Poetry Anthology 2010


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Poetry Anthology 2010

  1. 1. POETRY ANTHOLOGY2010<br />By the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Poets of NFS<br />“If you are a dreamer, come in.<br /> If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,<br /> a hoper, a prayer, a magic-bean-buyer. <br />If you're a pretender, come sit by my fire, <br />for we have some flax-golden tales to spin. <br />Come in! Come in!”<br />Shel Silverstein<br />
  2. 2. Rain<br />Pouring slowly down,<br />Every drop filled with water, <br />Falling from the clouds.<br />MeghaA<br />The Wonders of the Shore<br />By Grace B<br />I see large waves coming to the shoreline-- <br />I see sand blowing in the wind like a tornado spinning--<br />I see boys riding on a wave the size of a Tsunami-- <br /> I see umbrellas slowly swaying back and forth like trees in the wind--<br /> I see crabs wobbling and stumbling to the water like zebras being chased by a Lion--<br /> I see white birds flying through the mist of the ocean, scouting for food-- <br />I see fish as dark as night moving in and out of seaweed --<br />I see small tan-colored shells slowly progressing up the shore like tiny turtles looking for food--<br />I see a huge orange ball of light moving slowly downward into the darkness--<br />But, right now, I simply hear the crystal blue water singing to me.<br />Books<br />By John O’B<br />Books are everywhere<br />Books are smart <br />So if we read books<br />We will be as smart.<br />Ode to Butter<br />O, butter…your smooth silkiness defeats the world in the taste for eternal butterness,<br /> your sweetness conquers the evil powers of salt,<br />your squirtableness is amazing when it flies through the air to the beefy, beautiful nostrils of the salt,<br />your fattening abilities break every rule that defies mankind. <br />Butter, you are a new super hero to kids everywhere <br />You got your fame when you defeated the salt by squirting him in the nostril with your squirting abilities <br />You are the heavenly food.<br />~Annie C<br /> 1<br />
  3. 3. Birds<br />Birds flying so high,<br />Birds singing so gracefully,<br />Looking beautiful.<br />Elizabeth B<br />5W<br />By James N<br />Juan<br />Took a plane <br />To his mom’s<br />At six o’ clock<br />To have dinner<br />Soccer Finals<br />By NiccoloA<br />My team winning five to four <br />A player on the other team heads the ball into the net<br />My teammate and I line up in the center of the field<br /> I take a pass from my friend<br />I dribble like a lion chasing its prey<br />Four seconds left<br /> I fire a shot!<br />The ball flies like an eagle<br />So fast that the goalie can’t reach it<br />That is the game<br />I feel like I can do anything!<br />DS Lite<br />I went into the store <br />and rushed to the video games department. <br />I got out my money and grabbed an onyx Ds Lite.<br />The color that I wanted.<br />My Dad got me Pokémon Diamond,<br />the game I always wanted.<br />I paid for it <br />and left feeling happy.<br />Jack C<br />A Tritina to Soccer<br />To play soccer you gotta have fun<br />You have to slide tackle<br />And you have to score goals<br />  <br />You win by scoring goals<br />If you aren’t smiling, you are not having fun<br />And don’t forget to slide tackle<br /> <br />To impress your coach, slide tackle<br />Always make sure you’re scoring goals<br />And most importantly, have fun<br /> <br />When I come off the field, I make sure I had fun, scored goals, and had an amazing slide tackle.<br />~ Jake G<br />2<br />
  4. 4. Salmon<br />By Emma S<br />Sadness<br />Hearing my parents crying<br />I ask in my little baby voice<br />“Why are you crying?”<br />All I hear in my little baby ears is sadness<br />“Is something wrong?” I ask<br />“Where is Sah?”<br />They start crying even more<br />Then I realize she is gone for good…<br />My first time at Carson’s House<br />On the way to Carson’s house I was waiting in the car<br /> thinking about some of the things we would do.<br /> I would show him how to beat some levels in Lego Star Wars,<br /> go in his pool,<br /> and play with his robot shark. <br />When we got there, <br />we did all of the things I thought we would do.<br /> I really like his basement.<br /> There is a flat screen TV and even a refrigerator.<br /> I also like his robot shark.<br /> It’s more maneuverable than I thought.<br /> I even used it to attack Carson’s dad in the pool.<br />Well now it’s was over<br /> and as we were driving home, <br />I thought about all the things we did. <br />And I had a really good time with Carson. <br />Frederick E<br />Aliens<br />By Nick L<br />Green, Slimy<br />Brain Sucking, UFO Flying, Mind Controlling,<br />Crazy, Destructive, Careless, Brain-dead<br />Extraterrestrial<br />The Carrot<br />I hold his carrot way up in the air <br />and say, “Here boy! Here boy! Want it?” <br />I tried to throw the carrot in a good direction <br />so I wouldn’t hit anything. <br />The carrot was fake. <br />But when he gets his carrot,<br />he tries to eat it!<br />I hear his squeaker in the carrot go squeak squeak<br />In the middle of the night!<br />That two-leafed orange carrot<br />Was like his second best friend even though he was a dog.<br />Hannah G<br />3<br />
  5. 5. The Wind<br />The wind, so peaceful<br />Invisible, but still felt<br />Lightly blowing through.<br />Cole C<br />The Storm<br />By Cameron W<br />I see the trees blowing around<br />I feel the cool breeze blowing in my hair <br />I hear thunder in the far distance<br />I see the sky turning to gray<br />I feel the rain turning to hail<br />I hear the trees rustling along with the thunder<br />I see the hail beating against the ground<br />I feel the hail like needles pricking me a million times<br />I hear the hail pitter-pattering on the ground <br />But then it goes away--<br />To reveal a sunny day<br />So I stay out to play<br />Bob By Thomas E<br />Bob was a really great guy,<br />But he was a little bit shy,<br />He ate some gum, And choked on his thumb,<br />And that’s how he had to die.<br />Ode to Soda<br />Soda, oh soda how I need you.<br />From your shiny red wrapper to your tall white cap, you make me plead.<br />Without you, the lack of your tastiness makes my head spin.<br />Soda, am I worthy to drink your sweet, carbonated goodness?<br />Oh soda, am I? <br />~ Nicholas C<br />4<br />
  6. 6. A Place in the Clouds<br />I think there’s a place in the clouds somewhere,<br />up in the clean, blue sky.<br />A place with love and hope, <br />and never a tear to cry.<br />A place in the clouds to always try, <br />a place in heaven for us to fly.<br />Charlotte H<br />The Waves<br />Waves hitting the beach,<br />Huge waves going back and forth,<br />Very peacefully.<br />JP I<br />The Pen<br /> <br />A pen...<br />Feels like doing A+ work<br />Looks like perfected papers<br />Sounds like someone correcting a test<br />Feels like finishing a long, boring test, the kind that our teacher would give us.<br />Smells like victory, sweat, and rubber.<br />A pen makes me feel glad.<br />~ Sook-HeeE<br />Bio Poem<br />Betsy<br />Silly, Happy, Accident-prone, Kind<br />Sibling of Katie & Emily<br />Lover of turtles<br />Fears blood, bloody things, & poisonous, hairy, or slimy bugs<br />Needs baking supplies at home at all times<br />Gives food to her turtle<br />Would like to see many fenced-in parks for dogs all across America<br />Resident of Newtown Borough<br />H<br />5<br />
  7. 7. Gymnastics<br />By Elena C<br />Flipping like an acrobat at a circus<br />Springing backwards like a bouncing ball in reverse<br />Standing on your hands with the world <br />upside down<br />Cart-wheeling like an out-of-control spinning wheel<br />Rolling backwards and forwards<br />like a roly poly bug<br />Gymnastics<br />The Sun<br />Shining high above, <br />Everyday reflecting,<br />A hot ball of flames.<br />Sean K<br />The Waterfallby Kyle M<br />Fresh from a river<br />And falls down into a lake<br />Like someone crying <br />Pink<br />I shake it up. <br />Then I twist till it all mixes in. <br />I open the cap<br />And hold it against my hand<br />To see <br />To See if it is the right shade.<br />I lift up the brush.<br />I lift up the brush<br />With a drop<br />Of pink polish on the tip<br />And coat each finger one by one<br />And carefully, very carefully, I let it dry.<br />My nails are PINK!<br />Kate K<br />HoneybeeBy: Annie MHoneybee! Honeybee!I love you a lot!The honey you make, just can’t be forgot!It sweetens my tea, and makes my bread yummy! <br />Honeybee! Honeybee!You‘re great for my tummy!<br />6<br />
  8. 8. Cat # Bach<br />By Abigail Y<br />My cat, Bach, sleeps<br />All day and all night.<br />She only gets up<br />To eat like a fright!<br />When she wants to go out,<br />She makes a big ruckus!<br />But, when the door opens<br />She sits still and looks sluggish!<br />During dinner, she sits by me<br />She begs for food and looks so sleek<br />I roll my eyes and say, “No!”<br />But, she stays, and I start to shriek!<br />At night, she sleeps so silently on my bed—<br />I hear her breath—it fills my head—<br />I love to sleep with her so much<br />But when she snores, my brain goes dead!<br />RecessBy Robert G<br />Recess is fun, <br />It’s really cool,<br />It’s the only fun thing, you do at school,<br />P.E. is fine,<br />Music is O.K.<br /> But they don’t compare, to recess everyday! <br />Big Disappointment<br />I went to an amusement park <br />and saw a lot of rides I wanted to go on. <br />But I was really there to go on one called Leap the Dip<br />Big disappointment.<br /> But my dad said it was the first rollercoaster ever made <br />so I was instead exited. <br />I had to wait in line literally 2 hours <br />so I could get on. <br />Big disappointment. <br />Once I did it was so boring <br />You go ½ mile an hour <br />And then there’s this 2 inch drop <br />And then it’s over.<br /> It was a …<br />Big disappointment!!!!!!!!<br />Ben J<br />7<br />
  9. 9. Horseback Riding<br />By Alyssa M<br />I like to ride--horses are gentle and calm…<br />Especially bigger horses<br /> They make me feel more at ease<br />I feel relaxed and flowing with the rhythm of their movement<br />I lose all my worries <br />I lose all my fears<br />Horseback Riding<br />Friends<br />Friends help you<br />Friends help me,<br />Friends are special<br />Friends are great<br />We are all together, <br />We live as one <br />We are one big family.<br />Friends help each other,<br />Friends are connected<br />Friends are the best.<br />By Alice K<br />Sports<br />It looks fun when <br />you get dirty playing<br />sports.<br /> <br />It feels great <br />whenever you get<br />points on the <br />scoreboard to<br />help your team.<br /> <br />It smells like two <br />points, one goal, <br />one touchdown, and <br />one hit.<br /> <br />It feels wonderful playing sports.<br />~ Ryan C<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Horsesby Sophia LHorses, horses, you’re very neat, it tickles my fingersas I give you a treat, You’re fast, awesome, and lots, lots more!What else could a person possibly ask for?Horses, horses, you’re just fineit doesn’t matter what color, shape, or size, The most important thing is…that you’re mine!<br />8<br />
  10. 10. Colonial Snowstorm<br /> (based on the painting “Snowstorm Mill and Homestead at Springtown”)<br />By Kate B<br />Snow is falling all around us<br />Bells are jingling on the snow-covered horses pulling sleighs<br />“Giddyap!” The man on the sleigh urges his horse into the flurries of snow…<br />Trees are swaying in the wind<br /> Snow is falling on the roof above my head<br />Silence everywhere…<br />Not a living thing, except the man on the sleigh, the horse and…<br />Me<br />The man comes into my doorway where I am watching <br />Waiting for him to ask to come in…<br />Sure enough, he comes and asks…<br />“You’re late.”<br />“I know, dearest.”<br />He stresses the word dearest…<br />“Just come in… <br />Father…”<br />5W Poem By Evan BEvanI played hockey on a pondon my birthdayto have fun<br />White Flowers<br />The white flowers,<br />Feel light and gentle,<br />Smell like perfume,<br />Look like delicate pieces of cloth,<br />Blowing in the wind,<br />So light,<br />Slowly blowing away,<br />Going…<br />Going…<br />Gone.<br />~ Sarah K<br /> Me As a Piano Player<br />By Paige K<br />My fingers start<br />To touch the shining<br />Black and white keys<br />As my stomach starts <br />To tingle as my hands begin to shake<br />While people start flashing their<br />Video players and cameras <br />At me<br />When you shut your eyes<br />To blink<br />You open them up and it’s all over.<br />9<br />
  11. 11. Summer<br />By Jeremy H<br />I can’t wait to get out of this place they call school<br />I can’t wait to play games all day<br />I can’t wait for no homework, especially tests<br />I just can’t wait for no school<br />Summer is finally here<br /> I can do whatever I want<br />Playing soccer and baseball all day long!<br />Ohh! Wait! All my friends are going to camp!<br />I can’t wait for school next year<br />Crash<br />By Felix V<br />There they go,<br />past the finish line<br />OH!!!!!!!!!!!! <br />It’s a crash!!!! <br />Crash, boom, bang!<br />48 wins! <br /> Jimmie Johnson!!!!!!<br />Ode to my Sk8board<br />Oh skateboard, you’re a taste of joy and satisfaction when I ride you,<br />When I ride on you it’s like everything else disappears,<br />When I’m riding you it feels like I’m the king of the world,<br />Oh skateboard, it feels like you and me can accomplish anything together.<br />~ Alex M<br />Air Ear<br />I pinch my nose,<br />Take a deep breath,<br />And try to blow out my nose.<br />For some reason<br /> It comes<br />Out my ears.<br />Maybe it’s a gift.<br /> Maybe not.<br />But for now I have<br /> An<br /> Air ear<br />Owen L<br />10<br />
  12. 12. Dogs<br />Dogs with fur like silk,<br />Smelling good after bathing, <br />Running free outside.<br />Liam M<br />Sleepover<br />By AnnMarieB<br />Nervous when I walked in their house<br />Will I survive the night?<br />I miss my mom<br />I feel water<br />Warm water running down my cheek<br />I wipe it<br />So my friend doesn’t see<br />“Nature”<br />By OmeedN<br />Trees sway in the wind<br />Birds chirp while gliding through the air<br />The wind speaks to me<br />It calms my spirit down<br />The wonders of nature.<br />Flowers are in blossom<br />The sun shines on the earth<br />Rain covers the sky and soaks everything<br />A rainbow appears <br />and the cycle restarts.<br />Fudge Dog<br /> “Click!”<br />The gate opens only to find Thomo sitting there staring at me.<br />He is sitting on the pale white steps<br />shaking his black furry butt.<br />“WOOF!”<br />Thomo barks. <br />It echoes far and he follows me into the house.<br />I go upstairs.<br />And lock the doggy gate only to leave Thomo sitting there.<br />ByLefawoM<br />Bio Poem<br /> Chet <br />Athletic, awesome, tall, smart,<br />Sibling of Katie,<br />Lover of sports,<br />Who fears nothing,<br />Who gives love to his family,<br />Who would like to see Ichiro Suzuki,<br />Resident of Newtown<br />K.<br />11<br />
  13. 13. Sports Mike<br />Sports, the god of all living thing, king of kings, even legends bow down to you, how I worship you, may you teach me of your ways and may you count me as worthy, O, how I wish I can be like you, the smell of you is greatness, may I play?<br />We All Hang Together<br />(based on the painting “We All Hang Together:)<br /> <br />All lined up one by one, <br />We all hang together.<br />Like the Three Musketeers <br />or Peas in a Pod<br />We all hang together.<br />Brother and sister <br />or Family as one<br /> We all hang together.<br /> <br />By: AnnikaN<br /> <br />Rain<br />Very cold and wet,<br />Pouring on us from the clouds, <br />very peacefully.<br />Madeline N<br />Summer<br />By Michael O<br />Summer is here<br />Schools closing down<br />Never going to bed<br />Playing games all day and night<br />Eating ice cream<br />Swimming all day<br />Playing video games<br />The time flies… <br />Summer is done…<br />Whoa…school …no!!!!<br />A burned-down tree drops a seed as a dove with a leaf in its mouth flies over<br />~ John G<br />12<br />
  14. 14. Ode to Sports<br />O sports, I can’t live without you…unless I don’t like your team.<br />O sports, why are you so fun… because I haven’t<br /> missed a game yet.<br />O sports, why does there have to be so many of you?<br />O sports, you are so awesome and interesting at the same time.<br />O sports, I’m your biggest fan. <br />~ HoldynB<br />Everlasting Winter<br />By Ashley S<br /> (based on the painting “Snowstorm Mill and Homestead at Springtown”)<br />Snow is falling <br />Making a white,fluffy blanket <br />Horses are pulling sleighs around town <br />Every step with hardly a sound.<br />Pitter patter… pitter patter …goes their hooves<br />Brushing the snow as if saying, “Go, go, go!”<br />Dash to the left… swerve to the right<br />As the sleigh pushes through the moonlight.<br />Along the way you see children laughing<br />Animals seeking prey<br />A big gust of wind pushes the snow<br />Hoping this day will never go!<br />Rain…Bows<br />Before every rainbow unfortunately comes rain,<br />Before any love always come pain,<br />Before any fortune always comes a deal, <br />Before any dessert always comes your healthy meal,<br />Before any sunshine comes a cloud,<br />And Before any concert, there always is a crowd.<br />Now why can’t things come in one not two? Now just look it up, that’s something you might have to do.<br />~ MadieL<br />13<br />
  15. 15. Light<br />By Alex S<br />When the sky is light <br />I am dark <br />When the sky is dark<br /> I am light.<br />When the snow is falling<br />I am warm<br />When the sun is shining<br />I am cold.<br />When it’s dinnertime<br />I am full<br />When it’s not<br />I am hungry.<br />I am just the opposite<br />Of everything <br />Treesby Hannah D<br />Its branches spread out, <br />The green leaves touch me softly, <br />The tears drip down my face. <br />O’ bacon,<br />How you sizzle in your fatty juices,<br />You are the best food there ever was or ever will be,<br />Pigs despise you, but that is because they haven’t tasted your succulent strips of fat and fried meat,<br />My taste buds are sad when my plate is empty,<br />O’ bacon…<br />~Alexander G<br />5W<br />By Joey F<br />Pahood<br />Ate 82 cheeseburgers<br />At his mom’s house<br />On Tuesday<br />Because he is always hungry.<br />14<br />
  16. 16. Tigers<br />Tigers’ loud roaring, <br />Hearing them from far away,<br />Amazing pouncers.<br />Nick P<br />The Moon<br />Moon shining bright, <br />Looking beautiful in the sky,<br /> Bringing night into day.<br />VirS<br />Bio Poem<br />Emily<br />Caring, Friendly, Fun, Tall,<br />Sibling of Austin Arington,<br />Lover of fashion designing,<br />Who fears poisonous snakes,<br />Who needs to brush her hair,<br />Who gives support to her friends,<br />Who would like to see world peace,<br />Resident of Yardley, Pennsylvania<br />K<br />Weird Bob By MatteoDBob had sat down on a frog, And then he took a long jog, He slipped on a daisy, and felt very crazy, <br />Oh that weird man named Bob<br />Sports, <br />the god of all living things,<br />king of kings, <br />even legends bow down to you, how I worship you,<br /> may you teach me of your ways <br />and may you count me as worthy, <br />O, how I wish I can be like you, the smell of you is greatness. <br />May I play?<br />~ Mike O’B<br />15<br />
  17. 17. A Tritina for Pizza<br />I wait at a pizzeria for my pizza.<br />As it approaches, I can smell the tasty cheese.<br />The pizza is handed to me, and I smell the sauce.<br />The pizza enters my mouth and I taste the zesty sauce.<br />As I am eating I think: I love pizza!<br />As I chew, my taste buds can not resist your tasty cheese.<br />As I start to finish my pizza, I admire the cheese. <br />When I leave the pizzeria, I feel in need of more sauce.<br />As I walk, I feel that I want more pizza.<br />I quickly turn around and run back to the pizzeria because I know that nothing tastes better than cheese, sauce, and of course pizza. <br />~ Gene N<br />Soccer<br />By Matthew R<br />Soccer is in my blood,<br />Soccer is a good<br />Sport for me<br />Soccer is a <br />Really good sport<br />Soccer is the <br />Most popular sport<br />Soccer is a<br />Game to<br />Play when you’re really bored.<br />HoagiesBy Reilly S<br />Hoagies! Hoagies!<br />I live on you,<br />Hoagies and grinders <br />Subs, ham and cheese,<br />Hoagies! Hoagies!<br />I live on you,<br />With a slice of tomato<br />And lettuce and cheese<br />Hoagies! Hoagies!<br />I live on you.<br />16<br />
  18. 18. My Pond<br />By Ben D<br /> Fish swimming like silver bullets darting through the water<br /> Ducks diving like submarines<br /> Wind whistling like a man with a good tune<br /> Water spinning like whirling fireworks<br />Geese honking like cars stuck in a traffic jam<br />My pond<br />Toast<br />I can always boast about eating toast,<br />because toast gives me the most.<br />One time I saw a ghost<br />When I was eating toast because I was at the coast of the host of my post.<br />I love when I get the most toast.<br />~ Leo N<br />Limerickby Paul R<br />There once was a fella named Guy<br />Who went out to get some pie<br />And when he did<br />He slipped on a squid<br />And got chased away by a fly.<br />17<br />
  19. 19. DJ Tritina<br />You step on the floor because you hear your song.<br />You see nothing but lights, <br />the ground vibrating with the loud thud of the speaker. <br /> <br />You stop because the sound changes from the speaker.<br />Now it’s a different song. <br />The songs change the movement of the lights. <br /> <br />Then, a burst of blue and red lights, <br />No more sounds from the speaker, <br />But I wanted one more song. <br /> <br />The party’s over. I see the DJ pack the shining lights, the huge speakers, and all the machines that play music. <br />~ Michael K<br />Popcorn!<br />Pop. Poof. Pop. Pop.<br />My little brother and I looked in the microwave.<br />We had been standing there, on the stool,<br /> For FIVE minutes!<br />And finely we heard just,<br />What we had been waiting for<br />BEEP, BEEP, BEEP.<br />I opened the microwave door hurriedly. <br />It.<br />Was time <br />To eat<br />Some POPCORN! <br />Kurt M<br />When Bobby Came Home<br />By Sofia F<br />When Bobby came home<br />Love was everywhere <br />When Bobby came home <br />Family was there<br />When Bobby came home<br />He was too precious to touch <br />When Bobby came home <br />We all love him sooo much<br />18<br />
  20. 20. The Sky<br />By Patrick M<br />Birds chirping<br />The sound reminds me of mice scuttling across the floor<br />Clouds moving <br />Like cats stalking their prey<br />Sun burning <br />The heat warms my skin as if I’m standing near an oven<br />The Sky <br />Flower Petals<br />They’re the color of my cheeks when I’m embarrassed,<br />They look like tufts of pink fur falling down to earth,<br />They feel gentle and soft, they tickle my face,<br />They smell like summer and spring breezes,<br />They’re as hot as the summer sun,<br />Yet they’re as cold as an icicle<br />They make me feel relaxed,<br />They’re pink petals,<br />Floating in the sun.<br />~ Sophia S<br />19<br />
  21. 21. Almost<br />After Kathleen’s soccer game<br /> We begged my mom and dad to stop at Pet Plus<br />To see the puppies. <br />So we did. <br />We got a puppy<br /> To go in the gate with us.<br />We got a Shih Tzu.<br />We loved the puppy but we could not get it.<br />When we got in the car I asked my mom why we didn’t get the puppy.<br />She said I do not want to get our first puppy there.<br /> I want the whole family to be here.<br />OK.<br />And that was it.<br />Caroline O<br />Who Will I Be?<br />By Erin H<br />Who will I be?<br />Who will I be?<br />Will I be a little dog? <br />Will I be a giant frog?<br />Who will I be? <br />Who will I be? <br />Will I be a clown <br />with his hair upside down?<br />Will I be a book <br />with a cover of a cook?<br />Who will I be? <br />Who will I be?<br />Strawberry Lipstick<br />I opened a fresh new pack of lipstick<br />And smelled the fake smell of strawberry.<br />I tightened the screw closed to keep them smell inside the case.<br />Later, I opened it again <br />But this time I was going to use it.<br />I smelled it one last and then I put the slanted part on my lips<br />And started to move it all around. <br />I looked in the mirror to see hot pink shiny stuff on my lips.<br />I could still smell the strawberry like smell on me. <br />It wasn’t as strong but it was still there <br />And the hot pink shiny stuff was still there. <br />JordynR<br />Bio Poem<br />Cate<br />Athletic, Outgoing, interesting, Thoughtful<br />Sibling of Justin<br />Lover of Penguins<br />Fears Pimples<br />Needs Athletics and Food<br />Who gives Laughter and Memories<br />Who would like to see an Underwater Hotel<br />Resident of Washington Crossing<br />R<br />20<br />
  22. 22. 5W Poem <br />by Brian K<br />Brian… me,<br />Running on the sidewalk <br />To my home <br />Because I want to get a drink. <br />Owl Dude<br />Do-do-do! The chimes rang.<br />I suddenly became as quiet as the meditater himself-<br />the little glass owl, <br />Owl dude.<br />Just starring into nothing past<br />closet doors, walls, everything<br />until it all turns white.<br />The chimes ring as they fall down.<br />Well owl dude, your meditation’s over.<br />I hate how those chimes always fall down,<br />don’t you owl dude?<br />Hannah B<br />We Had So Much Fun<br />When I arrived at the door, <br />Carson greeted me with a smile.<br />Then we went into the play-room,<br />And acted like an imbecile.<br />We played Star Wars™,<br />And Mario Bros™ too,<br />We went nuts in the ball-room,<br />And acted like a kazoo!<br />We bounced the big ball,<br />Until we got tired,<br />We played with the toy light-sabers,<br />And ready, aim, fired!<br />We had ice cream with lunch,<br />And then we played some more,<br />We had so much fun,<br />‘Til someone knocked on the door.<br />“DARN IT!” I yelled.<br />I knew it was my mother.<br />Though we’ll have some other play-date,<br />On a day that’s another.<br />Isabella S<br />Play Date<br />I was so excited,<br />To be going to Frederick’s house<br />For the first time.<br />I raced to the door,<br />And greeted Frederick.<br />I told him<br />We should<br />Play videogames.<br />We started playing,<br />And we had lots of fun.<br />After the play date,<br />I knew I should come again.<br />Carson S<br />21<br />
  23. 23. Who will I be?Who will I be? Who will I be?Will I be a clown with a big nose?Or a fire man with a big hose?Who will I be? Who will I be? Will I be a pirate who steals gold?Or a doctor who heals a cold? Who will I be?Who will I be?Will I be a wizard with a big black wand?Or a lady who lives near a pond?Who will I be?By Jessica S<br />Silence…<br />close enough to touch,<br />Silence surrounds you, pressing towards you,<br />Silence…the word you never hear,<br />Silence…<br />It’s here.<br />~ Belle M<br />The Smaller Cup<br />“The smaller cup,” Dad says<br />As I wait in anticipation for the metal Wild Bill’s Old Fashioned Soda Pop Cup.<br />Finally, the man hands it to us,<br />and I run over to the huge wall of root beer.<br />“Wait!” dad calls.<br />So I tromp back to see what he wants.<br />“Get your hand stamped”, he said.<br /> So I did and together we walked over to the great wall of root beer.<br />Dad said that we can get any flavor we want and we can came back as often as we’d like <br />So I stepped forward and got grape.<br />If this is how big the cup is I’ll only drink one serving.<br />But an hour later I was sick on root beer!<br />Mia B<br />Thinking of Nothing<br />Thinking of Nothing<br />As I think of nothing<br />Is that really thinking of nothing?<br />If your thinking of nothing you’re thinking of something<br />So is that really thinking of nothing?<br />Devon W<br />22<br />
  24. 24. The Sky<br />The sky is beautiful and blue<br />and white with its beautiful clouds<br />There is nothing better to do<br />Than spend each day just sitting here<br />Staring at that remarkable sky.<br />By: Brooke A<br />My Bio Poem <br />Steven<br />Athletic, fast, quiet, kind<br />Sibling of Tara, Shannon, Mackenzie, and Erin<br />Lover of sports<br />Who fears getting hit in the face with a soccer ball<br />Who needs a guitar<br />Who gives happiness<br />Who would like to see David Beckam, and a Brazilian soccer game<br />Resident of Warrington<br />H<br />Heaven in a Dog<br />He is soft.<br />He is like a pillow.<br />He is like heaven. <br />Heaven in a dog.<br />He is Garth.<br />My dog.<br />Forever. <br />JuliannaC<br />The Creature<br />By Cole S<br />There is a creature in my yard<br />And it has lots of spikes<br />I’m not going to go out there<br />Any time soon.<br />Hot dogs<br />By Philip B<br />I got a hot dog once it was so good<br />It was as juicy like water<br />The bun was as warm as a hot sunny day<br />Topped with ketchup and mustard.<br />WOW THAT SOUNDS GOOD<br />23<br />
  25. 25. Tree<br />By Logan C<br />Climbing on a tree that reaches up to the sky Sticking its branches into the clouds<br />Climbing up a tree<br />Playing on a tree, moving from branch to branch <br />Getting poked by little branches that are like spears<br />Playing on a tree<br />Climbing on a tree<br />Climbing on a tree <br />Flowers<br />Flowers’ scent so sweet,<br />Different colors and names,<br />Making me happy.<br />Mikayla S<br />My Two Dogs--Cody and D. O. G.<br />By Chris B<br /> My dog Cody is small <br />My dog, D. O. G., is big<br />But the big dog is afraid of the little one<br />If only Cody knew his size<br />If only D. O. G. knew his size<br />My two dogs, Cody and D. O. G.<br />24<br />