Digital Experience” lens?"
  5. 5. A good experience is more than Art & Copy…"
  6. 6. A good experience is more than Art & Copy…"
  7. 7. A good experience is more than Art & Copy…"
  8. 8. A good experience is more than Art & Copy…"
  9. 9. So what does this mean?"
  10. 10. In the Agency, we’ve had trouble getting through…"Who the hell are we? " How we really think"Where did we come from? " History & evolution of UX"What do we do? " Our approach to the work"When should we be engaged? " When to bring us in"Who are we actually? " Names & faces"What to expect from us in future?" New UX strategies tools & tactics"
  11. 11. Is it a labeling issue? "User Experience — also regularly described as…" ID! Interaction Design! UI! User Interface Design! TA-s! IA! Those Assholes! Information Architecture! And various other things…! No. Its something more…"
  12. 12. What does this mean?"
  13. 13. Sometimes we !need to look back…" To look forward…"
  14. 14. When Art met Copy, there was… a Breakthrough!" Output:" Advertising, Marketing Communications"
  15. 15. But wait! Then we had… a Paradigm Shift" Home New Models Old Models Pricing & O"ers Owners! Skip Intro >! Output:" Advertising, Marketing Communications for the Web" "
  16. 16. Now we have…" Strategy Sp ec ng ial ni n tie Pla s Art Choice (IA) Copy y log MO o hn Ps/C c Te RM s Metric Searc h Output:"Marketing Communications, Product Development, Software Development, Process Optimization, Customer Care, Social Dialogue — across all channels"
  17. 17. As User Experience Designers…" We now work together in a ! far more complex" Digital Design Ecosystem" "
  18. 18. And the challenge is that it’s…" …all happening right now" …always on" …all integrated" …always overlapping" " " But wait… hang on a minute — " now it’s completely different!" "
  19. 19. What does this mean for #User Experience Designers?!
  20. 20. “We can’t apply an old model to thisnew paradigm, and hope to achieve the same, or greater success”" "
  21. 21. Some examples #of new approaches…!
  22. 22. Rapid Prototyping !Moving Beyond Wireframes!"
  23. 23. Research > Strategy > Wireframes > Comps > Code"
  24. 24. The case FOR wireframes" On rollover, show dropdown menu!
  25. 25. The case AGAINST wireframes"
  26. 26. The Pros & Cons of Wireframes"! " Page layout & structure! $" Static – not interactive!! " Content modules! $" Not intuitive – di%cult to! " Lead to functional specs! understand!! " Help creative $" Hard to show user paths! development! $" Version control!! " Easy to make! $" Hard to test! $" Require a lot of “vision”!
  27. 27. Flat wireframes are Work gets judged on User experienceoutdated in today’s visual design while decisions aremore complex and interactivity and sometimes made byinteractive landscape! functionality is people without a full overlooked ! understanding of the issues !
  28. 28. Wireframes just aren’t enough." We need something better."
  29. 29. Prototyping Software" At Digitas Boston we use Axure! Other options include Flash, PowerPoint, iRise, InDesign, etc.!
  30. 30. Rapid Prototyping’s Advantages" Flat Wireframes! Prototypes! Tell! Show! Static! Interactive! Artifact! Living Dense! Document! Intuitive!
  31. 31. So let’s stop TELLING and start SHOWING!"
  32. 32. Getting the most out of prototyping"•" Be interactive from the start!•" Focus on flows!•" Fake it when data is involved!•" Accept limitations!•" Talk to your tech team!•" Add color to show interactive areas!•" A little bling goes a long way!