The RAF Regions project and beyond
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The RAF Regions project and beyond



Presentation of the FP7 project RAF Regions- Bringing the benefits of research to food SMEs of the regions of Central Macedonia, Puglia and Pazardjik

Presentation of the FP7 project RAF Regions- Bringing the benefits of research to food SMEs of the regions of Central Macedonia, Puglia and Pazardjik



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The RAF Regions project and beyond The RAF Regions project and beyond Presentation Transcript

  • RAF RegionsThe RAF Regions project and beyond Nikos GIANNOULIDIS, Project CoordinatorThessaloniki, 5th March 2010 1
  • RAF RegionsRAF Regions- Objective and Geographical ScopeObjective: to increase the overall capacity of the Regions of Central Macedonia (Greece), Puglia (Italy) and Pazardjik (Bulgaria) in enhancing science and technology based economic development, focusing on the AgroFood Sector Thessaloniki, 5th March 2010 2
  • RAF Regions RAF Regions- Identifying the Problem The AgroFood industry is a major manufacturing sector for the Regions of Central Macedonia (Greece), Puglia (Italy) and the district of Pazardjik (Bulgaria), and local economies depend heavily on this for their development and prosperity However, the AgroFood sector is slow in the adoption of new and innovative technologies and the introduction of suitable research results in their processes Global competition; new food trends; demand for innovative food products and processes Need to facilitate the synthesis of the key players from AgroFood Research and Industry in the Regions and accelerate decision makingThessaloniki, 5th March 2010 3
  • RAF Regions RAF Regions- Bringing the Benefits of Research to AgroFood SMEs To support the development and operation of innovative “Research- driven Clusters” in the AgroFood sector To promote synergies between regional and research policies To enable the Regions to attract more and better RTD investments To foster RTD cooperation in the AgroFood sector To assist the AgroFood sector SMEs to adopt new technologies To mentor and exchange best practices between the partners To cooperate with relevant projects and initiatives developed in other European RegionsThessaloniki, 5th March 2010 4
  • RAF Regions RAF Regions- Consortium Greece Italy Bulgaria Euroconsultants SA Technology Euroconsultants INNOVA S.p.A. Bulgaria ASD Consultants S.A. Agenzia Regionale per la Regional Region of Central Tecnologia e District of Pazardjik Authorities Macedonia l’Innovazione- Regione Puglia Federation of Distretto The Bulgarian SME Industries of Northern Agroalimentare Association of Food Associations Greece Regionale Scrl and Drink Industry Institute of Institute of Sciences of Research Agrobiotechnology, Food Production, Agricultural Entities Centre for Research & National Research University of Plovdiv Technology Hellas Council FP7- Capacities- REGIONS-2007-1, Feb 2008 to July 2010Thessaloniki, 5th March 2010 5
  • RAF Regions RAF Regions- Activities and Results Development of 3 ~130 RTD entities ~50 Food SMEs AgroFood profiled- audited- technology “Research-driven RTD capacities needs identified Clusters” identified Identification of key stakeholders (Agrofood RTD Actors, Food SMEs, local and regional authorities) Transfer and take-up of knowledge for the AgroFood Industry Matching of technology demand and offer Facilitation of ClusteringThessaloniki, 5th March 2010 6
  • RAF Regions RAF Regions- Activities and Results Identification and critical SWOT Analysis in the 3 Regions assessment of existing regional and with regards to Food RTD capacity national RTD policies and and assimilation- measures for the Food Sector Strategic Orientation Rounds Policy Insights for the Action PlanThessaloniki, 5th March 2010 7
  • RAF Regions RAF Regions- Activities and Results Training trips for3 workshops for SMEs Development of common exchange and RTD entities proposals under FP7, of best practices: (approx. SEE Programme, C. Macedonia, Nov ’09 100 participants) MED, etc. (approx. 25 participants) Oct- Nov ‘09 (approx. 10 proposals) Puglia, May ’10 Exploitation of synergies, mutual learning and networking for AgroFood SMEs and RTD entities Thessaloniki, 5th March 2010 8
  • RAF Regions RAF Regions- Activities and Results Joint Action Plan for Agrofood RTD development. Methodology developed, main lines drafted. Pending finalisation of measures to be included in the Action Plan Facilitation of efficient programming of EU funding (Structural Funds, FP7, CIP, Territorial Cooperation Programmes)Thessaloniki, 5th March 2010 9
  • RAF Regions RAF Regions- Activities and Results, Food Cluster Initiative“Mind your Food!” Database of approx. activities (Brussels, Conference, 200 food entities, Mersin, Wageningen) Thessaloniki, regional infodays, Open Days 2008 5- 6 Mar ‘10 brochures, etc. ETP Food for Life Promotion of international Food RTD cooperation, clustering and policy formulationThessaloniki, 5th March 2010 10
  • RAF Regions Beyond RAF Regions• Political agreement on Green Paper that will provide suggestions for Food RTD development efforts at a regional and national level for the next decade• Continuation of food RTD cooperation at regional and trans- regional level- FP7• Integration of more countries and partners in food clustering efforts- seeking funding from FP7 or Territorial Cooperation Programmes (EoI at South- East Europe Programme Dec ‘09)• Continue participation in the Food Cluster Initiative- What is Next?Thessaloniki, 5th March 2010 11
  • RAF Regions www.rafregions.euThessaloniki, 5th March 2010 12
  • RAF Regions Thank you ! Mr. Nikos GIANNOULIDIS Tel. +30 2310, 5th March 2010 13