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Ela old

  1. 1. Welcome toDenver Public Schools And theEnglish Language Acquisition Department
  2. 2. You’re on the Denver Plan Team The foundation of the Denver Plan is to ensure that all our children can read and write in English. But we want much more than that. We want to create composers and engineers; artists and scientists; multilingual citizens and leaders of our democracy.
  3. 3. A Rich Diversity of Students Approximately 74,000 students attend Denver Public Schools. Approximately 16,000 students are ELLs (English Language Learners). Approximately 15,000 students have Spanish as their primary language.
  4. 4. The Purpose of the ELA Department is to serve the educational needs ofour English Language Learners (ELLs)  Implementing a research-based program  Assessing student progress  Staffing program classrooms with highly- qualified teachers
  5. 5. Our Program Goal To use efficient and effective instructional techniques to provide students with the English language skills they need to meaningfully participate in the mainstream English language instructional program. Transition to English begins when students enter the Program.
  6. 6. Two Program Models Transitional Native Language Instruction (TNLI) English as a Second Language (ESL) Resource Program
  7. 7. TNLI Model - ElementaryNative English SupportedLanguage Language EnglishInstruction Development Content Instruction Intentional block Scaffolded contentLiteracy and of time devoted to instruction iscontent English language provided in Englishinstruction development using shelteringprovided in across the techniques basedSpanish based on domains of on LanguageLanguage listening, speaking Proficiency Level.Proficiency Level. , reading and writing.
  8. 8. Teachers in the TNLI Model ELA-S Supported Native English EnglishLanguage LanguageInstruction Content Development Instruction
  9. 9. Teachers in the TNLI Model ELA-E English Supported Language English ContentDevelopment Instruction
  10. 10. Teachers in the ESL Resource ModelESL Resource Teacher ELA-E Classroom Teacher English English Language Language Development Development Supported English Content Instruction
  11. 11. Student Enrollment Determines Program Type Total number of English Language Learners Number of English Language Learners with Spanish as their primary language Number of English Language Learners with a language other than Spanish as their primary language
  12. 12. Starting with the Student Instructional Services Advisory (ISA) Team  Responsibilities include:  ClassifyingEnglish language learners  Ensuring correct placement of English language learners  Exiting English language learners  Monitoring English language learners  Members include:  One administrator  Two ELA teachers
  13. 13. Identification / Classification Screening Questions  Does the student speak a language other than English?  Is a language other than English regularly used by the student’s parent or guardian? Colorado English Language Assessment . (CELA Placement) used to establish . student’s level of English proficiency
  14. 14. Program Placement Parent Permission Form  Parents are informed of student’s eligibility for program services and type of program available at school  Parents choose between  Option 1  Option 2  Option 3
  15. 15. Assessing Progress Colorado English Language Acquisition Proficiency Test (CELA Proficiency) Avenues Assessment ELD Student Profile Daily informal assessments
  16. 16. Progression Through the Program ELA-S ELA-E  ELA-S  ELA-E  ELA-E  Exit/Monitoring  Exit/Monitoring
  17. 17. Fully Qualified ELA Teachers ELA-E / ESL Resource Teacher  State endorsement in teaching the linguistically different students or  Satisfactory completion of 150 hours of training provided by the ELA Department ELA-S Teacher  The above criteria plus Spanish Language Proficiency Examination (SLP)
  18. 18. Serving educational needs of English Language Learners Implementing a research-based program Assessing student progress Staffing program classrooms with highly- qualified teachers
  19. 19. Resources Working together works better  Principaland Assistant Principal  ISA Team  Site Assessment Leader  Assigned Mentor  Network ELA Instructional Specialist ELA Homepage  Navigate from DPS Home page to  “Departments” to  English Language Acquisition
  20. 20. Again, welcome to teaching in Denver Public Schools!