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Slides from the Workshop delivered at SharePoint For Internal Communication in NYC on may 13th. It's just a personal vision of what is the real value of the Social with Yammer and what we are proposing at Negotium Technologies to prepare your systems using the Graph efficiently.

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Social KM workshop

  2. 2. Nicolas Georgeault SharePoint Senior Architect @Negotium Montreal 20 years of experience in IT 13 with SharePoint 5 as a SharePoint MVP Co-author of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 et 2013 French books • Email/Yammer: • Twitter: @Ngeorgeault • Blog: / Event Hashtag: #SPNYC
  3. 3. Negotium Technologies •Negotium provide software applications and IT services that focus on improving business processes, connectivity, collaboration, and infrastructure and business model evolution. • Founded in 1992 • Headquartered in Montreal, QC • 1400 customers in Canada, U.S. and Europe •Our products • Negotium and Emporium: B2B connectivity solution • Prelude ASN: Delivery notice creation and delivery solution • Numerium: OCR solution for optimizing administrative processes • Oceanik: Multilingual SharePoint manager • Attribute: SharePoint document manager • Bridgepoint: Microsoft Dynamics solutions connector
  4. 4. Connect on « SP for Internal Communication » Group
  5. 5. Agenda •How to choose between SharePoint 2013 and Yammer to start your Social Network initiative? •How to use Yammer in SharePoint Online and On-Premise? •What your Corporate Social Graph is and how to use it to optimize your Knowledge Management process? •How to create a central search experience as the base of your Corporate Social Graph?
  6. 6. Just a quick introduction…
  7. 7. Most principal fears for companies…
  8. 8. …Timewasting
  9. 9. … Inappropriate content
  10. 10. … Security
  11. 11. … Negativity
  12. 12. … Mutiny
  13. 13. This is what we were thinking about Email (only) 20 years ago…
  14. 14. Line chart showing Social > Email 2009 Social Network Vs Email Time #Users Social Network Email Sources: Comscore, Forrester Research 2013
  15. 15. Line chart showing Social > Email Social Network Vs Information Portals Time Timespentonline Information Portal Social Network 2011 Sources: Comscore, Forrester Research 2013
  16. 16. How to choose between SharePoint 2013 and Yammer?
  17. 17. A very strange situation…
  18. 18. SharePoint
  19. 19. Yammer
  20. 20. Social with SharePoint 2013
  21. 21. Social with Yammer + SharePoint
  22. 22. SO…
  23. 23. Agile and Adam Pisoni Concept « Fail Fast… » to learn and improve quickly
  24. 24. Use Yammer if... • ... No legal constraint applies to your profession. • ... Collaborate with external partners or customers is one of your essential needs. • ... You need a way to facilitate collaboration and improve visibility within your organization. • ... Company discussions are enclosed in email, but you want to immediately increase the visibility of a topic or conversation. • ... You want to use a hashtag # to initiate participation in real time and sharing in a corporate event such as a meeting or a product review. • … You start from scratch.
  25. 25. Use SharePoint if… •... If the legal constraints related to your profession prohibits the presence of data in the cloud. •... Your business policies restrict content sharing or discussion of intellectual property outside of approved or well-managed system groups. •... You want to create a “practice community" in a unique user experience by using same sites models, same information architecture, and Web Parts that the rest of your SharePoint portal. •... You already have a functional SharePoint portal.
  26. 26. What about migration…
  27. 27. From SharePoint 2007?
  28. 28. From SharePoint 2010?
  29. 29. Social data migration •Yammer offers a complete export data in CSV format. •SharePoint: •2010: Social databases are dedicated •2013: social data are distributed in content database •No current possibility to import data into Yammer
  30. 30. Using Yammer in SharePoint Online and On-Premise?
  31. 31. Integrate Yammer in SharePoint •Present any Yammer feeds in a SharePoint Page •Present company or group activities in the SharePoint context without switching to another tool Install Yammer App Add Yammer feed to « My Site » Add Yammer feed on any team site
  32. 32. Demo time
  33. 33. Yammer App in SharePoint 2013
  34. 34. Yammer Feed in SharePoint 2010
  35. 35. Adding Yammer Feed to MySite
  36. 36. In Office 365 and
  37. 37. … on Premise
  38. 38. What is Social KM?
  39. 39. Knowledge The knowledge can be defined as ‘an organized body of facts, principles, procedures and information acquired over time’. (N. Blanchard and J. Thacker, 2009) knowledge refers to what individuals or teams of employees know or know how to do (human and social knowledge) as well as a company’s rules, processes, tools, and routines (structured knowledge). (R. Noe, 2008) To remain competitive companies need to develop strategies to retain knowledge from older workers and transfer it successfully to other employees in the corporation. (T. Calo, 2008) “As the Baby Boomer generation prepares for retirement, many firms want to be sure that the knowledge and experience gained by the current leadership does not walk out the door when they do” (S. Glick, 2007)
  40. 40. Knowledge versus Know-how •For 20 years, document is considered as THE reference Document by nature Information Data Information Knowledge sense structuration Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge Know-how logic understanding emotional knowledge memory Experience
  41. 41. Multiple sources 1. Create an Enterprise Big Data 2. Use Graph features brought by Social Tools Communication $ $ # # $
  42. 42. Connect your systems … •Form a cloud of data from existing systems to better exploit your information. •Avoid errors during copying of data between systems. •Using SharePoint as a data bus Big Data ERP CRM Discussions Diffusion Collaborati on Documents
  43. 43. The Four Pillars
  44. 44. 1. Improve your Search engine •Use what you got first… No additional license cost •Create additional Search Pages to enrich the Search experience •Open Graph and Office Graph use Search engine •SharePoint Search, Yammer Search or PowerBI Search? •Connect on your applications and crawl the content •Federate Search between your applications
  45. 45. Federated Search
  46. 46. 2. Start you Enterprise Social Network •Create a Business uses catalog to resolve concrete business situations •Even if you are using SharePoint Social Features… Jump In! Think about Community template •Integrate social in processes to increase adoption instead of Emails. Ex: Communicate with some partners •Start small but think BIG… But Start!
  47. 47. Business uses catalog example  Corp  Manage Corporate Communication  Expertise Identification  Partners communities  Event management  Marketing  Customers communities  HR  Collaborator Emboarding  Collaborators Engagement  Training and personal development  Retail  Point of sales communities
  48. 48. 3. Give the right tool to your users •Empower your users with efficient tools •Knowledge stored in an Email is lost or unusable for the rest of the company •Ex: Use third party tool to break habits and the Email silos •Think Mobile First for your tools. More than 50% of conversations will not happen at the office.
  49. 49. Breaking habits: email V S
  50. 50. 51 Documents & Content Social and Contact Information Unified Communication Business Application
  51. 51. Your Collaboration Apps in One Screen… Everywhere You Work In the Office In your Outlook On the road In a Mobile App On the run In a Mobile App Wherever In Outlook Web App
  52. 52. Your Collaboration Apps in One Screen… From any device Android iOS BlackBerryWindows Phone
  53. 53. 4. Provide some default Dashboards •Extract data from your graph to generate Excel and PowerBI data sources. •Visio Services are already part of your product… Use it! •Some of these dashboards already exists… Just use it! •Yammer dashboards with PowerBI blog/archive/2014/04/09/yammer-analytics- with-excel-and-power-bi.aspx
  54. 54. Yammer Dashboards in PowerBI
  55. 55. What is the Graph?
  56. 56. Social graph TM – Zuck.
  57. 57. Social Knowledge TM – Larry Page
  58. 58. Corporate graph – Adam Pisoni
  59. 59. Yammer and the Corporate Graph Corp. Graph is not just about people All application and all information can be connected
  60. 60. Just a quick exemple Command in Dynamics Customer in CRM Contact in SharePoint/ Yammer Monthly sales in PowerBI Discussion in a Yammer Feed Cross- Selling Opportunit y OneDrive to share documents Sales contact in CRM/Share Point Expert identified in SharePoint/ Yammer
  61. 61. With dimensions… Command in Dynamics Customer in CRM Contact in SharePoint/ Yammer Monthly sales in PowerBI Discussion in a Yammer Feed Cross- Selling Opportunit y OneDrive to share documents Sales contact in CRM/Share Point Expert identified in SharePoint/ Yammer Command in Dynamics Discussion around same needs Expert identified in SharePoint/ Yammer Cross- Selling Opportunit y
  62. 62. Yammer can easily integrate with… •Online or on-premises applications •Embeddable plug-ins •REST Application Programming Interface (API) •OpenGraph-enabled social apps
  63. 63. Yammer Embeddable Plug-ins •Yammer’s embeddable plug-ins allow employees to use a single identity and access the same content across all of their business applications. Yammer Connect Login: Add the Login Button to your business apps so that users can log in with their Yammer accounts.  Embeddable Feeds: Embed any Yammer feeds in your existing business apps.  Like and Follow Buttons: Yammer surfaces more relevant content based on the objects that users Like and Follow.  Yammer App Directory: There are many business apps that connect with Yammer, including the ones listed to the right.
  64. 64. The Yammer REST API •Yammer’s REST API provides a secure HTTP interface that allows you to easily add social services to enterprise applications. • The REST API helps you easily post messages or activity updates from any platform due to the basic dependencies. • Using the Data Export API, you can archive content from your Yammer network. This can help meet compliance requirements, or facilitate your own custom analysis of Yammer data. • Reporting on data such as group memberships can provide useful insight to community managers and for custom reports. • Social networks have become increasingly important as a way to sign users into applications. Implementing Sign-On with Yammer using OAuth and REST helps you to improve the user experience of your applications.
  65. 65. #EnterpriseBrain
  66. 66. Start working like a Brain •A connectome is a comprehensive map of neural connections in the brain, and may be thought of as its "wiring diagram". - Wikipedia
  67. 67. Start small •But think big •Short iterations to give more visibility to your improvements (3 months). •Spread the word about successes!!!
  68. 68. Thanks for your attention
  69. 69. Connect on « SP for Internal Communication » Group
  70. 70. Start following #EnterpriseBrain @ngeorgeault
  71. 71. Any Question?