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ANIS2012 Social Innovation Lab2_Seungmisan maul

  1. 1. 2012 Sungmisan Town(사)사람과마을_마을안내팀 ‘길눈이’
  2. 2. What isSungmisan Networks of large and small communities Town? Concept • Network of city culture and living • Around 1,000 people Size • Family-oriented community (age: 30-40’s) (Gradually expanding) Large and • 40-50 organization, shops, and gatherings small • Each unit works as independent community community
  3. 3. Town History Accidental beginning, enlightenment, and new planning Initial Town Expansion Transformation (1994~2000) (2001~2003) (2003~2010) (2011~) Consumer Support for Cooperative of cooperative, Various experiments neighboring community rearing campaign to protect and trials Sungmisan town community 2003. Mapo Solidarity 2004. SungmisanCooperative of 2001. Mapo Dorei Schoolchildren rearing for the Consumer Cooperative 2005. Cool Earthworm 2007. Street Festivals1st time in the country 2002. Woori Town 2005. Mapo Hope 2008. Initializing Dream Shelter Sharing various cooperatives1994. Woori Nursery 2002. Pine Tree Nursery 2005. Community 2009. Town coming-of-1995. Flying Nursery 2001~3. Succeeded in Radio age ceremony protecting Sungmisan 2007. People and Town 2010. Mapo Poolnet Town with the 2008. Participation in 2010. Sungmisan Table campaign residents’ council 2009. Sungmisan Theater
  4. 4. Education System• Nursery• Alternative school• After-school program• Humanities study of Town• Coming-of-age ceremony• Lifecycle system
  5. 5. Cooperative of children rearing : Woori, PinTree, Sungmisan, Ttobagi • Child-care facilities with cooperative parenting • Operation : Cooperative BOD in charge of operation and the Teachers Association of nurseries in charge of education • Communication : Teacher representative sitting on BOD, meetings by age, general assembly of cooperative members, and various committees • Characterized by organic meals, daily outing, and integrated education (age and gender) • Nursery: Woori(Sept. 1994), Pine Tree(Sept. 2002), Sungmisan(2005), Ttobagi(2005)
  6. 6. Cooperative of children rearing, After-school of Children: Acorn • Foundation : began as an annex to Woori Nursery in 1996 and opened in 1999 as an independent institution • Characteristics : For public elementary school students with the 1st to 4th grade for care after school • Operation : up to 7 p.m from after-school
  7. 7. Dream shelter• Foundation : In Aug. 2002, founded as Woori Town Dream Shelter, an annex to Mapo Durei Customer Cooperative• 성격 : 2007년 ‘꿈터택견’으로 독립함. • Contents: Takken Room, Cycling excursion – Program open to the outside, after- school program Door of Dance• Foundation : Aug. 2007• Feature : Sori Dance and dancing therapy is independently established as derived from Woori Town Dream Shelter
  8. 8. Sungmisan School_Alternative school• Opened in Sept. 2004• Unauthorized urban alternative school (w/o dorm and playground)• 12-year system for primary and secondary education. The disabled children are admitted (10% of quota), a town school• Currently over 170 students are enrolled• Teacher : 40 in total including 25 regular teachers, instructors and volunteers• Operated in its own building
  9. 9. Town learning center• Began in 2004 winter break• In the beginning, programs for break were operated• Now programs are planned all year around• Participants : Break – 200 students, b/w breaks– 120 students• Chosen as a best practice by Seoul city in 2007
  10. 10. Coming-of-Age program• Began in 2009 for those born in 1989• Scheduled in every May• Passing ritual for the youth grown in the community
  11. 11. Town culture• Festivals• Clubs• Tuning to life cycle• Enjoy on one’s own• Sense of belonging
  12. 12. Town festivals In 2011Street festivals in 2007(From street intocommunity) Bystreet festivals in 2008 (From bystreets into life)
  13. 13. Art and culture club : Adults-centered voluntary participation Plat club- Moomalrangyee (dried slice of radish) Band- Ama Band Sungmisan band for Korean instrument Drawing club
  14. 14. Photo club – Town photo shop Female humanities study – Mom Poomatsi Poem and music club – Sei No Chae Film-making club – Mul Tteunei
  15. 15. Sungmisan theater• Opened in Feb. 2009 and certified as a social enterprise in Dec. 2010• Culture and art complex within residential area• Citizen space Naru(Women association, Green transportation, environmental justice) offering space• Prospect : Culture and welfare are combined in community. Develop toward self-controlled community!
  16. 16. Annual Plan in the Community Tree planting_Apr. Sports day_Oct.Jisinbarbgi _Feb Complaining day_Dec. Town festival-May
  17. 17. Town Company• 20 in total• Voluntarily as needed• Sustainability, not for competition
  18. 18. Mapo Durei Consumer Cooperative• Foundation : March 2000. Beginning with 100 households expanded to 5,500 households in 2011• Initial leading party : Members of cooperatives for children rearing• Expansion: Incorporated in 2003. Shop 1 in Songsan-dong, shop 2 in Yonggang-dong, shop 3 in Jungrang-gu. Annual revenue at KRW4bn in 2010
  19. 19. Reuse stores• Foundation: Nov. 2007• Not for profit• Cooperatives with 14 volunteers• Reuse stores, local currency circulation, various classes and Bozagi market• For purchase: 50% in cash + 50% in local currency
  20. 20. Hanttam Durei• Foundation : beginning as small gathering for sewing• Led by 8 members in cooperation community of moms• Products: buckwheet pillow, handkerchief, cotton sanitary napkins, bags, clothing Soap Durei• Foundation : Dec. 2008• Led by 3 members. in cooperation community of moms• Products : Natural soaps, aroma therapy products
  21. 21. Sungmisan school Minishop Bakery • Opened in June 2009 • Workplace affiliated to Sungmisan School(Café and Bakery) • Products : Organic hand-made cookie, muffin, cake • Parents and the disabled are employed. Social jobs are supported Sungmisan Craft Shop • Opened in Sungmisan School in June 2009 and moved to 2F Sohangju in Apr. 2011 • Workshop for both disabled and non- disabled supported by Sungmisan School • Products : Natural beeswax candle, wool- felting, Waldorf doll
  22. 22. Sohangju(Happpy houses with goodcommunication)_Construction company for multi-housing• Co-housing(multi-housing) builder : “Sharing”, nor “possessing”• Experties in forming communities. The second construction in underway• 2 Co-representatives + 2 employees• Run as a corporation Sungmisan Vault_Financial safetynet • Voluntary cooperation system • Begin in Mar. 2011 • 11 associated members • Social investment support foundation: KRW15mn in grant
  23. 23. Town Kitchen• Foundation : May 2002• Led by 8 moms• Sells organic side dishes (w/ 3 employees)• Revenues enough to pay for wages and management• Customers can buy snack and meal with mileage, and welcomed by working man and wife
  24. 24. Café Small Tree• Opened in Oct. 2004, dealing with organic ice cream under the name of “Tree with shadow” and being renamed “Small Tree” in Mar. 2007• Founded by 5 mothers → Taken over by one person → Entrusted operation to teachers of Sungmisan School → Expanded through residents’ investment(invested by 150 residents)• Wednesday Night Concert, Candle Night, Town Photo Exhibition are held and served as cultural space and community space.
  25. 25. Sungmisan Table_ Organic Restaurant• Demand for organic restaurant by residents : Voluntary project• 10 investors began cooking in Spring 2009 : Cooking class and visit to environment-friendly restaurant• Open in Apr. 4, 2010: 90 investors (Individuals and organizations), a town company• Material sourcing : Direct trade with producers + Durei Consumer Cooperative• In search of continuous changes
  26. 26. Pulbanggury_ a town shop• Opened in June 2011• Applied for town enterprise registration to the government• Selling the community products• Employing two people Rila_Healing and art • Open in Dec. 2010 • Feminine: Shelter for healing and art • Membership + program, Relaxing
  27. 27. Town Classification Company• Cooperative : Mapo Durei consumer cooperative(for profit+not-for-profit) • Town company : Café small tree, Sungmisan Table, Town Kitchen, Sungmisan Theater, Pulbangguri • Workshop : Soap Durei, Hanttam Durei, Sungmisan Craft Shop • Not-for-Profit shop : Reuse Store • Experimental enterprise : Minishop Bakery, Sohangju • Sustainable Community Space : Tree with shadow, Carpenters planting tree• Finance Safetynet : Sungmisan Vault, Sungmisan United Savings Club • Others : Sungmisan Learning Center, Dream Shelter Takkeun, Door of Dance, King of Culture and Play, Rila • Sole proprietor : Salon de Marang • Failure/cancellation : Car Hospital, Ddeuk Durei
  28. 28. Support for Neighboring Community• Community Space – Network- oriented• Sustainable and Independent
  29. 29. Carpenters planting tree_Carpenters shop• Woodwork community(membership)+ wooden products on sale (Make to order, Recycling)• Inviting investors• Center of community activities of Sungsan 2 dong Community Network ‘Place’_Cafe • Community center(Day for child care, Night for man), Learning center(After-school program, Residents training programs), Club meeting, cultural programs • Coffee and tea, beer, snack for kids • 2F, Carpenters planting tree
  30. 30. Tree with shadow_community space• Independent community space, located in Yeomridong, Mapo• Its own income + sponsorship• Reuse store + cafe+meeting place+Hope Truck• Led by Democratic Labor party +Consumer cooperative+community residents
  31. 31. Protecting Sungmisan• Collected power• Highlight town issue as national issue• Natural leadership shift
  32. 32. 1st Sungmisan protection campaign(2001~2003) May 2001 2001~2003 Jan. to Jul. 2003 May 17, 2003 Aug. 18, 2003Announcement of Sungmisan Opinion Physical Cancellation building water- protection forming supply reservoir resistance (Public hearing) of the plan campaign planCropped Sungmisan(after Jan. 29, 2003) Reforestation of Sungmisan underway (2006)
  33. 33. Demonstration in Winter (Late Jan. 2003) Protest at the entranceResisting forklift entry(Mar. 13) (Mar. 13, 2003) Public hearing(May 2003)
  34. 34. 2nd Sungmisan Protection Campaign(2008~2011) Jan. 2008 2008 2009 2010 2011 Launch of Filing complaints, Passage of Stoppingresidents action resistance, and construction plan Sungmisan Court ruling committee proposals to Seoul at Seoul City disruption City Council
  35. 35. Others• Welfare organizations• Local currency• Disbanded organizations
  36. 36. Welfare Mapo Hope Sharing – Care DureiMapo Hope Sharing• Founded in 2005• Provide side dishes, house chore service, and support for moving• House repair• Provide psychology counseling, mentoring for study to students• Counseling – help those on dole recognize their rights Care Durei • Care system based on community • Education and operation of senior care givers • Senior care durei meeting
  37. 37. Local currency• Trade labor and articles of members with local currency• “First step,” the experimental assembly for local currency : 39 members (as of June 2009) ‘Arum’(Currency unit) – Cyber money• Reuse store : ‘Duru’ being used(Currency unit)• Mapo Durei consumer coop : begin using the currency in Jul. 2009 Sungmisan United Savings Club • Founded in 2005 • For mutual aid and friendship • Town funding : Reuse store, Small Tree • Aim to be a town financial institution • 90 members as of 2011
  38. 38. DisbandedSungmisan Car Hospital Cooperative• Founded in Nov. 2003 with 120 members on investment of KRW110mn• Korea- first body shop cooperative• Disbanded due to loss accumulation in Feb. 2009 Mapo Solidarity for participation and self- governance • Founded in Mar. 2002 with 200 people • School meal ordinance legislation filing, District office audit team, creation of Mapo Hope sharing, Tree-planting, preparation of town festivals, Cycling campaign • Disbanded due to inactivity in Feb. 2009
  39. 39. DisbandedOrganizationPulipsae After-school Nursery• Established in Jan. 1999 – mainly with kids from Flying Nursery• Disbanded in Jan. 2010 Car Durei (Car sharing) • 10 households – began with 2 cars • Cost-sharing : paying annual due of KRw200,000 (Insurance and repair) • Disbanded in Feb. 2010
  40. 40. Keywords of Town Culture Spontaneity (Voluntary nickname deed) Gender (For equality in relationship) equality Co-existence withDiscussion difference Process- culture oriented (One step - decision- Consideration and making back from conflict) Cooperation Parties- concerned Diversity Mentor (no buck- and passing) Support
  41. 41. Town with Sustainbility!