nGen Answer, Automated Email Response


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Looking for a way to cut down email response time? nGen’s Answer email management software reduces email response time by using automated email responses to improve customer service.

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nGen Answer, Automated Email Response

  1. 1. nGen Answer Effectively Manage Email Volume with Consistent Responses THE BUSINESS PROBLEM higher the volume of email, the “smarter” nGen Answer becomes. Providing accurate, timely responses to customer inquiries is not an option in NGEN ANSWER BENEFITS today’s business environment— it’s a requirement. As more customers choose to Deflect Email / Reduce Email communicate through email, the need for Response Times: Automatically an email response management solution responds to reduce response times, intensifies. The necessity presents freeing agents for more specialized companies with the opportunity to customer issues. nGen Answer helps implement a solution that can decrease companies deliver operational overhead and improve the Increase Agent Productivity: quality and consistency of the response. Automatically answers customer fast, accurate The most important factor for successful emails or suggests responses to responses to improve email management includes answering reduce manual response efforts customer satisfaction inquiries quickly and accurately — the first time. Improve Response Relevancy: and can deflect up to Message intelligence feature that 40% of emails per THE NGENERA CIM SOLUTION learns from previous messages and month. responses, automatically returns the A component of the nGenera Customer most relevant response Interaction Management (CIM) Suite, nGen Answer relies on powerful natural language Scales for Very High Volumes: Cost technology to understand the intent of a effective solution for email volumes customer's message. nGen Email can then over 15,000 emails per month, and accurately provide an automated response. scales to process millions of emails nGen Answer leverages innovative per month technology from IBM® Classification Module for OmniFind™ Discovery Edition to Minimal IT Impact: Uses an adaptive represent words and text passages as neural network learning law that “context vectors” to automatically group does not require external data into similarly themed clusters for dictionaries, thesauruses, or improved response precision and relevance. semantic networks; Automated The learning algorithm is designed to adjust feedback dramatically reduces context vectors so that words used in a system maintenance. similar context will have vectors that point in similar directions. nGen Answer can learn the meaning of content based on contextual usage and can organize that content for  immediate processing and retrieval. The 
  2. 2. KEY FEATURES   Automated Learning Sophisticated Message Sorting Learns words in context by Generate automatic automatically creating a custom responses/suggested responses dictionary and recognizing industry Threaded history across all jargon, acronyms, and common interaction channels nGen Answer helps misspellings The learning algorithm is based upon Intelligent Message Interpretation leading companies self-organization, employs an adaptive Creates a custom dictionary, differentiate from neural network learning law, and does including industry jargon, not require external dictionaries, acronyms, and common competition with an thesauruses, or semantic networks misspellings intelligent response Contains an automated feedback loop Continuously improves system to improve to ‘teach’ the system what is an performance with each processed appropriate response email agent productivity and Continuously improves performance by Uses intelligent contextual overall customer learning from specific queries and understanding to enhance auto- service efforts. responses, and then automatically acknowledgements increases response accuracy Deciphers between auto-reply and suggested responses