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  • 1. Secure Intelligent Network Infrastructure for Healthcare & TeleMedicine requirements Keith E Hoult Managing Director – ATI UK & Eire
  • 2. Allied Telesis Global Summary 2 » Established March, 1987 » Annual Sales Over $ 450 Million » Number of Employees 2,000+ » Global Sales Locations Over 60 » Global R&D Centers USA, EMEA, Japan, New Zealand , APAC » Global Logistics USA, EMEA, APAC » Global Manufacturing Singapore, China
  • 3. The importance of the Healthcare Network 3   Exponentially Increasing demand on network resources for clinical use demand more speed and reliability »  Patient records centralised »  Medical imaging »  Remote diagnosis »  Remote Teaching »  Remote surgery
  • 4. Typical Hospital Network Configuration 4 • Non-stop networking A redundant network created with Nurse station Wireless access duplicate devices, power sources, and lines. point • Medical image data processing Broadband networks meet the need for fast image transfer. Nurse station • Electronic healthcare records system Internet Inpatients’ ward Wireless access to patient records from each patient’s room • Security Protection against unauthorized access • Stable operation Inpatients’ ward Integrated network management Server room Pharmacy Reception, Checkout MRI, Radiology Department counters Outpatients’ ward Link aggregation Optical fiber Outpatients’ ward Optical fiber (1000BASE-SX) UTP (1000BASE-T) UTP (1000BASE-TX) *UTP: copper Outpatients’ ward
  • 5. Hiroshima City Hospital: CHALLENGE: Radiology department   The Radiology Department adopted a radiology batch control system to transport CT images and diagnostic reports   With sensitive patient data at-hand, it became essential to have “uninterrupted network service;” ensuring positive healthcare communication and long-term patient care. SOLUTION:   Highly resilient Gigabit Ethernet infrastructure to create a redundant network.   In addition, the department selected Allied Telesis’ “SwitchBlade 5400S” to ensure network consistency and establish high-resiliency of network elements.
  • 6. Nagoya Ekisaikai Hospital CHALLENGE: Electronic Record System   Nagoya Ekisaikai Hospital was looking to deploy an electronic healthcare record system   Additionally, the Hospital wanted a mission-critical gigabit network to maintain this Critical Care System. SOLUTION:   Using L2 plus switches, the Hospital was able to create a high-speed switched LAN backbone in each segment and leveraged L3 switches to manage routing between segments, for high- speed interconnects with the server farm.
  • 7. Japanese Red Cross Kitami Hospital CHALLENGE:   To ensure electronic health records could be shared among the regional institutions,   Japanese Red Cross Kitami Hospital had to ensure internal networks were replaced with high- speed, high-broadband backbone. SOLUTION:   Gigabit Ethernet Switching solution was deployed ensuring a highly-reliable, scalable, and secure network.
  • 8. Versailles Hospital System (800 beds) 8 CHALLENGE:   Wireless system for Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS)   Large file sizes 90MB   High reliability and mobility SOLUTION:   Deployment of Allied Telesis/Extricom channel blanket wireless solution. 1 6   “Hitless” roaming wireless solution far superior to standard WiFi 11
  • 9. Hospedia – Patient bedside system 9 Formerly Patientline: IPTV, Telephony and Internet access Serving15,000 NHS hospital beds ATI selected for: Ability to handle multicast IPTV Very Cost Effective
  • 10. TeleMedicine 2015 10   Allied Telesis have provided a GigaBit Ethernet switch for todays “LIVE” demonstration   Simulation of real TeleMedicine applications from Polycom   2 days of demonstration   Technical Expertise avaliable…   Next Generation Networks today !!