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  • 1. Innovation for Inclusive Scalable Models Asia NGO Innovation Summit Hotel Conrad – Bangkok 8th – 10th . October 2013 TARA
  • 2. Development Alternatives Group TARA
  • 3. Development Alternatives… • A new kind of not - for - profit corporation that combines social objectives with business like methods and revenue streams • Designs and fosters new relationship between technology -nature and people to attain the goal of Sustainable Development. • Established in 1983 TARA
  • 4. Development Alternatives Group - Mission social equity SL environmental quality economic efficiency The Development Alternatives Group believes that the key to achieve sustainable development is the creation of sustainable livelihoods in large numbers TARA
  • 5. DA Group Mission – Its Meaning Informed and empowered communities SL clean & healthy environment dignified & viable income generation opportunities Sustainable livelihoods implies…... informed and empowered communities ……with access to dignified and viable income generation opportunities ……and a clean and healthy environment TARA
  • 6. Clean & Green Environment Empowered Communities Clean Technology Low Carbon Pathways Institution development Accessing entitlements Basic needs TARA Ecosystem Services Multi-stakeholder action at place and in space NRM Triple bottom line impacts on people and trees Social Enterprise Models Target Outcomes in space& time Enterprise development Target Outcomes in space& time Income Generation Skill Development for Green Jobs Target Outcomes in space& time Employment
  • 7. DA Group R&D (Innovation) Scaling up and Commercialization Program Development and Innovation Development Alternatives Group Development Alternatives (Innovation) TARAhaat Information and Marketing Services Ltd. Habitat, Energy, Water, NRM, Livelihoods, Adult Literacy TARA (Incubation) TARALIfe Sustainable Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Habitat Products & Services TARA Machines & Tech Services Pvt. Ltd. Energy services Water Testing & Purification Handloom textiles TARA TARA Paper recycling
  • 8. TARA - Incubation Engine of DA Group Development Alternatives Influence Investor/Donor Incubation Eco-system Aggregators Innovation Capacity Building Management Services Sustainable Business Development Enterprises Entrepreneurs Local Communities Implementation Impact at scale TARA
  • 9. TARA – the “Incubation” engine Our Goal “Build capacity, develop business models and manage processes to create economic, social and environmental value on a large scale.” Business Domains Sustainable Business Solutions Community Development Solutions Capacity Building Solutions TARA
  • 10. The Models focus on People and Nature …eradicate poverty, regenerate the environment, bring meaning and dignity into work Create impact at scale TARA
  • 11. 3 Examples Literacy to Self Reliance – an ICT Based Model for Women Empowerment Aqua + a Business Model for Safe Drinking Water TARAgram – an Aggregation Model TARA
  • 12. ICT based Model for Women Empowerment TARA Literacy to Self-Reliance
  • 13. THE CONCEPT Women made literate Life Skills Vocational Skills Enterprise Dev. Trained on Enterprise Dev. Trained on life & vocational skills Market Linkages Employment Facilitation Enterprise Setup Facilitation FACILITATION AND SUPPORT Literacy Self-Reliant, Empowered and Income Generating Community TARA
  • 14. TARA Akshar+ Functional Literacy and Numeracy A minimally trained instructor + a laptop + a highly intelligent software Teaches an illiterate person: • to read and write in Hindi • do basic arithmetic In just 2 hours a day for 56 days 65,000+ women made literate so far!! TARA
  • 15. TA+: Break-through Technology Uses Advanced Cognitive Innovations: • Strong learning and reinforcement aids • Latest memory enhancing techniques • Effective methods to maximize retention TARA
  • 16. Results – 8 States in India (2007 to 2012) States Covered: Bihar, Jharkhand, M.P, U.P, Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttarakhand Learners Started - 61,492 Learners Dropped Out - 871 Appeared For Exam - 60, 501 Learners Failed Exam - 718 Learners Passed Exam - 59,903 Pass Percentage - 97% Currently, 20,000 women being made literate across UP, India TARA
  • 17. TA+ Recognitions & Certifications Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances National Literacy Mission Ministry of Tribal Affairs Wall Street Journal TARA
  • 18. TARA
  • 19. TARA
  • 20. TARA
  • 21. Business Model – Aqua+ Two Drops of Magic TARA
  • 22. Business Model – Aqua+ Water Facts Globally water borne diseases kill more young children than AIDS, malaria and measles combined! [] Each year, in India, over 5,00,000 deaths are attributed to diarrhea alone. Annually, safer water can prevent: • 1.4 million child deaths from diarrhea • 860 000 child deaths from malnutrition • 500 000 deaths from malaria [World Health Organization] TARA The same as EIGHT 200-Person Jumbo Jets crashing to ground EACH DAY !! []
  • 23. Marketing Plan for 2011 ~ 12 Aqua+ Product Description The product has the following features: • Brand name : Aqua+ • 50ml Sodium Hypochlorite solution (liquid chlorine) • Can treat 500 litres of water • Shelf life of 6 months from date of manufacturing • Clear instructions in English and Hindi • MRP of product is Rs. 30 The product is very easy to use: • Add ½ cap in 20 litres of water or 2 drops per litre • Wait for 30 mins • Now water is safe to drink TARA
  • 24. Go-to-market Strategy Distribution Channels: 1. Social Enterprises − Capitalize on established trust for entry level acquisition − Stock Aqua+ at local shops, chemists etc. 2. Govt. channels − − ASHA workers Anganwadi workers Trust is the key to establish reliability TARA
  • 25. Marketing Plan for 2011 ~ 12 Sustainability For the consumer: • Affordable • Easy to use • Readily available • Aspirational TARA For channel partner: • Social impact • Profitable (40% margin) • Risk-free • Tap into existing delivery network
  • 26. Marketing Plan for 2011 ~ 12 Aqua+ Strategy for Growth Delivery Channel for Aqua+ Direct Sales TARA Channel Partner Retail Sales Consumer Social Marketing for Aqua+ Events / Demos D2D Campaign Channel Partner Wall Paintings 100,000 bottles sold as pilot and established product acceptability 1,000,000 bottles to be sold in next one year TARA TARA
  • 27. Aggregation Model TARA
  • 28. Functions of a Meso-level “Market Maker” for BoP TARA
  • 29. TARA
  • 30. •Use waste materials like denim, hosiery, fiber wastes, Tetrapak etc. to produce paper 23/10/2013 •Create livelihood security by International Conference on to the BoPand Green Industrial Parks” Ethically sourced value market access “Green Enterprises by promoting TARA
  • 31. ……...... And Beyond TARA
  • 32. ……….…….And Beyond ……...... And Beyond TARA
  • 33. As an Aggregator Product development – Standardized, decentralized Product development for each material in chain – Raw material aggregation Modernize old skills and techniques Capacity building – Skills and Techniques Relieve stress points in value chain TARA
  • 34. Eco-system of Recycling Enterprise Development Ecosystem of Recycling Enterprise Development • Innovation • Dissemination • Capacity building • Resource center for process, market • Ready platform Innovation-Dissemination-Capacity Building-Resource Center-Platform 23/10/2013 TARA
  • 35. TARA Paper Unit at TARAgram Campus, Bundelkhand, Central India TARA
  • 36. Future Outlook for scale Networking with large institutional networks and agencies Vocational Training and innovative technologies Intervention in different value chain Fibre and Spices Strategic Market tie-ups and replication of concept TARAgram stores TARA Social Entrepreneurs and more
  • 37. Challenges • Dynamic, ever-changing markets • Communication of Innovative Products • Modernizing ancient practices • Investments for the aggregation support system • Comtemprorzinging traditional skills • Dependency on middle men • Use of simple tools and technologies TARA
  • 38. Thank You!! TARA