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Poetry anthology 2011 first names

Poetry anthology 2011 first names



3rd, 4th, 5th grade poems

3rd, 4th, 5th grade poems



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    Poetry anthology 2011 first names Poetry anthology 2011 first names Document Transcript

    • 2010-2011 Poems
      from the fertile minds of NFS Third, Fourth, and Fifth Graders
      By Shel Silverstein
      If you are a dreamer, come in
      If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar
      A hope-er, a pray-er, a magic bean buyer…
      If you’re a pretender, come sit by my fire
      For we have some flax-golden tales to spin.
      Come in!
      Come in!
    • Candlelightby MeghaCandlelightI sit down, and rest my eyes on its settled red, yellow, and blue flamesI admire that untouchable, rough, but not harmful, little flame I gaze at the blaze that is never transparentPeople see a hot bundle of blazing fury…but I see something elseI see a magnificent collection of colors that make perfect harmonyI see a source of fuel that is incredibleIt makes my insides fire up but, yet, I calm downThe blaze courses through my veins, and pumps sizzling energy into my heart while that magical flame dances with such rage on the waxed candleIt wakes me up, and I am alert. I’ve never felt so alive!Keep that candlelight flaming…Keep on flaming
      As I take the trains out
      I pause at one, Thomas,
      the one that will be in my memory forever.
      When I had a track
      I would play with all the trains,
      but mostly Thomas,
      the train that is now fading
      in the attic
      collecting dust
      but still in my memories
      BY COLE
      Dribbling the ball up the court
      The wind in my face
      The basket standing tall with power
      I jump up as if to say, “No!”
      Letting the ball go like a baseball coming out of my hand
      Spinning through the air like a vortex
      Hitting the rim of steel
      Rolling into the net like a fly in a web
      It goes in and falls to the ground
      Everybody cheers
      We leave
      Left under the stars
      Until next time
      Where Poetry Hides
      By Elena
      Poetry hides deep down in my softball bag
      Right next to the dirt at the bottom
      Where all the memories of winning and losing stand
      After every game I pack you up the same way
      Every time
      When I either strike out or hit a home-run
      you stay there
      You congratulate me in awe
      Or let me cry inside while packing you up
      When you were new I was so excited
      for everyone to get matching bags
      I feel like we belong
      all of us
      as a team
      You watch silently
      Your big compartments hold all of my stuff
      You’re like a watch dog
      By Maleek
      Trees dancing in the wind
      Fine weather
      in the Caribbean
      White, sandy beaches
      Coconut trees almost everywhere you go
      Destructive hurricanes…
      Light blue, translucent ocean
      Enjoy my country!!!!!!!
    • The Seasons
      By Jessica
      When summer comes, flowers bloom
      Red, yellow, and purple, too
      Butterflies roam in the crisp, blue sky
      As they fly higher…I wave goodbye
      Here comes Autumn
      Leaves start to fall
      Bare autumn trees
      Stand lonely and tall
      Winter comes next
      With its cold, white snow
      Which drifts with the whistling wind
      As it blows
      Last, but not least
      Comes the beautiful spring
      Pollen is everywhere
      It makes my eyes sting
      By Alice
      Tiny little snowflakes,
      Drifting from the sky
      Each little snowflake different
      Just like the children in the world.
    • Poetry hides in my old skis
       By Hannah
      You’re too small to fit me
      But I still keep you close
      I learned how to ski
      On you
      You took it easy on me at first
      But when it was your time,
      You kind of just broke.
      So I understand that I am too big for you now
      But promise me one thing,
      You won’t walk off on your own.
      Bob the Purple Gnome
      By Evan
      Bob is a gnome who wears purple clothes.
      He stands next to a rose while the daffodil dose.
      Bob has a nose, a round plump nose,
      And it goes with him with him where ever he goes.
      Sometimes he goes to a tree to meet his friend Mr. Flea.
      They walk and talk in the street.
      They walk to the store to buy candy treats.
      I Wonder About History
      By Quinn
      I wonder if cavemen had pets?
      I wonder if dinosaurs liked cheese?
      I wonder if tea had flees or knees?
      I wonder about a lot of things.
      Most of them will never be answered.
    • A Ride That Was Scary
      By David
      I went on a ride that was so scary that I was going to faint!
      It went up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up
      And then it down!
      I thought O.M.G.
      Then I went, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”
      Until I got down
      Then I said, “Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!”
      Then I got off and said, “Done!”
      By Liam
      I stand at the foul line
      All eyes on me
      Sweat beading on my forehead
      My knees knocking
      The winning shot is all on me
      Victory rests on my shoulders
      I stand tall at the line
      I get over my fears
      I take the shot
      It spins in the air and comes down…
      I close my eyes…
      Cheers erupt from the crowd!
      My team comes to hug me!
      “We won, we won!!” my teammates cheer!
      Fire is fast and slow.
      It comes out of nothing.
      Fire grows on and on.
    • The Letter “R”
      R is for rabbit,
      A rock,
      And a river.
      A road,
      A robin,
      And the rainbow in rain.
      I Hear Something
      By Alex
      I hear a wolf howling A tiger growling
      A cheetah saying, “Hey, how are you doing?”
      It’s mighty yet informative.
      It has two hands,
      One smaller than the other.
      Like two brothers of different sizes.
      When it sounds a powerful rrr,
      And alarms the whole house.
      By Abby
      Easter, Easter, Easter
      A day when children run and play
      But this is no ordinary day.
      They look for eggs in the cabinets
      They look for eggs under the chair
      They look for eggs everywhere!
      Easter, Easter, Easter
      All kids like Easter!!!!!!
    • The Beach
      By Lizzy
      I hear the waves crashing on the sand, rolling in and out.
      I smell the salt water from the ocean.
      I see sea shells in the sand and in the ocean.
      I taste the cold ice cream from the food stands.
      I feel the soft sand slip through my hands.
      But mostly I love to hang out with my family!
      By Charlotte Heacock and Pagie
      Dream Like Tomorrow Will Never Come
      Like The Clouds Will Cover The Light
      Like The Glistening Sun Will Never Fall
      Dream Like You Could dance All Night…
      By Logan
      Fire sounds like crackling pop rocks giving hot air to me.
      It smells like burning ashes
      flying up the chimney
      being taken with the wind.
      By Luke C.
      Up with the best
      By John
      IT GOES UP
      I SCORE!
      WE WIN!
      Slimy, slimy, slimy frogs,
      Hopping to and fro,
      Oh, I bet all frogs wish,
      They aren’t those bumpy toads!
      Rain comes from the clouds,
      Coming down soft, then hard.
      Then comes a rainbow.
    • A Summer Day
      By Olivia
      Sweat pours off me like a waterfallI hear music playing
      “Ice cream!”
      The truck darts down the streetThe driver hits the brake with a screech!Everyone runs to him likea wild herd of nervous elephantsHe asks, “What can I get for you today?”I walk away licking my snow cone…
      Green Beauty
      I watch as his paintbrush
      transforms my walls
      into the depths of the ocean.
      The turtle glides
      and my dolphin whistles.
      I hear the melody of the ocean.
      Beauty has a new meaning in life,
      an awareness
      that was lacking before.
      The innocent faces
      and smooth backs
      are always together,
      a true family.
      My dolphin sings entirely for me.
      The sea turtle strokes just for me.
      They live for my happiness.
      They revolve around the ocean’s melody.
      Then the painter comes
      and takes my two best friends away
      They leave the way they came,
      under layers of paint,
      only this time
      I can’t bear to watch.
      I can still see my turtles
      who brought the ocean into my room.
      I can still hear my dolphin’s shrill whistles
      so unknowing of their fate.
    • Winter
      Cold, snowy
      Snowing, freezing, playing
      Chilly, frozen, warm, fun
      Tanning, running, relaxing
      Hot, sunny
      By Sam
      By Luke L.
      I wonder if the moon tastes like smelly cheese.
      I wonder if there are scary monsters under my bed.
      I wonder what heaven looks like.
      There are lots of things to wonder.
      Some we may never find out.
      A Cinquain by Nick
      Wind on my face
      The ball soars through the air
      I cradle it for a touchdown!
       The Donut Of Death
      By Eric
      One day I was up in my room
      When my dad said,
      “Hey son I have a surprise for you,”
      I sprung down the stairs to get my prize,
      My dad had a donut in his hand,
      I took the donut and ate it,
      I was now coughing like mad,
      I was choking and I also got very sick,
      I could never recover because the doctors did not have a cure,
      And that day I named that donut The Donut of Death.
    • Irish Dance
      By Sofia
      I tap my feet on the stage
      And hold my arms close to my sides
      I leap and hover above the floor
      As my Irish jumper glistens in the light
      Before I know it my dance is done
      They start to clap and cheer
      They want more
      And I don’t want to stop
      I’m in the world of Riverdance
      Only Fish
      I gazed at my new fish.
      Yes! You brought the best bowl!
      Let’s get them into the tank
      before they die.
      We poured the fish into the tank
      and an hour later
      one fish was dead!
      What happened to her?!
      I… Dunno.
      We buried her
      under the dogwood
      and moved on.
      Each day we lost a fish
      until they were all gone
      except for the ugliest one.
      Now when I see him swimming,
      I know that inwardly
      he’s laughing
      at how easy it had been
      for him to become
      an only fish.
      Penguinby Ben
      I met a penguin on the street.
      He was waddling along.
      I said, “Hello, Penguin.”
      But when he looked at me,
      He threw a snowball!
      That why now I don’t
      Talk to penguins on the street.
    • The Moon
      By Elizabeth
      As I sit by my window
      All of a sudden, the sun goes down
      A bright, silvery light shines on my face
      and the stars come out
      It seems that they have been hiding all day
      and then they appear
      It seems like the moon is saying,
      “It’s all right, you can shine…“
      I watch as the silver light hits the glassy water of my pond
      It all seems like a dream…
      The stillness… it’s like twilight
      I pinch myself… it’s not a dream
      I watch… it’s magical
      The clock strikes twelve
      I feel my eyes closing…
      I wake up…
      I hope it’s like that
      By Maximo
      The ball coming towards me as fast as a sports car
      I dig my foot in the ground I swing my bat as hard as a jet blast
      I crush the ball the wind takes it moving farther and farther... HOMERUN!
      We win!We leave with our heads up high
    • Jamaica
      A Haiku by JP
      Palm trees fluttering
      Sun shining unfailingly
      Opaque water everywhere
      A Cinquain by Mikayla
      The shine of light
      Collapsing on new grass
      Waiting for me to come outside
      By Ilaria
      I love ice cream
      Always around
    • Where I’m From
      By Isabella
      I’m from looking for rainbows and watching Monsters Inc. just about every day,To going to Sunday morning church & playing piano for my parents.I’m from playing Super Monkey Ball with my sister to jumping into leaves in autumn, I’m from swimming in paradise at the Polynesian Resort in Florida to defeating a dragon at Great Wolf Lodge.I’m from touching the clouds on the swings and setting my lungs on fire while running fast playing tag, I’m from ripping the wrapping paper to smithereens on Christmas Day to anticipating surprises in my birthday presents.I’m from reading like a bookworm to doing awesome front-flips on the diving board during summertime,I’m from almost breaking my back and legs in gymnastics to climbing like a monkey to places where other kids can’t reach.From rainbows to climbing, these are the memories I am from.
      Thoughtby JacobSitting thereBy myself
      What a wonderfulthing.
    • Track
      By Ann Marie
      Speed is the goal
      When I run I feel alive
      I run as fast as the wind
      I believe I can beat anybody
      When I see the other runners
      slowing down
      That is when I know…
      I have to sprint
      Tritina for Jumping on a Horse
      by Annika
      The first time I was going to jump
      a horse, I was nervous that I was going to fall.
      The horse, Folly, thought that I was experienced.
      I hadn’t experienced
      this before. I expected to have Folly jump
      and for me to fall.
      Once I cleared the jump and didn’t fall,
      I realized that I’m experienced
      now, and could clear any jump.
      I experienced the jump again and knew I wouldn’t fall off.
    • Percy Jackson
      By Sean
      Percy Jackson--
      Fearless like a god
      Son of Poseidon
      As brave as a tiger protecting its cubs
      Always has a plan
      Skilled in swordsmanship
      Where Poetry Hides
      By Cameron
      Poetry hides in the ocean
      The rumbling of the waves
      The cool breezy air
      That follows the wave
      Poetry is in the salty breeze
      It’s in aftertaste of the ocean
      Poetry is in the fish
      That swim
      Poetry hides inside a shell
      Where life once grew
      Poetry is even in the sailboat
      That drifts along the shore
      Poetry is in the water
    • Blubber
      By Nicole
      Extra, extra fat, funny, jiggly
      Whales have blubber which makes them fat.
      Also seals have fat.
      Blubber makes you super fat.
      The end about blubber.
      Tritina for Rain
      By Jack
      Rain with all its beautiful wetness
      You never harm me.
      You just make me feel good.
      But how good?
      Your spring-green, life-giving wetness
      Refreshes me.
      Outside I laugh when you fall on me
      Sometimes you bring floods, but that doesn’t affect your good
      You make joyful puddles of wetness.
      Even with all of your wetness, you only bring me a good fun life.
    • Candy
      By Dixie’Drea
      C is for caramel delight
      A is for Almond Joy
      N is for Nestles Crunch
      D is for Dum Dums
      Y is for York Peppermint patties
      By Charlotte and Paige
      Each One So Different
      With Its Own Little Charm
      And Meaning No Harm
      Daisies So Perfect
      as Yellow As Sun
      Buttercups Swaying
      Having Much Fun
      Pink, Florescent Tulips
      Blowing Kisses In The Breeze
      While the Violets’
      Purple Glow
      Answers To The Trees
      Charming Cherry Blossoms
      So Sweet, So Tiny, and Pink
      So Dainty and Delicate
      You Would Never
      Want To Blink
      The Rush
      I get out of the car from school
      and run into my house
      as fast as I can.
      My au-pair, Kelly
      told me in the car
      that I have
      an early soccer game.
      After I get in the house
      I get trampled by my puppies.
      As Logan comes in,
      the puppies swarm him.
      I unpack my bag
      and finish my homework.
      I get all my other things done
      so fast my head is spinning.
      After I am all done
      I have one more thing,
      the game.
    • Ode to Pie
      By Owen
      Oh pie, your creamy filling is beyond greatness.
      Oh pie, you take me away with your awesomeness.
      I savor every bite of your deliciousness
      I eat slowly and it takes me an eternity to eat you,
      As you are the ultimate treat.
      You are pie!
      A Name
      I open the lid
      and I pull the shoes out of the box.
      They are small.
      I love these shoes.
      I think about them
      and when I scored
      my first goal
      with these shoes.
      I was four.
      I’m still excited
      about my first goal.
      Then I see words,
      a name, I couldn’t believe it said my name,
      WOW !
      These are my favorite soccer shoes.
      I close the lid.
      Ode to Yoshiby Carson
      Oh Yoshi, your super fast legs carry baby Mario away from the shy guys
      Your tongue can eat hammer bros. hammers
      You are so great, you even have an island
      Oh Yoshi, you are more awesome than anything else…
      except for hot fudge sundaes.
    • What Is It?
      By Emily
      My mom comes in the room with a smile on her face.
      She told us to clean and don’t leave a trace.
      So my sister and I look for things we can find but what is it?
      What is it is running through our minds?
      So we went downstairs asking questions like is it fluffy?
      My mom opened the door and there was a puppy!
      Horseback Riding
      By Maddy
      The wind whips my hair
      As I canter to a cross-rail jump
      Fear rings in my ears!
      As I land
      the fear is gone
      like snow melting on a sunny day
      I give my horse a pat
      as we canter away.
      Teachers teach you well,
      They teach you throughout the day.
      Teachers are the best!
    • Ode to Cats
      By Hannah B.
      Oh cats, sleeping in your warm soft beds,
      You meow in an innocent tone,
      melting the hearts of cat lovers everywhere.
      People who think you are a weird ball of fluff
      obviously can’t appreciate the feel of your soft fur when everything that day has gone wrong.
      You can be as fierce as your wild ancestors,
      but yet you can be as gentle as a slight breeze of wind.
      You smell like the fresh scent of morning,
      especially when you just came from outside.
      Dogs have their bone,
      and athletes have their trophies,
      but I have you, cats.
      There is a Dragon Under My Bed
      by Cole C.There is a dragon under my bedI can tell from that disgusting dragon droolI dare not look to see
      because he will eat me wholeI won’t go to sleep
      because he’d slither up and eat me I finally say to myself, Look, you’ll be dinner, anyway…And, to my surprise,
      I see my stuffed dragon, Mr. Fire Sneeze!
      I drop my midnight drink, the “dragon drool…”
      and I laugh
    • My Grandfather’s Glasses
      By Freddy
      The reflection in my grandfather’s glasses
      Glows and bends
      Like a wave,
      Water glistening in the sun
      Drowning the amazing gray eyes
      Behind them.
      Katie loves soccer and softball.
      At Pools, Katie likes to dive.
      The color of her bedroom walls is purple.
      In winter, she likes to go sledding.
      Every day, she has fun!
      Ode to Books
      By Brooke
      Oh books, how knowledgeable you can be
      Each time I turn the page something new awaits me
      Each book I finish is forever in my brain
      I get smarter and smarter each time I pick you up
      Bigger words soaking into my vocabulary
      I will never forget the beautiful words
      And your title will be with me forever.
    • Cake
      By Philip
      Something I could munch on forever
      But I mostly only eat it
      at birthday parties…
      That stinks!
      Vanilla…chocolate…red velvet
      They sound like angels singing
      Seeing cake get chopped up into tiny pieces
      And I’m getting most of it…
      Shoving it all into my face
      But I still wish I could get…
      all of that awesome cake.
      By Deanna
      Seashells… little pieces of sunshine
      They wash onto the sandy beaches
      So magnificent and clean
      I love the sound they make washing against the gorgeous ocean
      Luc likes soccer!
      He is nice and fun!
      He is athletic!
      His favorite animal is a dog!
      He also likes to watch TV!
      Suzie Lou
      Suzie Lou buckled her shoe every day and night.
      Suzie Lou even buckled her shoe when she was in a fright.
      If Suzie Lou didn’t buckle her shoe, it might go clickety clack all night.
      Now do you see why Suzie Lou buckles her shoe?
    • Summer
      A Cinquain by Felix
      Scorching, Muggy
      Swimming, Soccer, Relaxing
      The Best Season Ever
      Building with Lego figures
      I like to build with Legos
      and collect mini figures.
      Star Wars, Harry Potter, and even a witch.
      I like to mix them up.
      Ahsoka disguised as a clone trooper.
      Harry Potter wearing a witch hat,
      Lucius Malfoy as a Gryffindor student,
      and even Dobby as a Gryffindor student,
      Harry Potter in Dobby’s outfit.
      Well, you get the idea.
      Poetry Between the Pages
      By Abigail
      I peer at the pages of the book
      Feeling the worn cover
      Wondering who was the last one to read its wonderful words
      Thinking about what happens next
      I open the book again
      The words overcome my mind
      And I suddenly appear in a dense forest
      I push past some brambles and meet all my friends
      Someone calls my name
      I realize it’s not in my
      It’s my mom bringing me back to reality
      I walk over
      And clutch my book to my chest
      Thinking what will happen when I return.
    • My Dress up Box
      I walk down the stairs
      To my old dress up box.
      It looks lonely,
      thrown down,
      and forgotten about.
      I walk over to the box
      and open it.
      There was every type of clothes
      you could think of.
      There were cowgirl clothes,
      dance recital dresses,
      and everything in between.
      It was full of memories
      from when I was little.
      I picked up one of the blue sparkly dresses
      that I wore in my first dace recital.
      I wish I could sit there all day
      and look at the outfits.
      and bring back all of the memories .
      Once I leave,
      I see the old box
      that looks like
      it was thrown down
      and forgotten about.
      A Flavor Explosion!
      I start the scavenger hunt
      for the bag
      that holds wonderful, different tastes.
      I find what I’ve been looking for
      and ask if anybody wants some.
      Then I eat one.
      and the flavor exploded right from the center
      like an atomic bomb!
      As my tongue goes numb,
      I realize it has such a sweet, wonderful taste!
      How I love Swedish Fish!
      Little Britches
      I look at them.
      They look so small
      that I can’t imagine myself
      in those little britches.
      But I did wear the cute little outfit
      when I was young,
      seven years ago .
      It seems like such a long time
      as I look at them now.
      Seven years ago.
      Emma Kathryn
    • The Piano Recital
      By Erin
      The man says my name
      I slowly walk up to the piano
      My heart pounding in my chest
      as I walk
      It looks so far away
      I feel sick to my stomach
      I bow and take a seat
      People are staring
      I start to get nervous
      I close my eyes and take a deep breath
      I start to play the delicate instrument
      The next thing I know it’s over
      The audience claps as I stand up
      I bow to say thank you
      And leave
      leaving the instrument alone in the silent room
      as the next player comes up to play the piano.
      Brave, powerful
      Fighting, shooting, doing
      Flies up, flies down
      Hiding, swiftly, attacking
      Tiptoeing, running
      By Sophia
      Butterflies, soaring through the sky,
      Oh, pretty, pretty, pretty.
      Their wings, colorful like a rainbow,
      Oh, pretty, pretty, pretty.
      I love butterflies.
      I hope you like them, too.
      Bright, attractive
      Sounding, shooting, lighting
      Colors, rushing skyward, dark, emptiness
      Wrenching, darkening, scaring
      Menacing, cold
      By Jake
    • Trapped
      You’re trappedbut don’t worry,
      you’re in good hands.
      I lift my finger tips and peek
      at your glowing body.
      I know I can’t keep you,
      but I will enjoy you while you’re here.
      I open my hands.
      You crawl off my palm
      and to my hand,
      then my arm,
      and soon my elbow.
      It tickles,
      but I dare not move.
      I will keep you until the end,
      the end until you fly away
      and go with your real family.
      The feeling is gone.
      I look on my arm
      and notice you’re gone.
      I begin to search my legs,
      anywhere to find that magical feeling
      when I have you trapped.
      I open the wrapper
      as fast as I can.
      The whole thing
      is covered in chocolate.
      I don’t eat the chocolate covered candy
      but break the bar in half.
      I see the golden brown and yellow color.
      I bite one end and taste
      the golden yellow honey comb flavor.
      I lick the insides to feel
      a crisp like a hard foam or a honey comb.
      I break the rest of the yellow candy in half
      and save the rest for later.
    • My New Bat
      I wrap my left hand
      around the base
      of the black leather grip
      while using my right
      to slide off its thick black case
      to reveal my new bat.
      I slowly grasp it
      with both hands
      and walk over to an open area
      to take a swing
      and to see if I like
      the way it feels.
      It was a little heavy,
      just how I like it.
      Memory Box
      I grab the painted box
      off the dusty shelf
      and open the lid.
      What do I find?
      Memories of long ago,
      now only remembered
      in pictures and souvenirs.
      The pictures inside
      are just small moments
      of my big events in life,
      just small moments
      tucked inside
      my Memory Box.
      Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
      The ice cream is so good.
      I pick up the spoon.
      It’s like time slows down.
      I slowly lift
      the soft liquid,
      to my lips and it tastes
      like heaven,
      like time slows down.