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  1. 1. Christopher  Columbus  
  2. 2. It is Columbus Day!!! October 10th
  3. 3. The BEST part about today is...
  4. 4. But today, mom has a cookingclass to go to, soyou are going toGrandpa’s house for the day.
  5. 5. Now…you LOVE your grandfather, but sometimes his house is so   He always tells random stories of people you have never heard of and he never has any cool toys! You remember the time he told you the story about some guy named Elvis, who liked to shake his hips. Then there was that time he gave you a lesson on some old, dusty thing called a typewriter.
  6. 6. So when your mom told you to get in the car, you weren’t very excited. I wonder what boring story he will tell me today.
  7. 7. Grandpa greets you at the door with a big smile on his face…. I am so glad we are able to spend the day together! Especially it being Columbus Day and all. I have a really fun story about Christopher Columbus!
  8. 8. Surprise, surprise! Another boring story! Did he mention Christopher Columbus??You remember learning all about him in school. For once, a story that involves something that you know about!
  9. 9. So…do you want to listen to Grandpa’s story? A) Nah, no B) Sure! I’mthanks I already excited to hear know enough what Grandpaabout know him. has to say about Christopher Columbus!
  10. 10. Grandpa is bummed you don’t want to hear his story so he goes outside to do yard work. You are stuck inside all day cleaning.
  11. 11. Great!! I think ChristopherColumbus was a great man.What do you already know about him?
  12. 12. Grandpa’s Quick QuizWho is Christopher Columbus?A) Famous DentistB) Famous SailorC) Famous War HeroD) Famous Inventor  
  13. 13. Incorrect!!   I thought your mom told me they have been teaching you about Christopher Columbus! Man, I’ve got a lot to teach you…
  14. 14. Correct!!     I think he was one of the greatest sailors in the world!
  15. 15. Grandpa’s Quick Quiz  Where was Christopher Columbus born? A) Genoa, Italy B) Gotham City C) Super Mario Land D) Madrid, Spain
  16. 16. Guess again, Kiddo!
  17. 17. He may have been born inItaly, but as we’ll learn hemade the discovery of the New World for Spain.
  18. 18. Grandpa’s Quick Quiz  When  was  Christopher  Columbus  born?  A)  2011  B)  1451  C)  2005  D)  2055  
  19. 19. Correct!!!   And you thought I was old, huh?
  20. 20. Great job! Now let’s review some of the things we just talked about…
  21. 21. Christopher ColumbusChristopher Columbus was an Italian explorer who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in 1492.Christopher Columbus was born in 1451 in Genoa, Italy.
  22. 22. What did Christopher Columbus enjoy doing as a child?A) Learning about the sea because he grew up in a port cityB) Stealing from the local marketC) Playing video gamesD) Hanging out with Mrs. Vincenzo  
  23. 23.           h=p://  
  24. 24. What did Bartholomew Columbus, Christopher’s brother, do for his job?    A) He was a priestB) He was a super heroC) He created mapsD) He was a circus clown  
  25. 25. Correct!!!   Later in life, Bartholomew traveled to Hispaniola to meet up with Christopher. He ended up staying there for 6 ½ years as a captain on a ship.
  26. 26.   As Columbus grew up, he wanted to find the quickest route to India. What plan do   you think he came up with?A)Traveling through the landB) Traveling around Europe through seaC) Traveling West in the sea to find the EastD) Traveling down around Africa through sea    
  27. 27. Correct! Now let’s see how Christopher Columbus’brother took the news of his wild idea! h=p:// v=7Fyzjk3dIcUfeature=related  
  28. 28. What would you do if you were Columbus and you were rejected by the King?    A) Keep trying, even if it took yearsB) Try for a few more months but you don’t want to waste your life away trying to accomplish thisC) Give up. I don’t ever want to be that embarrassed again!  
  29. 29. Looks  like  I’ve  raised  my  grandchild  not  to  be   a  qui=er!    With  determina[on  like  that,  I’m   sure  one  day  you’ll  be  just  as  famous  as   Christopher  Columbus!     h=p:// v=zgv4oozGe2gfeature=related  
  30. 30. You try for a bit longer, but it goes nowhere soyou give up. You end up washing stinky socksfor the rest of your life. The New World isnever found.  
  31. 31. You end up getting a job sewing sails for the restof your life. One of the sails you sew was partof the ship that founded the New World.  
  32. 32. Columbus is hoping Queen Isabella will help him with his voyage West. King Ferdinand V and Queen Isabella I are the monarchs of which country?    A) TexasB) SpainC) ItalyD) United States  
  33. 33. Correct!Spain was involved in a war against the Moors, and the Spanish Sovereigns, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, had neither time normoney for Columbus’s plan. The war was goingwell, however, Columbus felt that it would soon be won. In January 1492, the Spanish finally captured Granada, the last Moorish city in Spain, thus ending 700 years of war!
  34. 34. Everyone is making fun of you for your idea to travel West. You need the research to be done! What extreme measures would you take to get Talavera to finish his research?A) Hold Senor Talavera hostageB) Give up.C) Interrupt a play to get his attention  
  35. 35. Talavera  is  so  angry  he  never  finishes  his  research  and  you  get  thrown  into  jail  for   10  years  
  36. 36. The New World is never found!  
  37. 37. Maybe not the best idea, but itworked to get Christopher’s point across! Check it out… h=p:// v=abqFFA6p7ugfeature=related  
  38. 38. Queen Isabella for some reason believes inColumbus, what do you think she will do for him?A) Feels bad for him, so gives him some land so he can become a farmer to raise some cowsB) Use gold to buy him the ships and materials he needs for his voyageC) Feels bad, but decides to do nothing  
  39. 39. Correct! Queen Isabella…she’s a sweetie, isn’t she?h=p://  
  40. 40. What were the three names of the ships Columbus was given for his voyage?    A) La Nina, La Pinta, and the Santa MariaB) Rudolph, Cupid, and Santa ClausC) Ship 1, Ship 2, and Ship 3  
  41. 41. Correct!!  
  42. 42. Preparations for the Voyage Queen Isabella gave ChristopherColumbus an annual allowance of 12,000maravedis. In1489 ordered all the citiesand towns to provide him with food and lodging at no cost. She also gave him three boats, named La Pinta, La Nina, and the Santa Maria.
  43. 43. Who was one of the famous captains for this Columbus voyage?A) Bruce WayneB) Martín Alonso PinzónC) George WashingtonD) Mrs. Applegate  
  44. 44. Correct! But, if I lived back inColumbus’ day, I would have made a better captain. Let’s see how Pinzón does… h=p:// v=yKAPCMOQMXEfeature=related  
  45. 45. Would you want to become part of the crew and sail west?    A) No Way! Too dangerous!B) Yeah! What is there to lose! I want gold from India!C) Are you crazy? No way! There is way too much ocean that way!  
  46. 46. Columbus doesn’t have enough crew members to set sail. His dreams end here.  
  47. 47. That’s  my  grandkid!    You  are  a  brave  one!  Just  like  the  sailors   that  decided  to  sail  with   Columbus…       h=p:// v=rFbm2yfJ5c8feature=related  
  48. 48. Now let’s talk about life on the boat!In the beginning the sailors were excited about finding the New World with Christopher Columbus. As time went on the crewmembers got restless because there was less food and water. They felt that the trip was taking a lot longer than expected.
  49. 49. Would you sail for three more days?A) No! I’m tired and I want to go homeB) Yes, but ONLY three more days!! If its longer, we WILL do something about it.    
  50. 50. You and other crew members tie up Columbus and threaten to kill him if he doesn’t turn around, so he obeys. Columbus’ dreams are crushed. A few yearslater a young explorer named, Adrian Lopez, makes a discovery of the New World.  
  51. 51. Correct! And remember patience is a virtue my child…h=p://  
  52. 52. On which date do the ships finally spot land?A) October 12, 1492B) October 12, 2011C) January 1, 1900D) October 12, 2005  
  53. 53. 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue!! h=p://­‐jYGpMEA  
  54. 54. What a wonderful story of courage and determination! Now, my child I have told you this story in honor of the greatexplorer on this famous holiday.I hope this story will also remindyou to keep dreaming and never give up!!
  55. 55. Your  mom  comes  to  pick  you  up….as  you  drive  off   from  Grandpa’s  you  think….   What  a  fun   day!   Grandpa’s  stories  can  be   interes[ng   aker  all!   Boring  story!  I  would   have  rather  done   something  else!