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Published in Economy & Finance , Business
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  • 1. What’s inspiring you? Exploring a career with Ameriprise Financial It doesn’t rock. But you will.
  • 2. “Thank you for taking a closer look at Ameriprise Financial. Our business is helping people reach their financial goals and dreams through financial planning. We’re the leader at it, due to our 10,000 advisors and all the people who support them, and the values and vision we share. We’ve created a place where you and your clients can experience the true power of planning.” Jim Cracchiolo Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ameriprise Financial
  • 3. Unprecedented opportunity > Corporate and legislative changes, including the decline of corporate pensions, reduction of corporate health coverage and questions about 78 million Baby the future of Social Security Boomers1 with $1.7 > FastCompany.com named Personal Financial trillion in assets need help planning for their Advisor among “The 25 Top Jobs for 2005–2009” retirement in the next — based on such factors as level of demand, 15 years2 opportunity for salary growth, and potential to be innovative and creative 1 U.S. Census Bureau, July 2005. 2 Cerulli Association, Quantitative Update Retirement Markets 2005.
  • 4. Leverage your existing skills and network to build a new future Use your existing sales, relationship-building, marketing and communications skills to tap into your network and build your client base as a financial advisor. Your experience will help you: Meet prospects and analyze needs > Prepare financial plans > Recommend and sell products and services appropriate to address > clients’ needs Build and maintain long-term client relationships >
  • 5. The financial advisor career cycle > The first year is spent in the startup mode — acquiring clients and learning the business > The next few years are spent growing the client base and gaining more experience > The following years are spent deepening client relationships and transitioning to a more complex and potentially affluent practice First year Next few years Following years
  • 6. Learn from the leader Many companies offer financial services, but Ameriprise Financial is America’s leader in comprehensive financial planning.1 Ameriprise Financial listed among The third-largest advisor sales force in the U.S.2 with > Business Week more than 10,000 branded financial advisors3 Best Places to More CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professionals > Launch a Career and more financial planning clients than any other firm1 Ranked 296 on the FORTUNE 500®4 -- Business Week > September 4, 2008 More than $445 billion in assets owned, managed and > administered3 2.8 million individual, business and institutional clients5 > 1 Ameriprise helped pioneer the financial planning process. Our unique approach is about more than just numbers — it’s both science and art. We have more financial planning clients and more CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professionals than any other company in the U.S. based on data filed at adviserinfo.sec.gov and documented by the CFP Board of Standards, as of Dec. 31, 2007. 2 Investment News — Top independent broker-dealers ranked by number of reps — Jan. 28, 2008 issue. 3 Ameriprise Financial Second Quarter 2008 Statistical Supplement, July 23, 2008. 4 FORTUNE Magazine, May 5, 2008. 5 Ameriprise Financial 2007 Annual Report.
  • 7. Helping clients for more than a century 2008 1894 1929 1940s 1970s 1984 1994 2003 2005 We were During the We helped We helped American IDS We American We founded Great pioneer the pioneer the Express American established a Express spun announced by John Depression mutual fund approach of purchased Express global position off American the purchase Tappan as (1929 – 1939) industry comprehensiv IDS reached in asset Express of J. & W. Investors we paid out and e financial $100 billion management Financial Seligman Syndicate every dollar on became planning in assets by acquiring Corporation and H&R its due date, Investors Threadneedle, subsidiary, Block totaling $101 Diversified a leading making Financial million to Services, British Ameriprise Advisors. certificate Inc. (IDS) investment Financial an holders firm. independent, public company with RiverSource covering the products, investment and U.S distribution businesses
  • 8. A strong financial position Even in times of turbulent markets, Ameriprise Financial operates from a position of strength. We have maintained a conservative approach to managing the company’s assets. Very limited exposure to the residential and commercial real estate markets > Modest financial leverage relative to other financial services companies > Substantial excess capital and liquidity to help weather difficult times > High-quality investment assets with the vast majority bearing > investment-grade credit Strong credit rating > “Our balance sheet continues to perform well, and we remain in a strong capital and liquidity position. The agreements to acquire J. & W. Seligman and H&R Block Financial Advisors clearly demonstrate strength and our continue focus on driving growth.” Jim Cracchiolo Chairman and CEO
  • 9. A clear vision of our future Our vision To be the most sought-after financial planning “We have a tremendous opportunity to make an and services firm. impact on people’s lives. We want the best advisors in the industry representing our value proposition to help clients achieve their Our mission goals.” Ameriprise Financial delivers solutions for today and tomorrow through a comprehensive and Don Froude personalized approach built on a long-term President relationship with a knowledgeable advisor. Personal Advisor Group
  • 10. Foundation for success Our strong foundation, values and culture reinforce our growth potential. We’ve invested in our infrastructure and people as we strive to provide strong, dedicated advisor support and a compelling client experience. Our values — client focus, integrity, excellence and respect — drive our day-to-day actions and our involvement in the communities where we conduct business.
  • 11. A respected national brand The prominent national profile of the Ameriprise Financial brand will continue to be an important “Since the launch of our groundbreaking contributor to our client growth. Our innovative advertising in 2005, we’ve been advertising is authentic, positive, and supports our changing the conversation in retail mission to make our clients’ dreams come true. financial services through our focus on clients’ dreams and our approach to Millions invested in 2008 on national > serving them through financial planning. advertising, local marketing and client We continue to differentiate Ameriprise Financial through broadcast, print and experience support online advertising — gaining accolades Multimedia campaign including national and from the industry and from our advisors > as they maximize the alignment between local television, radio, print and online their business goals and our advertising advertising messages.” More people come to Ameriprise for financial > Kim Sharan planning than any other company1 Executive Vice President Chief Marketing Officer 1 Based on the number of financial plans annually disclosed in Form ADV, Part 1A, Item 5, available at adviserinfo.sec.gov as of Dec. 31, 2007.
  • 12. Power of comprehensive financial planning With consumer confidence at historic lows, there is one group that remains optimistic and on track to achieve their financial goals, especially retirement – those with a comprehensive financial plan. In fact, the recent FPA® and Ameriprise® Value of Financial Planning study1 shows they are nearly twice as likely to report feeling confident about their financial future versus those without paid, professional support. A comprehensive plan benefits both advisors and clients. Advantages for advisors Develop deeper, long-term client relationships > Acquire additional assets > Encourage consolidation of assets > Strengthen retention rates > Advantages for clients More optimism about financial future > Greater confidence > Financial decisions have direction and meaning > 1The Financial Planning Association (FPA) and Ameriprise Value of Financial Planning Study, was conducted by Harris Interactive in June/July, 2008 among 3,022 adults. While market volatility was significant during the study period, subsequent financial developments, which may have affected attitudes and behaviors, had not yet occurred.
  • 13. A unique planning approach that starts with dreams, not numbers Our Dream > Plan > Track >® approach to financial planning and the Dream Book® guide are resonating with our target market. Bridges the gap between emotional > and rational sides of planning Has garnered significantly higher client > response rates and incremental assets Is successful — over a million copies of our > Dream Book guide have been distributed by our advisors
  • 14. Our financial planning process Our process is not one of high-pressure product sales, but a consultative approach that helps our clients meet their financial goals. Our advisors: Listen carefully to identify and prioritize the client’s needs > Gather information based on your client’s needs > Analyze and determine strategy with a suite of financial planning software > Propose appropriate financial solutions > Help clients take action by implementing the recommendations in the plan > Track the client’s ongoing progress >
  • 15. We support you 360° Training > Financial planning, marketing, consultative selling, client service and regulatory compliance > Detailed product, service and compliance materials > Professional development throughout your career: workshops, interactive training, conferences, etc. Marketing support Leadership Proven programs including > Management and support > advertising, seminars and client > Opportunities for professional development referral event marketing > Multiple career paths in the field or at corporate Technology Resources The latest industry-leading > > Research analysts, economists, investment technology managers, tax specialists Our exclusive advisor portal, > > Marketing and communications AdvisorCompass®, puts the right > Product experts information at your fingertips
  • 16. Select the business model that’s right for you Financial Advisor Financial Services Center Advisor Associate Financial Advisor > Freedom to focus exclusively on advising > An employee of Ameriprise Financial > Participate in an existing practice Best Fit clients and building business > Corporate office > Mentoring by a successful franchise > Office management left to local leaders financial advisor > Significant career growth within a > All the culture and networking successful business model opportunities of working within an office setting > Ameriprise Financial area offices in > Ameriprise Financial corporate office > Independent franchise financial Location locations across the country in Minneapolis advisor local office > Day-to-day contact with local leaders and > Day-to-day contact with corporate > Employed/contracted by independent Support colleagues leaders and colleagues franchise financial advisor > Peer-to-peer programs > Peer-to-peer programs > Access to extended group of specialists > Access to specialists > Advanced and more flexible support options for top performers > Competitive compensation and rewards, > Competitive package, including an > Negotiated with independent Compensation including an Equity Compensation Equity Compensation program franchise financial advisor program > Base salary with bi-monthly and > Independent franchise financial > Performance-based payout rate 36% to quarterly incentives based on advisor retains any Gross Dealer 55% of GDC performance Concession (GDC) > Milestone bonuses up to $19,000 during first two years > Opportunity for compensation for coaching other employee financial advisors
  • 17. Select the business model that’s right for you (cont.) Financial Advisor Financial Services Center Advisor Associate Financial Advisor > Comprehensive Ameriprise Financial > Comprehensive Ameriprise Financial > Through employing or contracting Benefits benefits benefits independent franchise financial advisor > Includes medical, dental, retirement, > Includes medical, dental, retirement, stock and insurance stock and insurance > Reasonable overhead costs covered > Reasonable expenses are covered by > Negotiated with independent franchise Expenses by Ameriprise Financial Ameriprise Financial financial advisor > Real estate > Office hardware and supplies > Office hardware and supplies > Technology tools > Technology tools Marketing Staff > Marketing Staff support support > Errors and omissions > Errors and omissions > Training > Training (including advanced programs) > Travel > Ameriprise Financial stock equity N/A N/A Equity program > Ameriprise Financial stock fund in the 401(k) plan > Equity compensation plan > Obtain state life, accident and health > Series 7 and Series 63 > Minimum Series 7 and Series 63 Licensure insurance licenses. > 120 days after appointment to get > 120 days after appointment to get > Series 7 and Series 63 or 66 additional licenses (Series 65/66 and additional licenses (Series 65/66 and (Ameriprise Financial will sponsor life-health) life-health) you to take the exams prior to date of hire.)
  • 18. Opportunities for career growth Being an employee financial advisor is a rewarding career. You can also move into leadership positions available throughout Ameriprise Financial, including:
  • 19. Take the next step
  • 20. You’ll love the view from your desk > Our unique Dream > Plan > Track >® approach offers real value to your clients > We’re the proven financial planning leader with a strong brand and solid values > We support you with breakthrough advertising, local marketing, a wide range of products and integrated technology > Thousands of people like you have built stable, successful careers with Ameriprise Financial. joinameriprise.com Achieve your dreams by helping clients plan for theirs.
  • 21. This document does not create a contract of employment or a contract for any specific term or condition of employment between Ameriprise Financial and an employee. The relationship between Ameriprise Financial and an employee is at-will, meaning that either the employee of the company may terminate it at any time for any reason, with or without advance notice or progressive disciplinary action. The company reserves the right to make changes in or discontinue company policies, compensation plans, benefits and programs as it deems appropriate and these changes may be implemented even if they have not been communicated in this (or by change to this) document or otherwise. If this document refers to any company benefit program, it describes only certain highlights of the company's benefit program. It does not supersede the actual provisions of the applicable plan documents, which in all cases are the final authority. The applicable plan administrator has the sole authority and discretion in determining eligibility and in interpretation and administration of the plans. Ameriprise Financial takes reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the contents of policy documents and in the administration of its policies and programs. The company does not assume responsibility for consequential damages caused by administrative or clerical errors. Ameriprise Financial is pleased to be using an authentic Eames DCW manufactured by Herman Miller, courtesy Eames Office LLC, eamesoffice.com, eamesfoundation.org Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., Member FINRA and SIPC, is an equal opportunity employer. © 2008 Ameriprise Financial, Inc. All rights reserved. (11/08)