Test Centre case studies - Cathal McGloin (FeedHenry)


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NGN Test Centre launch 10th March 2010. First centre in Ireland with a Carrier Grade IMS Test Network.

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Test Centre case studies - Cathal McGloin (FeedHenry)

  1. 1. NGN Test center launch! March 2010! FeedHenry Ltd. ArcLabs Innovation Centre Carriganore, Waterford Ireland Web www.FeedHenry.com 1
  2. 2. What do we do ?! •  Enable people to develop business and telecoms Apps that will run natively on all smartphones, social media networks and start-pages" •  Cross platform Apps that can be developed using web technologies – no need to learn ObjectiveC and Java and Linux and …….." •  Cloud-based solution that requires no new investment in hardware or software and will integrate with back-end systems via web services" •  Last-mile of the Service Delivery Platform – build telecoms Apps and IMS services easily and quickly" 2
  3. 3. FeedHenry Proposition! 3
  4. 4. eircom Communicator - example! Develop & Deploy environment Device/Social App FeedHenry Cloud FeedHenry API Platform REST API Analytics Execution Caching Storage Web Services eircom Secure Infrastructure WCF API Alcatel Lucent HTTP IMS Core HTTP over VPN 4
  5. 5. eircom Communicator ! 5
  6. 6. eircom Communicator ! 6
  7. 7. eircom Communicator ! 7
  8. 8. Benefits! •  Rapid  Development  using  FeedHenry  SDK  and  Alcatel-­‐Lucent  WCF  API   •  IMS  Client  built  in  4  weeks  by  web  developer  with  no  previous  IMS   experience   •  Client  can  be  used  as  an  app  on  smartphones,  and  as  a  social  app  on   Facebook,  MySpace,  etc.   •  FeedHenry  –  eircom  VPN  enables  secure  integraLon   •  FeedHenry  Cloud  provides  service  lifecycle  management:  develop,   provision,  manage  and  reLre   •  FeedHenry  plaOorm  enables  third  party  developer  access  to  core   network  services  via  controlled  gateways  such  as  the  Alcatel-­‐Lucent   WCF  API     8
  9. 9. Rich Media Apps! •  AskMoby App developed on FeedHenry Platform for O2 startpage •  Also available on iPhone, Eircom website & Vodafone 360 Apps store •  Highly Interactive– drag the slider to see what the weather will be like where you are at any time in the next 48 hours. •  Share App to the Social Web. •  Web services interface to backend weather database – data resilience through caching 9
  10. 10. How we can help! -IT Departments, Consultants, 3rd party Developers New cross platform New local content Extend existing products business apps into mobile and social Adheres to W3C and Cross platform content No upfront investment other standards for app stores in tools or infrastructure No new tools or End-to-end solutions Outsource resilience, development/test for corporate scalability and Infrastructure needed customers performance 3rd party access to Automatic distribution Deliver into the new network services & channels quickly into app stores apps 10
  11. 11. For further information please contact:" Cathal McGloin" "+1.339.221.0809 cmcgloin@feedhenry.com
 Barry Downes " "+353.51.302932 bdownes@feedhenry.com" THANK YOU! 11