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Week 6 Week 6 Presentation Transcript

  • Welcome to Pre-Algebra Honors Monday: Week 6 Please write your homework down in your agenda book for the week. Please have your journals out and be ready for next investigation. Intro to Investigation 3: Analyzing Graphs and Tables 3.1 Renting Bikes Homework: Follow up 3.1
  • Investigation 3: Analyzing Graphs and Tables Using tables, graphs, and words to represent relationships is an important part of algebra.
  • ∗ Coming up with the idea for Ocean and History Bike Tours was only the first step for the five friends in starting their business. They have other important plans to make as well. Many of these plans involve questions about money. What will it cost to operate the tours? How much should customers be charged? What profit will be left when all the bills are paid?
  • Think about this? e ovid pr to have er ill rs w item p o erat each op tour cost of s the e the ng e thi stimat th st of mers. E li e ke a custo Ma e i r uld b o rs w r t h e r. e fo m stom ur? o u cust ink c ay to th you e five-d o ch d for th u le ssib w m o p ay o Ho g t nd p n sa willi cost rofile? f es o rn a p t tima ers ea es our partn y d on ill the B a se e , w m inco
  • 3.1 Renting Bicycles The tour operators decided to rent bicycles for their customers rather than having customers bring their own bikes. They called two bike shops and asked for estimates of rental fees.
  • Rocky’s Cycle Center # of bikes Rental fee ($$) 5 400 10 535 15 655 20 770 25 875 30 975 35 1070 40 1140 45 1180 50 1200 Adrian’s Bike Shop
  • Problem 3.1 A. Which bike shop should Ocean and History Bike Tours use? Explain your choice. B. Explain how you used the information in the table and the graph to make your decision.
  • Warm-up: Tuesday Use the information from yesterdays investigation 3.1 to answer the following questions: 1.What are the two variables? 2.Was it difficult to compare the prices of the two companies? Why or why not? 3.On her way from home to the grocery store, a 6 mile trip, Jessica stopped at a gas station to buy gas. After filling her tank, she continued to the grocery store. She then returned home after shopping. Sketch a graph to show the distance Jessica traveled compared to time.
  • Welcome to Pre-Algebra Honors Tuesday 1. Please have your homework on your desk and complete the warm up. 2. Discuss Follow up 3.1 3. Intro 3.2 • Finding customers 1. Homework • Finish problem 3.2
  • 3.2 Finding Customers Sidney, Liz, Celia, Malcolm, and Theo had a route planned and a bike shop chosen. Now they needed customers. They had to figure out what price to charge so they could attract customers and make a profit. To help set a price, the partners did some market research. They obtained a list of people who had taken other bicycle tours and asked 100 of them which of the following amounts they would be willing to pay for the Ocean and History Bike Tour: $150, $200, $250, $300, $350, $400, $450, $500, $550, $600.
  • Problem 3.2 Complete A and B on your own. With a partner complete C
  • Welcome to Pre-Algebra Honors Wednesday 1. Please have your homework out and be ready to discuss Problem 3.2 2. In groups complete follow up 3.2 3. Discuss follow up 3.2 4. Please have your spiral notebooks out an be ready to take notes: • Profit (6.6) 5. Homework: Core Workbook p.
  • Warm-up: Thursday
  • Preto ome elc W ors Hon sday r Thu ebra Alg 1. Please have your homework on your desk and get started on your warm up. 2. Correct last nights homework with a red pen. 3. Intro 3.3 • Predicting Profit 4. Tonight’s Homework • Problem 3.3 follow up
  • 3.3 Predicting Profit Based on the results of their survey, the tour operators decided to charge $350 per person for the tour. Of course, not all of this money would be profit. To estimate their profit, they had to consider the expenses involved in running the tour. Sidney estimated these expenses and calculated the expected profit for various numbers of customers. She made a graph to present her predictions to her partners. Since the profit depends on the number of tour customers, she put the number of customers on the x- axis.
  • Partner Time • With a partner complete Problems 3.3 in your journal.
  • Warm-up: Friday
  • Welcome to PreAlgebra honors Friday 1. 2. 3. Please have your homework on your desk and complete the warm up As a class discuss 3.3 follow up Please get out your spiral notebooks and be ready for notes  1. slope Tonight’s Assignment  Core Workbook p.