nGen’s Click to Call Improves Customer Interaction


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nGen’s Click to Call Improves Customer Interaction

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nGen’s Click to Call Improves Customer Interaction

  1. 1. nGen Click to Call Eliminate Long Hold Times and Improve Customer Satisfaction THE BUSINESS PROBLEM nGenera CIM’s other interaction channels—such as Chat, Email, or Phone— In the past ten years the Internet has grown to create a seamless cross-channel to become a pervasive and significant medium customer service experience. in consumers’ lives. This presents a problem for businesses as they strive to adapt in order to meet the increasing service expectations of NGEN CLICK TO CALL BENEFITS their customers. Not long ago it was standard Easy to Implement: Phone agents practice to conduct all business either in handle calls initiated from your Web person or over the phone – today the Internet site without additional telephony Leverage existing has changed the face of business. Your hardware; no software downloads telephony customers expect your business to respond via required for your customers. their communication channel of choice. Never infrastructure while has there been such an acute need to offer Increase Customer Satisfaction: enhancing your call and integrate call center solutions to satisfy Mitigate Web site abandonment by center and engaging online buyers and minimize web site helping customers through shopping abandonment. pain points; customers do not need your customers. to pass through an IVR menu to reach THE NGENERA CIM SOLUTION an agent. A component of the nGen Customer Interaction Management (CIM) Suite, nGen Improve Agent Efficiency: Increase Click to Call is an exceptional way to surpass time-to-resolution using your customers’ expectations while sophisticated routing that matches controlling your operating costs. nGen Click the customer with the most to Call allows your web site visitor to request appropriate agent. a call-back; nGen CIM then routes that request to the most appropriate agent based Decrease Operational Expenses: on business rules and parameters that you Because your existing telephony choose. nGen Click to Call offers you another infrastructure is leveraged, there are channel of communication, yet leverages the no additional per-minute fees. hardware you have previously established in your call center. As a standalone solution, Meet Your Business Objectives: nGen Click to Call enhances your customer Customize to your business rules and service offering by presenting the Click to Call SLAs; the results are maximized time icon in precisely those situations that create with high-value customers and the the highest value for your company – for ability for agents to initiate cross-sell example, priority customers or those with and up-sell opportunities. high-value shopping carts. nGen Click to Call can also be fully integrated with any of
  2. 2. KEY FEATURES Invitation and Request Management Customer Experience Reactive invitation from Web site links Customer’s choice to initiate Proactive Click to Call initiated by interactive chat along with voice dynamic rules call Provide your customers Agent always available when Phone lines not in use until an agent is with the convenience available customer received call-back (no of selecting the perfect Customizable out-of-the-box web form call-backs placing customer on call-back time. for submitting Click to Call interactions hold) Click to Call requests can be If desired, provide customer with Sophisticated routing instantaneous or scheduled based on average wait time for call-back technology ensures an customer desire and company business Ability to request instant call-back agent is always rules or schedule for a specific time and available to help your date Productivity Tools No software downloads required customer at their time Visibility into customer’s click stream Personal support at point of need of need. Co-browse order forms, knowledge Prioritize Click to Call interaction based on dynamic business logic base, and shopping carts with Review complete customer history in customers preparation for call No additional phone charges or Transfer Click to Call request prior to per-minute fees initiating call Dynamic Click to Call button based on Supervisory Functions agent availability Prioritize call-backs over other Integrated into knowledge base for interactions quick, precise responses Real-time, customer, and historical Configurable interactions workflow reports Close or reschedule call-back based on Leverage existing telephony customer availability at time of call infrastructure for quality monitoring