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De thi 04


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  • 1. Taøi lieäu naøy ñöôïc cung caáp taïi Forum Cao Hoïc Kinh Teá : ÑEÀ THI TIEÁNG ANH ( 4 )----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PAPER ONE : READING SECTION A : Question 1-20-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Choose one "word or phrase in the box below to complete each of the followlngsentences. Each word/phrase is used once only . Writer your answers m thecolumn on the right. Sentence has been donefor you as an exanple.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I wanted to see fill out put off write outam not used to proud of interested in went onillteresting in depends on middle-aged howeverwhenever Next month By next year come lateI dont too How far to make didnt useNeither can How long coin come onin making Hang on Half-way changeAs soon as up-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0. But we are learning now to look after water-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------01. Hang on ! I’ll just go and havc a look.02. Before. beginning classe, each student must fill out . many foms.03. They were forced to put off . the last order.04. It’s up side down. It isnt the right way up.05. He never makes a great effort but always depends on other students.06. She was pound of finishing the work in such a short time.07 . The police are interested in knowing more about that man.08 . I tried to interrupt the two men , but they went go arguing anyway.09. By next year he will have studied English for four years?10. If she hadn’ t used the spices, her food wouldnt have tasted so good.11. I cant remember his name. “ neither can I ”1 2. How long had they been fighting for the forest fire? For nearly three weeks?13. It was a great success. He succeeded in marking everyone laugh.1 4 . When will he begin to teach? as soon as ……… hes finished his training15. Do a good deed when ever you can.1 6 . The man I wanted to see was away on holiday .17. I am not use to . the thought of working without him18. Half way across tlle restaurant I spotted my father eating pie chips and peas.19. Most of our customers are middle-aged people and elderly people.20. Do you have a change for a dollar. I would like to make a telephone. .-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 2. Taøi lieäu naøy ñöôïc cung caáp taïi Forum Cao Hoïc Kinh Teá : SECTION B : Questions 21-40 There are four reading passages. Read each passage carefully and answrer briefly the questions that follow-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pasage 1 : Roulines save time and energy because you do them wilhout thinking. Thatswhy they are so important in the morning when your brain isnt very active. Routinesare very userul, but they also make you uncreative. So sometimes its a good idea tobreak your routines. Get out of bed on the opposite side. Listen to a difrerent radiostation. Take a dirrerent route to work. Eat something dirrerent for breakfust.Change your routine. You never know, it could change your life.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------21 . What is good about routines ? They save time and energy22. Your brain isnt very active in the morning, is it ? No23. What is notsood about routines? They make you uncreative24. What is the phrase used to give advice in the passage?It is a good idead to break your routines25. What does "it" (töø in ñaäm trong baøi) refer to?Change the routine / your changed routine-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Passage 2 : CARE was organized in 1945 to help people aner World War II. lt distnbutedover 100 milhon food packages. Meanwhlle it was starting self-help program. Todaydevelopment programs in 37 countries. CARE gives equipment and teaches people how to build water systems.roads. schools, houses, and health centers. lt also teaches people how to increaseproduction on their farms. how to rerorest areas and how to start small villageindustries. Doctors and nurses volunteer to go to villages. They provide health care forthe people. they also teach people how to improve their health. They train people toprovide simple medical care.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------26. What was the original purpose or CARE ? To help people after world war II27. ln how many countries has CARE provided help ? In 37 countries28. Helping people to help themselves is one principle of CARE, isnt it ? Yes29. What does CARE do in villages where there are no industnes?They teach them how on their and haw to start small village industry30. As far as health care is concerned, how many activities are carned out by CARE?There are three activities carried out by CARE such as : provide health carefor the people . teach people how to improve their health and train people toprovide simple medical care
  • 3. Taøi lieäu naøy ñöôïc cung caáp taïi Forum Cao Hoïc Kinh Teá : http://caohockinhte.infoPassage 3 : Some people, however, are afraid to show the kind of person they really are.They try to hide themselves real personality so we never know how tlley really feelabout us. We are not sure how we really feel about them, either. When we get lo know people, there are certain tllings tllat we usually tellthem. Our name, address, telephone number, music, and leisure preferences, forexample. But there are things that we do not tell them. As people spend more timetogether, they begin to show more of themselves. In this way a friendship growsstronger - as long as we like the things we hear, that is.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------31 . What are some people afraid ?They are afraid of showing the kind of person they really are32. What do lhey try to hide ?They try to hide their real personality33. When we get to know people, do we tell them something related to realpersonality or something not related to real personality?We tell them something nat related to real personality34. How can we know more about others ?By spending more time together35. lt doesnt take time to get to know more about other people, does it ? Yes-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Passage 4 : I agree that zoos are out-of-date and cruel institutions and that they should beclosed down. When the first zoos were opened, lheir maæn purpose was educational. Theygave people a unique opportunity to see wildlife. Nowadays, with television andmodern photographic techniques, this educational role is no longer important. Peoplecan learn about wild animals from natural history programs on television andmagazines. They do not need to visit zoos. So zoos have no place in modern-daysociety.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------36. What was lhe main purpose of zoos when they were first opened?The main purpose was for education37. What does the word "They" (töø in ñaäm trong baì) refer to ? To the first zoos38. Why isnt this educ8tional role important at present?Because people can learn about wild animals from natural history programs ontelevision and magazines39. According to the passage, do we need to spare room for zoos in modern-daysociety ? No, We needn’ t40. Which side is the writer on (for or against lhe presence of zoos)?The writer is against the presence of zoos-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 4. Taøi lieäu naøy ñöôïc cung caáp taïi Forum Cao Hoïc Kinh Teá : SECTION C : Quetion 41 - 50 Fill each of the gaps in the passage below with only one suitable word.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I gtarted off as a conductor but became a bus driver because the conduclors aregradually being phased out. If you join as a driver you llave to undergo a strictmedical to make sure (41) you re complet.ely flt, and you must have clean drivinglicence (42) you go to the training school for rour weeks to lean how (43) to controla bus; the skid patches aie the worst There are regular progress checks and at theend (44) of it all, you take the test. I was lucky, 1 passed first test (45) . “I usually drive for about seven hours a day (46) witll break in between" Mybasic pay is 120 a week but yoll get unsociable pay depending on your shirts. I alsoget free tube and bus travel. Some men drivers think because (47) you are young and new they can cutyou up and tease you but (48) generally I get on well with them. Its much easier todrive a bus than (49) a car. You’re much highter up so you can see the traffic jamsmiles ahead and people and cars move out (50) or your way----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PAPER two: WRITING - SECTION A: Questions 51-60-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Make all changes and additions necessary to produce sentences from thefollowing sets of words and phrases Example: I/ hope/ you/ reply/ my letter/ before now. Answer: I was hoping you should have replied to my letter before now-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------51. Last Saturday/ Sally/ go/ shopping / centre/ town.Last Saturday Sally went shopping in the centre the town.52. She/ want/ buy/ some new/ clothes/ wear/ her birthday.She wanted to buy some new clothes to wear on her birthday.53. She/ enter/ big shop/ where/ many/ customer/ come in/ and/ go out.She entered a big shop where many customers were coming in and going out.54. She/ stop/ one counter/ which/ sell/ different/ kind/ skirt.She stopped at one counter which sold different kind of skirt (s)55. Much/ her time/ spend/ try on / skirt.Much of her time was spend trying on ( the ) skirts.56. The first one/ fit / her / perfectly/ but/ she/ not like/ colour.The first one fitted her perfectly but she didn’ t like its colour.57. Although / second skirt/ have / very nice/ pattern / it / be/ too big / herAlthough the second skirt had a very nice pattern it was too big for her58. She / not satisfied/ the third skirt / because/ it/ be/ too short.She wasn’ t satisfied with the third skirt because it was too short.59. She/ keep/ try on/ until/ she/ find/ one/ she/ like.
  • 5. Taøi lieäu naøy ñöôïc cung caáp taïi Forum Cao Hoïc Kinh Teá : http://caohockinhte.infoShe kept trying on until she found the one she liked.60. This skirt/ cost/ her/ as/ much/ $ 80.This skirt cost her as much as $ 80.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SECTION B : Questions 61-70 Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as the sentence printed before it.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Example: They serviced my car last week.Answer: I had my car serviced last week (by them)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------61 . I forgot to bring my wallet with me. I didnt remember to bring my wallet with me62. Could you get me some water, please ? Id like you to me get some water63. There isnt enough sugar in the cofree. The coffee doesn’ t have enough sugar ( lacks sugar )64. They will arrive soon; Ill make some tea then. When they arrive , I’ ll make some tea65. A mechanic is repairing my motorbike at the moment. I ‘ am having a mechanic repair my motorbike66. Its a good idea to leave now. You’d better leave now67. You’ll be ill ifyou continue to smoke . Unless you stop smoking , you’ ll be ill68. Originally, tenms was an indoor game. Tennis used to be an in door game.69. The storm blew a lot of trees down last night. A lot of trees were blown down by the torm last night.70: He is not strong enough to ño that job He is too weak to do that job----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SECTION C: Questions 71-80-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Translate the following sentences into Vietnamese (if the given sentences are inEnglish) or English (if the given sentences are in Vietnamese).-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------71 . Most problems of the environment come from populat ion growth. More peopleneed more water, more food, more wood, and petroleum.Haàu heát nhöõng vaán ñeà veà moâi tröôøng laø do söï gia taêng daân soá. Ngaøy caøng nhieàuthì caàn nhieàu nöôùc,nhieàu thöùc aên,nhieàu goã vaø nhieân lieäu hôn .
  • 6. Taøi lieäu naøy ñöôïc cung caáp taïi Forum Cao Hoïc Kinh Teá : http://caohockinhte.info72. We receive 80 % of our information about the world around us through our eyes.We also send signals to other people with our eyes.Chuùng ta chæ nhaän ñöôïc 80 % thoâng tin veà theá giôùi xung quanh chuùng ta thoângqua ñoâi maét vaø chuùng ta cuõng gôûi nhöõng tín hieäu ñeán ngöôøi khaùc qua ñoâi maét cuûamình73. Last night the police found Alfreds dead body on the ground floor in his home.He appeared to have been murdered.Toái hoâm qua caûnh saùt ñaõ phaùt hieän ñöôïc thi theå cuûa Alfred taïi taàng treät nhaø anhaáy, döôøng nhö anh ta bò möu saùt.74. The early years or the nineteenth century saw English villagers crossing oceansand many others drifting into the industries districts at home.Nhöõng naêm ñaàu cuûa theá kyû ñaõ chöùng kieán nhöõng ngöôûi noâng daân Anh quoác vöôïtñaïi döông vaø bao nhieâu ngöôøi khaùc laïi troâi daït veà khu coâng nghieäp trong nöôùc.75. We spent our first day in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, and took a sightseeingtour around this fascinating city.Chuùng ta ñaõ daønh nhöõng ngaøy ñaàu tieân ô Kathmandu , thuû ñoâ cuûa Neâ pal vaø ñitham quan daïo quanh thaønh phoá haáp daãn naøy76)-Toâi chaúng bieát noùi gì veà thaønh phoá aáy vì toâi chöa ñeán ñoù bao giôøI don’ t know what to say about that city because I’ ve never been there77. Phaàn ña ngöôøi daân Væeät nam deàu thích uoáng traø. Trong caùc loaïi cheø maïn, cheøThaùi nguyeân ñöôïc öa chuoäng nhaát.Amajority of the Vietnamese like drinking tea . All kinds of tea Thainguyen teais the most favoured78)-Toâi ñang baên khoaên khoâng bieát coù neân noäp ñôn xin hoïc boång ñi hoïc ôû nöôùc ngoaøihay thoâiI’m wondering whether or not to apply a scholarship to study abroad in aforeign countries .79. Baûy ngaøy nghæ cuûa chuùng toâi taïi Vònh Haï long thaät tuyeät vôøi. Caûnh quan ngoaïnmuïc vaø con ngöôøi thaät deã gaàn.Our seven days in Halong Bay were wonduful .The scenery was beautiful( miraculons ) and the people are friendly80. Haøng ngaøy toâi daïy raát sôùm vaø taäp theå duïc ñeàu daën. Toâi bieát ñieàu ñoù raát coù lôïi chosöùc khoeû cuûa mình.Every day I get up very early and do morning exercises regularly I think that itis good for my health.