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Pre-K season poems
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  • 1. Pre-K Poems
    Newtown Friends School
    April 2011
  • 2. Winter
    Warm waffles
    Hot chocolate, pancakes, snow pants,
    Jackets, mittens, hats, scarves
    Sledding, snowmen, skiing,
    Sledding, sledding, sledding,
    Sliding down sledding down the hill, sledding
    Fast, spinning, bumpy sledding,
    Last of all, best of all,
    I like falling off while sledding!
    -by Emma
    Beautiful flowers, Easter bunny,
    Leaves on the tree, flowers on trees,
    Buds sprouting, baby foxes.
    Baby foxes, baby foxes, baby foxes,
    Soft, furry , warm baby foxes
    Last of all, best of all,
    I like watching baby foxes!
    -by Kate
  • 3. Winter
    Drinking hot cocoa, watching movies,
    Playing with Brynn. Snow.
    playing in the snow with the neighbors,
    Santa Claus, presents from Santa
    Christmas tree, Christmas tree, Christmas tree
    Green Christmas tree, tall Christmas tree,
    Decorated, lighted, beautiful Christmas tree
    Last of all, best of all,
    I like to find presents under the
    Christmas tree.
    -by Lia
    Flowers, swimming, going to the zoo,
    Marshmallows, horses, ice cream, planting, short sleeved dresses,
    Swimming pool, swimming pool, swimming pool,
    Big Swimming pool, blue swimming pool,
    Cool, splashing, wet, swimming pool,
    Last of all, best of all,
    I like jumping in the swimming pool.
    -by Avery
  • 4. Winter
    Snowflakes, snow, snowmen, igloo,
    Snow pants, hot chocolate,
    Playing pirates in the snow,
    Playing with my dog in the snow.
    Hot chocolate, hot chocolate, hot chocolate,
    Chocolaty hot chocolate, hot. hot chocolate,
    Steamy, sweet, yummy, hot chocolate,
    Last of all, best of all,
    I like marshmallows in my hot chocolate!
    -by Ethan
    Leave falling off, yellow & orange leaves,
    Football, Halloween, eating candy, Trick-o-treat
    Football, football, football,
    College football, National football,
    Fast, exciting, tackling, football.
    Last of all, best of all,
    I like Stealers and Eagles playing football!
    -by Cyril
  • 5. Summer
    Riding bikes, green leaves, flowers
    Playing on the playground -
    My bike, my bike, my bike,
    Shiny, fast, training wheels bike,
    Last of all, best of all,
    I like riding my bike
    by Lily
    Red and yellow leaves, trees,
    Halloween costumes, trick-o-treating, apples -
    Apples, apples, apples,
    Red apples, green apples
    Crunch, juicy, tasty apples,
    Last of all, best of all,
    I like picking apples!
    by Jace
  • 6. Spring
    Spring in my backyard - green grass,
    Butterflies, green leaves on the trees,
    Flowers on the trees, birds in the nest,
    Baby birds chirping the songs -
    Butterflies, butterflies, butterflies,
    Colorful butterflies, pretty butterflies,
    Flying, flapping , sitting butterflies,
    Last of all, best of all,
    I like to chase butterflies!
    by Estella
    Soccer, ocean, baseball, beach,
    Ice-cream, water ice, swimming pool,
    Playing outside, fireflies, camping, fishing -
    Fishing, fishing, fishing,
    Ocean fishing, lake fishing
    Slobbery, wet, smooth, fishing,
    Last of all, best of all,
    I like flounder fishing!
    by Drew
  • 7. Fall
    Leaves falling down, red, yellow, orange leaves,
    Raking leaves, piles of leaves,
    Jumping in the leaves –
    Leaves, leaves, leaves,
    Red leaves, orange leaves,
    Falling, raking, piling up leaves,
    Last of all, best of all,
    I like jumping in the leaves!
    By Efram
    Swimming pool, summer dresses, beach,
    Bathing suits ocean, boogie boards –
    Beach, beach, beach,
    Big beach, sandy beach,
    Warm, wet, fun beach,
    Last of all, best of all,
    I like to play with my boogie board at the beach!
    by Anya
  • 8. Spring
    Flowers, trees, grass,
    People playing outside,
    Hopping bunnies, little birdies –
    Birds, birds, birds,
    Singing birds, flying birds,
    Small, cute, colorful birds,
    Last of all, best of all,
    I like hatching birds!
    by Daniel
    Colorful leaves, falling leaves, cool air, Halloween, raking leaves, pumpkins, apples –
    Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins,
    Small pumpkins, orange pumpkins,
    Large, smooth, huge, growing pumpkins,
    Last of all, best of all,
    I like pumpkin pie pumpkins!
    by Chloe
  • 9. Winter
    Snow, snowflakes, snowy hills, snowy playgrounds,
    Scarves, mittens, jackets,
    hot chocolate & warm food –
    Snowy hills, snowy hills, snowy hills,
    Big snowy hills, small snowy hills,
    Cold, bumpy, shiny snowy hills,
    Last of all, best of all,
    I like to sled on the snowy hills!
    by Harrison
    Flowers, grass, bunnies, Easter,
    Trees, green grass and rain –
    Bunnies , bunnies, bunnies,
    Brown bunnies, white bunnies,
    Fluffy, cuddly, furry bunnies,
    Last of all, best of all, I like Easter bunnies!
    by Christopher