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Fanboom pro edition is the Facebook marketing solution which enables business owners and marketers to create customised Facebook pages which attract more fans, drive more engagement and generate more sales than ever before
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Fanboom Pro Edition

  1. 1. The Honest FanBoom Review – Should Buy it Fanboom Pro Edition - Massive your list in under 24h FanBoom Review - The Overview Creator: Ricky Mataka& Michael Young Product: FanBoom! Niche: Software, Internet Marketing, Social Media Launch Date: 2013-06-10 at 13:00 EDT Price: $12 – 17$ Bonus Page: Yes – Clicking here to receive huge bonus worth over $1200 Special Offer: Yes – Clicking here to get it with over 70% Discount OFF now Website: Click here for more information! Click here to download FanBoom Plugin now Hi my friend! My name’s Tran Ngoc Tuoi, today I going to tell you a really serious honest review about FanBoom Software. What is it ? And what could it do for you? Is it working for you? FanBoom Plugin Review – Why should you need it? So What is FanBoom? Is it just another traffic tracking plugin? Answer is YES but this beauty comes with a twist are you tired of not knowing exactly what your visitors are doing on your site I mean visually knowing not just a page full of stats and numbers? Every month as Webmasters we ask ourselves what we can do to get more traffic and success with our SEO efforts. Because things seem to change so much in SEO we are forced to constantly change, innovate, and adapt. You could make an argument that this is what makes SEO so enjoyable. It’s challenging and
  2. 2. new challenges are always arising. Over the past year there have been almost countless updates to Google’s algorithm, countless changes to search results across several major search engines, and talk of even more countless changes and updates looming around every corner. So join me if you will, on a simple/common sense high-level overview of what to do and what not to do in your SEO efforts throughout this year 2013. FanBoom’s powerful page builder brings limitless options to your Facebook page design. Powered by the powerful Builder theme from our fanpage builder is second to none. FanBoom Review – About the author? FanBoom Plugin is the latest amazing product from Ricky Mataka. As you can see, almost previous product launching is very useful, such as: Ninja Optin: Ninja Optin is a set of advanced lead generation techniques only used by advanced ninja marketers. These scripts are responsible for boosting or option rates, webinar attendee rates and segementing our most valuable leads without any interference of our lead funnels and sales procceses. WP Social Tapper: WP Social Tapper, makes it simple to turn and WordPress Post into Viral Lead Magnet as all the user needs to do is activate it on any wordpress post and immediately has a Like Gate Lead Extracting Cash Cow that delivers the post content to the end user with ease and slick options. We are even offering done 4 you hosting with SSL installation to take the tech crunch out of your customers hands! WP Social Zon: In a nutshell the plugin creates MINI Amazon Review. Posts, that are highly optimized for Maximum CTRs (tested). All your do is enter a Amazon Product URL and the plugin does the rest automatically! Quake Mix: Quakemix is a YouTube Ninja software. That will Rank Videos inside and out of Youtube in light speed! Contest Domination 2.0: Contest Domination is the leader with killer graphics, interface, functionality & tracking. ViberSpy: It is anWordPress plugin created to allow you to spy on your visitors in order to view their movements on your website which you can use to massively increase your conversions on site. This allows you to see exactly what’s stopping your visitors from buying. FanBoom Plugin Review – How to use it? FanBoom enables business owners and marketers to create customised Facebook pages which attract more fans, drive more engagement and lead to more sales than ever before. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or multinational, start-up business or established brand, FanBoom’s powerful platform will allow you to create a customised Facebook presence which will truly wow prospective customers and make you stand out head and shoulders above your competition.
  3. 3. What features FanBoom contains? FanBoom is the premium Facebook marketing solution which enables business owners and marketers to create customised Facebook pages which attract more fans, drive more engagement and generate more sales than ever before. From branding to lead capture, contests to f-commerce, FanBoom is jam packed with powerful features and provides full design control so you’re not left with a template based fan page looking like 1,000′s others. Each FanBoom page is built up from a number of elements which are explained below: POWERFUL PAGE BUILDER POWERFUL STYLE EDITOR SLIDESHOWS SLIDESETS ACCORDIONS GOOGLE MAPS GOOGLE FONTS TWITTER INTEGRATION YOUTUBE INTEGRATION MULTI-USER ACCOUNTS EASY FAN-GATES LEAD MAGNET BUTTON GENERATOR COUNTDOWN TIMERS BLOG ON FACEBOOK COMPETITION MANAGER FACEBOOK STORE BUILDER LANDING PAGES SUPER FORMS FUNDRAISING REBRANDABLE FANATICAL SUPPORT MOBILE INTEGRATION Click here to see Full Features of FanBoom Who is FanBoom for? FanBoom is for Everyone.
  4. 4. It is the best choice for Online Marketers, Offline Marketers, Product Owners, Services, Affiliate Marketers, etc… Price of Product? The FanBoom cost you $12 – $27, the different is between Lite Version and Pro Version, it all depends on your needs. I think this is really an affordable price for an awesome product that could help you do many boring jobs and save tons of time. Click here to see Fanboom Pro Edition in action What are benefits from WP FanBoom? I’ve been given access to a review copy from Marius and I am currently testing the plugin as we speak. So far it’s been absolutely awesome, the features are fantastic and really zero in on what your visitors are doing on your website. It so amazing!!! OK, so I’ve been using this plugin now for a few days. I find it’s an excellent plugin if you are looking to boost your conversions and click-throughs on your Facebook. FanBoom is the first and only Facebook page builder to truly bring you limitless possibilities to design and create unique layouts for your business.
  5. 5. THE ONLY WORDS I CAN SAY ABOUT FANBOOM IS AWESOME PLUGIN!!! Conclusion To sum up, “easier”, “quicker” and “effective” are words used to say about the FanBoom. With the FanBoom, your business works on your site will be more successful. As the results, you can save more time to carry out other works, drinking a cup of cafe with your friends, reading a book or visiting a nice place… Moreover, your site will turn to Professional Website. Making money today is not as easy as you might think. Think of your job idea as a hobby and soon enough clients will start coming in and you will be making a lot of money. And FanBoom is the new choice for you to make imcomes for your life via your WordPress Professional Site!
  6. 6. REMEBER THAT TRAFFIC = SALES Time for Your turn Finally, it’s your turn, make the decision and get success through online business. If you find out this review do not enough for you, click here to get more info about FanBoom and its benefits. The most important thing of all, WP FanBoom Plugin has 100% money back guarantees in case you are not satisfied with this plugin . Please check out my huge bonus package worth over $1200 as well to receive the addition value if you would like to take this plugin. Be quick, this offer can be stopped at any time. It’s only for first 10 persons who make very quick and exact decision