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ANIS 2012 youth enterprise_kishore balaji

  1. 1. Youth Enterprise Fueling Innovation & Entrepreneurship kishore Balaji Guhesh Ramanathan INTEL IIM Bangalore1
  2. 2. Agenda •Define the Issue and Stakeholders - The Scenario •About the program Youth Enterprise •Elements of program – Youth Enterprise •Karnataka Example •The Out comes •The Journey •The Learning2
  3. 3. Youth Enterprise An Ideas development framework that develops ideation and innovation skills of young people3
  4. 4. Youth Enterprise Program Structure Case Study Intel’s Tech Lab Mentoring Get an Validate Develop Test your Pitch Idea your Idea your Idea Idea Intel’s Ideation-Camp Intel’s Entrepreneurship Basics4
  5. 5. The Scenario in Karnataka Citizen Services and Partnerships NGOs VLEs Foundations Funding agencies CSCs & Tele centers Mentors Pref. access, Scale, Growth, Incentives, Academia Large Companies Student5
  6. 6. Youth Enterprise The Karnataka Example Objective : Build capability among local youth to develop real solutions to real problems for the citizens of India. Intel DST Focus areas Partners Local Youth VLEs •Education Academy Mentor Academy NGOs •Healthcare •Agriculture •Employability The Process Idea Idea Camp Develop •P Student on-boarding Test Idea Pitch idea Ideas to Market • Case Study on • 2 days of • Intel Tech Lab •Deep Dive • 11 Ideas & Context State of eGov in extensive – Technology & Mentoring • 2 Winner Karnataka - by session by Technology • 5 mentors – announced CPP IIMB Sputnik 5 selection NSRCEL •6 Shortlisted Focus areas: • Idea Selection session • Biz strategy, for ongoing •Education and Idea funding, IP mentoring •Health Management •Employability • Agriculture process 1 month 5 days 6 months6
  7. 7. Youth Enterprise The Venture Abhyudaya : Mitigating financial risks arising from weather & price variation for less fortunate farmers AgroSTATS: Mitigating financial risks arising from Yield computation errors KVKS: Information service on finance products and programs Rozgar Data: Job exchange and skilling portal for rural workforce Remote: Remote school administration and attendance management PlanMyHealth: Remote diagnostic service to rural Karnataka leveraging Telecetners, through7 VLEs
  8. 8. Youth Enterprise The Karnataka – Journey So far. Aug’12 Review 3 Funding & rollout June’12 Review 3 Customer feedback March’12 Review 1 AgroStat gets Idea Validation Customer nodJan’12 – Intel/DST/ IIMB - aligned Feb’12 Feb’12 5day workshop April’12 50 Students nominate Review 2 Customer connections Feb’12 Jan’12 6 ideas 25 Institutions engaged Feb’12 Picked to mentor eGov Case study published - IIMB- CPP At NSRCEL8 6 months
  9. 9. Learning’s so far • Contexting accelerates Innovation • Ideation and Idea development required skill • Important to engage/onboard Multi Stakeholder engagement . PPP models, accelerate solution development - Technology screening - Prototype screening - Co-creation of solution between stake holder (Govt) and Youth • Real time Idea validation & Mentoring plays a critical role in building deployable solutions and business models •Ventures need deep support and customer connections. •Model is replicable, should you have clear partnerships.9