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Poetry Anthology 2010
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Poetry Anthology 2010


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    By the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Poets of NFS
    “If you are a dreamer, come in.
    If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,
    a hoper, a prayer, a magic-bean-buyer.
    If you're a pretender, come sit by my fire,
    for we have some flax-golden tales to spin.
    Come in! Come in!”
    Shel Silverstein
  • 2. Rain
    Pouring slowly down,
    Every drop filled with water,
    Falling from the clouds.
    The Wonders of the Shore
    By Grace B
    I see large waves coming to the shoreline--
    I see sand blowing in the wind like a tornado spinning--
    I see boys riding on a wave the size of a Tsunami--
    I see umbrellas slowly swaying back and forth like trees in the wind--
    I see crabs wobbling and stumbling to the water like zebras being chased by a Lion--
    I see white birds flying through the mist of the ocean, scouting for food--
    I see fish as dark as night moving in and out of seaweed --
    I see small tan-colored shells slowly progressing up the shore like tiny turtles looking for food--
    I see a huge orange ball of light moving slowly downward into the darkness--
    But, right now, I simply hear the crystal blue water singing to me.
    By John O’B
    Books are everywhere
    Books are smart
    So if we read books
    We will be as smart.
    Ode to Butter
    O, butter…your smooth silkiness defeats the world in the taste for eternal butterness,
    your sweetness conquers the evil powers of salt,
    your squirtableness is amazing when it flies through the air to the beefy, beautiful nostrils of the salt,
    your fattening abilities break every rule that defies mankind.
    Butter, you are a new super hero to kids everywhere
    You got your fame when you defeated the salt by squirting him in the nostril with your squirting abilities
    You are the heavenly food.
    ~Annie C
  • 3. Birds
    Birds flying so high,
    Birds singing so gracefully,
    Looking beautiful.
    Elizabeth B
    By James N
    Took a plane
    To his mom’s
    At six o’ clock
    To have dinner
    Soccer Finals
    By NiccoloA
    My team winning five to four
    A player on the other team heads the ball into the net
    My teammate and I line up in the center of the field
    I take a pass from my friend
    I dribble like a lion chasing its prey
    Four seconds left
    I fire a shot!
    The ball flies like an eagle
    So fast that the goalie can’t reach it
    That is the game
    I feel like I can do anything!
    DS Lite
    I went into the store
    and rushed to the video games department.
    I got out my money and grabbed an onyx Ds Lite.
    The color that I wanted.
    My Dad got me Pokémon Diamond,
    the game I always wanted.
    I paid for it
    and left feeling happy.
    Jack C
    A Tritina to Soccer
    To play soccer you gotta have fun
    You have to slide tackle
    And you have to score goals
    You win by scoring goals
    If you aren’t smiling, you are not having fun
    And don’t forget to slide tackle
    To impress your coach, slide tackle
    Always make sure you’re scoring goals
    And most importantly, have fun
    When I come off the field, I make sure I had fun, scored goals, and had an amazing slide tackle.
    ~ Jake G
  • 4. Salmon
    By Emma S
    Hearing my parents crying
    I ask in my little baby voice
    “Why are you crying?”
    All I hear in my little baby ears is sadness
    “Is something wrong?” I ask
    “Where is Sah?”
    They start crying even more
    Then I realize she is gone for good…
    My first time at Carson’s House
    On the way to Carson’s house I was waiting in the car
    thinking about some of the things we would do.
    I would show him how to beat some levels in Lego Star Wars,
    go in his pool,
    and play with his robot shark.
    When we got there,
    we did all of the things I thought we would do.
    I really like his basement.
    There is a flat screen TV and even a refrigerator.
    I also like his robot shark.
    It’s more maneuverable than I thought.
    I even used it to attack Carson’s dad in the pool.
    Well now it’s was over
    and as we were driving home,
    I thought about all the things we did.
    And I had a really good time with Carson.
    Frederick E
    By Nick L
    Green, Slimy
    Brain Sucking, UFO Flying, Mind Controlling,
    Crazy, Destructive, Careless, Brain-dead
    The Carrot
    I hold his carrot way up in the air
    and say, “Here boy! Here boy! Want it?”
    I tried to throw the carrot in a good direction
    so I wouldn’t hit anything.
    The carrot was fake.
    But when he gets his carrot,
    he tries to eat it!
    I hear his squeaker in the carrot go squeak squeak
    In the middle of the night!
    That two-leafed orange carrot
    Was like his second best friend even though he was a dog.
    Hannah G
  • 5. The Wind
    The wind, so peaceful
    Invisible, but still felt
    Lightly blowing through.
    Cole C
    The Storm
    By Cameron W
    I see the trees blowing around
    I feel the cool breeze blowing in my hair
    I hear thunder in the far distance
    I see the sky turning to gray
    I feel the rain turning to hail
    I hear the trees rustling along with the thunder
    I see the hail beating against the ground
    I feel the hail like needles pricking me a million times
    I hear the hail pitter-pattering on the ground
    But then it goes away--
    To reveal a sunny day
    So I stay out to play
    Bob By Thomas E
    Bob was a really great guy,
    But he was a little bit shy,
    He ate some gum, And choked on his thumb,
    And that’s how he had to die.
    Ode to Soda
    Soda, oh soda how I need you.
    From your shiny red wrapper to your tall white cap, you make me plead.
    Without you, the lack of your tastiness makes my head spin.
    Soda, am I worthy to drink your sweet, carbonated goodness?
    Oh soda, am I?
    ~ Nicholas C
  • 6. A Place in the Clouds
    I think there’s a place in the clouds somewhere,
    up in the clean, blue sky.
    A place with love and hope,
    and never a tear to cry.
    A place in the clouds to always try,
    a place in heaven for us to fly.
    Charlotte H
    The Waves
    Waves hitting the beach,
    Huge waves going back and forth,
    Very peacefully.
    JP I
    The Pen
    A pen...
    Feels like doing A+ work
    Looks like perfected papers
    Sounds like someone correcting a test
    Feels like finishing a long, boring test, the kind that our teacher would give us.
    Smells like victory, sweat, and rubber.
    A pen makes me feel glad.
    ~ Sook-HeeE
    Bio Poem
    Silly, Happy, Accident-prone, Kind
    Sibling of Katie & Emily
    Lover of turtles
    Fears blood, bloody things, & poisonous, hairy, or slimy bugs
    Needs baking supplies at home at all times
    Gives food to her turtle
    Would like to see many fenced-in parks for dogs all across America
    Resident of Newtown Borough
  • 7. Gymnastics
    By Elena C
    Flipping like an acrobat at a circus
    Springing backwards like a bouncing ball in reverse
    Standing on your hands with the world
    upside down
    Cart-wheeling like an out-of-control spinning wheel
    Rolling backwards and forwards
    like a roly poly bug
    The Sun
    Shining high above,
    Everyday reflecting,
    A hot ball of flames.
    Sean K
    The Waterfallby Kyle M
    Fresh from a river
    And falls down into a lake
    Like someone crying
    I shake it up.
    Then I twist till it all mixes in.
    I open the cap
    And hold it against my hand
    To see
    To See if it is the right shade.
    I lift up the brush.
    I lift up the brush
    With a drop
    Of pink polish on the tip
    And coat each finger one by one
    And carefully, very carefully, I let it dry.
    My nails are PINK!
    Kate K
    HoneybeeBy: Annie MHoneybee! Honeybee!I love you a lot!The honey you make, just can’t be forgot!It sweetens my tea, and makes my bread yummy!
    Honeybee! Honeybee!You‘re great for my tummy!
  • 8. Cat # Bach
    By Abigail Y
    My cat, Bach, sleeps
    All day and all night.
    She only gets up
    To eat like a fright!
    When she wants to go out,
    She makes a big ruckus!
    But, when the door opens
    She sits still and looks sluggish!
    During dinner, she sits by me
    She begs for food and looks so sleek
    I roll my eyes and say, “No!”
    But, she stays, and I start to shriek!
    At night, she sleeps so silently on my bed—
    I hear her breath—it fills my head—
    I love to sleep with her so much
    But when she snores, my brain goes dead!
    RecessBy Robert G
    Recess is fun,
    It’s really cool,
    It’s the only fun thing, you do at school,
    P.E. is fine,
    Music is O.K.
    But they don’t compare, to recess everyday!
    Big Disappointment
    I went to an amusement park
    and saw a lot of rides I wanted to go on.
    But I was really there to go on one called Leap the Dip
    Big disappointment.
    But my dad said it was the first rollercoaster ever made
    so I was instead exited.
    I had to wait in line literally 2 hours
    so I could get on.
    Big disappointment.
    Once I did it was so boring
    You go ½ mile an hour
    And then there’s this 2 inch drop
    And then it’s over.
    It was a …
    Big disappointment!!!!!!!!
    Ben J
  • 9. Horseback Riding
    By Alyssa M
    I like to ride--horses are gentle and calm…
    Especially bigger horses
    They make me feel more at ease
    I feel relaxed and flowing with the rhythm of their movement
    I lose all my worries
    I lose all my fears
    Horseback Riding
    Friends help you
    Friends help me,
    Friends are special
    Friends are great
    We are all together,
    We live as one
    We are one big family.
    Friends help each other,
    Friends are connected
    Friends are the best.
    By Alice K
    It looks fun when
    you get dirty playing
    It feels great
    whenever you get
    points on the
    scoreboard to
    help your team.
    It smells like two
    points, one goal,
    one touchdown, and
    one hit.
    It feels wonderful playing sports.
    ~ Ryan C
    Horsesby Sophia LHorses, horses, you’re very neat, it tickles my fingersas I give you a treat, You’re fast, awesome, and lots, lots more!What else could a person possibly ask for?Horses, horses, you’re just fineit doesn’t matter what color, shape, or size, The most important thing is…that you’re mine!
  • 10. Colonial Snowstorm
    (based on the painting “Snowstorm Mill and Homestead at Springtown”)
    By Kate B
    Snow is falling all around us
    Bells are jingling on the snow-covered horses pulling sleighs
    “Giddyap!” The man on the sleigh urges his horse into the flurries of snow…
    Trees are swaying in the wind
    Snow is falling on the roof above my head
    Silence everywhere…
    Not a living thing, except the man on the sleigh, the horse and…
    The man comes into my doorway where I am watching
    Waiting for him to ask to come in…
    Sure enough, he comes and asks…
    “You’re late.”
    “I know, dearest.”
    He stresses the word dearest…
    “Just come in…
    5W Poem By Evan BEvanI played hockey on a pondon my birthdayto have fun
    White Flowers
    The white flowers,
    Feel light and gentle,
    Smell like perfume,
    Look like delicate pieces of cloth,
    Blowing in the wind,
    So light,
    Slowly blowing away,
    ~ Sarah K
    Me As a Piano Player
    By Paige K
    My fingers start
    To touch the shining
    Black and white keys
    As my stomach starts
    To tingle as my hands begin to shake
    While people start flashing their
    Video players and cameras
    At me
    When you shut your eyes
    To blink
    You open them up and it’s all over.
  • 11. Summer
    By Jeremy H
    I can’t wait to get out of this place they call school
    I can’t wait to play games all day
    I can’t wait for no homework, especially tests
    I just can’t wait for no school
    Summer is finally here
    I can do whatever I want
    Playing soccer and baseball all day long!
    Ohh! Wait! All my friends are going to camp!
    I can’t wait for school next year
    By Felix V
    There they go,
    past the finish line
    It’s a crash!!!!
    Crash, boom, bang!
    48 wins!
    Jimmie Johnson!!!!!!
    Ode to my Sk8board
    Oh skateboard, you’re a taste of joy and satisfaction when I ride you,
    When I ride on you it’s like everything else disappears,
    When I’m riding you it feels like I’m the king of the world,
    Oh skateboard, it feels like you and me can accomplish anything together.
    ~ Alex M
    Air Ear
    I pinch my nose,
    Take a deep breath,
    And try to blow out my nose.
    For some reason
    It comes
    Out my ears.
    Maybe it’s a gift.
    Maybe not.
    But for now I have
    Air ear
    Owen L
  • 12. Dogs
    Dogs with fur like silk,
    Smelling good after bathing,
    Running free outside.
    Liam M
    By AnnMarieB
    Nervous when I walked in their house
    Will I survive the night?
    I miss my mom
    I feel water
    Warm water running down my cheek
    I wipe it
    So my friend doesn’t see
    By OmeedN
    Trees sway in the wind
    Birds chirp while gliding through the air
    The wind speaks to me
    It calms my spirit down
    The wonders of nature.
    Flowers are in blossom
    The sun shines on the earth
    Rain covers the sky and soaks everything
    A rainbow appears
    and the cycle restarts.
    Fudge Dog
    The gate opens only to find Thomo sitting there staring at me.
    He is sitting on the pale white steps
    shaking his black furry butt.
    Thomo barks.
    It echoes far and he follows me into the house.
    I go upstairs.
    And lock the doggy gate only to leave Thomo sitting there.
    Bio Poem
    Athletic, awesome, tall, smart,
    Sibling of Katie,
    Lover of sports,
    Who fears nothing,
    Who gives love to his family,
    Who would like to see Ichiro Suzuki,
    Resident of Newtown
  • 13. Sports Mike
    Sports, the god of all living thing, king of kings, even legends bow down to you, how I worship you, may you teach me of your ways and may you count me as worthy, O, how I wish I can be like you, the smell of you is greatness, may I play?
    We All Hang Together
    (based on the painting “We All Hang Together:)
    All lined up one by one,
    We all hang together.
    Like the Three Musketeers
    or Peas in a Pod
    We all hang together.
    Brother and sister
    or Family as one
     We all hang together.
    By: AnnikaN
    Very cold and wet,
    Pouring on us from the clouds,
    very peacefully.
    Madeline N
    By Michael O
    Summer is here
    Schools closing down
    Never going to bed
    Playing games all day and night
    Eating ice cream
    Swimming all day
    Playing video games
    The time flies…
    Summer is done…
    Whoa…school …no!!!!
    A burned-down tree drops a seed as a dove with a leaf in its mouth flies over
    ~ John G
  • 14. Ode to Sports
    O sports, I can’t live without you…unless I don’t like your team.
    O sports, why are you so fun… because I haven’t
    missed a game yet.
    O sports, why does there have to be so many of you?
    O sports, you are so awesome and interesting at the same time.
    O sports, I’m your biggest fan.
    ~ HoldynB
    Everlasting Winter
    By Ashley S
    (based on the painting “Snowstorm Mill and Homestead at Springtown”)
    Snow is falling
    Making a white,fluffy blanket
    Horses are pulling sleighs around town
    Every step with hardly a sound.
    Pitter patter… pitter patter …goes their hooves
    Brushing the snow as if saying, “Go, go, go!”
    Dash to the left… swerve to the right
    As the sleigh pushes through the moonlight.
    Along the way you see children laughing
    Animals seeking prey
    A big gust of wind pushes the snow
    Hoping this day will never go!
    Before every rainbow unfortunately comes rain,
    Before any love always come pain,
    Before any fortune always comes a deal,
    Before any dessert always comes your healthy meal,
    Before any sunshine comes a cloud,
    And Before any concert, there always is a crowd.
    Now why can’t things come in one not two? Now just look it up, that’s something you might have to do.
    ~ MadieL
  • 15. Light
    By Alex S
    When the sky is light
    I am dark
    When the sky is dark
    I am light.
    When the snow is falling
    I am warm
    When the sun is shining
    I am cold.
    When it’s dinnertime
    I am full
    When it’s not
    I am hungry.
    I am just the opposite
    Of everything
    Treesby Hannah D
    Its branches spread out,
    The green leaves touch me softly,
    The tears drip down my face.
    O’ bacon,
    How you sizzle in your fatty juices,
    You are the best food there ever was or ever will be,
    Pigs despise you, but that is because they haven’t tasted your succulent strips of fat and fried meat,
    My taste buds are sad when my plate is empty,
    O’ bacon…
    ~Alexander G
    By Joey F
    Ate 82 cheeseburgers
    At his mom’s house
    On Tuesday
    Because he is always hungry.
  • 16. Tigers
    Tigers’ loud roaring,
    Hearing them from far away,
    Amazing pouncers.
    Nick P
    The Moon
    Moon shining bright,
    Looking beautiful in the sky,
    Bringing night into day.
    Bio Poem
    Caring, Friendly, Fun, Tall,
    Sibling of Austin Arington,
    Lover of fashion designing,
    Who fears poisonous snakes,
    Who needs to brush her hair,
    Who gives support to her friends,
    Who would like to see world peace,
    Resident of Yardley, Pennsylvania
    Weird Bob By MatteoDBob had sat down on a frog, And then he took a long jog, He slipped on a daisy, and felt very crazy,
    Oh that weird man named Bob
    the god of all living things,
    king of kings,
    even legends bow down to you, how I worship you,
    may you teach me of your ways
    and may you count me as worthy,
    O, how I wish I can be like you, the smell of you is greatness.
    May I play?
    ~ Mike O’B
  • 17. A Tritina for Pizza
    I wait at a pizzeria for my pizza.
    As it approaches, I can smell the tasty cheese.
    The pizza is handed to me, and I smell the sauce.
    The pizza enters my mouth and I taste the zesty sauce.
    As I am eating I think: I love pizza!
    As I chew, my taste buds can not resist your tasty cheese.
    As I start to finish my pizza, I admire the cheese.
    When I leave the pizzeria, I feel in need of more sauce.
    As I walk, I feel that I want more pizza.
    I quickly turn around and run back to the pizzeria because I know that nothing tastes better than cheese, sauce, and of course pizza.
    ~ Gene N
    By Matthew R
    Soccer is in my blood,
    Soccer is a good
    Sport for me
    Soccer is a
    Really good sport
    Soccer is the
    Most popular sport
    Soccer is a
    Game to
    Play when you’re really bored.
    HoagiesBy Reilly S
    Hoagies! Hoagies!
    I live on you,
    Hoagies and grinders
    Subs, ham and cheese,
    Hoagies! Hoagies!
    I live on you,
    With a slice of tomato
    And lettuce and cheese
    Hoagies! Hoagies!
    I live on you.
  • 18. My Pond
    By Ben D
    Fish swimming like silver bullets darting through the water
    Ducks diving like submarines
    Wind whistling like a man with a good tune
    Water spinning like whirling fireworks
    Geese honking like cars stuck in a traffic jam
    My pond
    I can always boast about eating toast,
    because toast gives me the most.
    One time I saw a ghost
    When I was eating toast because I was at the coast of the host of my post.
    I love when I get the most toast.
    ~ Leo N
    Limerickby Paul R
    There once was a fella named Guy
    Who went out to get some pie
    And when he did
    He slipped on a squid
    And got chased away by a fly.
  • 19. DJ Tritina
    You step on the floor because you hear your song.
    You see nothing but lights,
    the ground vibrating with the loud thud of the speaker.
    You stop because the sound changes from the speaker.
    Now it’s a different song.
    The songs change the movement of the lights.
    Then, a burst of blue and red lights,
    No more sounds from the speaker,
    But I wanted one more song.
    The party’s over. I see the DJ pack the shining lights, the huge speakers, and all the machines that play music.
    ~ Michael K
    Pop. Poof. Pop. Pop.
    My little brother and I looked in the microwave.
    We had been standing there, on the stool,
    For FIVE minutes!
    And finely we heard just,
    What we had been waiting for
    I opened the microwave door hurriedly.
    Was time
    To eat
    Some POPCORN!
    Kurt M
    When Bobby Came Home
    By Sofia F
    When Bobby came home
    Love was everywhere
    When Bobby came home
    Family was there
    When Bobby came home
    He was too precious to touch
    When Bobby came home
    We all love him sooo much
  • 20. The Sky
    By Patrick M
    Birds chirping
    The sound reminds me of mice scuttling across the floor
    Clouds moving
    Like cats stalking their prey
    Sun burning
    The heat warms my skin as if I’m standing near an oven
    The Sky
    Flower Petals
    They’re the color of my cheeks when I’m embarrassed,
    They look like tufts of pink fur falling down to earth,
    They feel gentle and soft, they tickle my face,
    They smell like summer and spring breezes,
    They’re as hot as the summer sun,
    Yet they’re as cold as an icicle
    They make me feel relaxed,
    They’re pink petals,
    Floating in the sun.
    ~ Sophia S
  • 21. Almost
    After Kathleen’s soccer game
    We begged my mom and dad to stop at Pet Plus
    To see the puppies.
    So we did.
    We got a puppy
    To go in the gate with us.
    We got a Shih Tzu.
    We loved the puppy but we could not get it.
    When we got in the car I asked my mom why we didn’t get the puppy.
    She said I do not want to get our first puppy there.
    I want the whole family to be here.
    And that was it.
    Caroline O
    Who Will I Be?
    By Erin H
    Who will I be?
    Who will I be?
    Will I be a little dog?
    Will I be a giant frog?
    Who will I be?
    Who will I be?
    Will I be a clown
    with his hair upside down?
    Will I be a book
    with a cover of a cook?
    Who will I be?
    Who will I be?
    Strawberry Lipstick
    I opened a fresh new pack of lipstick
    And smelled the fake smell of strawberry.
    I tightened the screw closed to keep them smell inside the case.
    Later, I opened it again
    But this time I was going to use it.
    I smelled it one last and then I put the slanted part on my lips
    And started to move it all around.
    I looked in the mirror to see hot pink shiny stuff on my lips.
    I could still smell the strawberry like smell on me.
    It wasn’t as strong but it was still there
    And the hot pink shiny stuff was still there.
    Bio Poem
    Athletic, Outgoing, interesting, Thoughtful
    Sibling of Justin
    Lover of Penguins
    Fears Pimples
    Needs Athletics and Food
    Who gives Laughter and Memories
    Who would like to see an Underwater Hotel
    Resident of Washington Crossing
  • 22. 5W Poem
    by Brian K
    Brian… me,
    Running on the sidewalk
    To my home
    Because I want to get a drink.
    Owl Dude
    Do-do-do! The chimes rang.
    I suddenly became as quiet as the meditater himself-
    the little glass owl,
    Owl dude.
    Just starring into nothing past
    closet doors, walls, everything
    until it all turns white.
    The chimes ring as they fall down.
    Well owl dude, your meditation’s over.
    I hate how those chimes always fall down,
    don’t you owl dude?
    Hannah B
    We Had So Much Fun
    When I arrived at the door,
    Carson greeted me with a smile.
    Then we went into the play-room,
    And acted like an imbecile.
    We played Star Wars™,
    And Mario Bros™ too,
    We went nuts in the ball-room,
    And acted like a kazoo!
    We bounced the big ball,
    Until we got tired,
    We played with the toy light-sabers,
    And ready, aim, fired!
    We had ice cream with lunch,
    And then we played some more,
    We had so much fun,
    ‘Til someone knocked on the door.
    “DARN IT!” I yelled.
    I knew it was my mother.
    Though we’ll have some other play-date,
    On a day that’s another.
    Isabella S
    Play Date
    I was so excited,
    To be going to Frederick’s house
    For the first time.
    I raced to the door,
    And greeted Frederick.
    I told him
    We should
    Play videogames.
    We started playing,
    And we had lots of fun.
    After the play date,
    I knew I should come again.
    Carson S
  • 23. Who will I be?Who will I be? Who will I be?Will I be a clown with a big nose?Or a fire man with a big hose?Who will I be? Who will I be? Will I be a pirate who steals gold?Or a doctor who heals a cold? Who will I be?Who will I be?Will I be a wizard with a big black wand?Or a lady who lives near a pond?Who will I be?By Jessica S
    close enough to touch,
    Silence surrounds you, pressing towards you,
    Silence…the word you never hear,
    It’s here.
    ~ Belle M
    The Smaller Cup
    “The smaller cup,” Dad says
    As I wait in anticipation for the metal Wild Bill’s Old Fashioned Soda Pop Cup.
    Finally, the man hands it to us,
    and I run over to the huge wall of root beer.
    “Wait!” dad calls.
    So I tromp back to see what he wants.
    “Get your hand stamped”, he said.
    So I did and together we walked over to the great wall of root beer.
    Dad said that we can get any flavor we want and we can came back as often as we’d like
    So I stepped forward and got grape.
    If this is how big the cup is I’ll only drink one serving.
    But an hour later I was sick on root beer!
    Mia B
    Thinking of Nothing
    Thinking of Nothing
    As I think of nothing
    Is that really thinking of nothing?
    If your thinking of nothing you’re thinking of something
    So is that really thinking of nothing?
    Devon W
  • 24. The Sky
    The sky is beautiful and blue
    and white with its beautiful clouds
    There is nothing better to do
    Than spend each day just sitting here
    Staring at that remarkable sky.
    By: Brooke A
    My Bio Poem
    Athletic, fast, quiet, kind
    Sibling of Tara, Shannon, Mackenzie, and Erin
    Lover of sports
    Who fears getting hit in the face with a soccer ball
    Who needs a guitar
    Who gives happiness
    Who would like to see David Beckam, and a Brazilian soccer game
    Resident of Warrington
    Heaven in a Dog
    He is soft.
    He is like a pillow.
    He is like heaven.
    Heaven in a dog.
    He is Garth.
    My dog.
    The Creature
    By Cole S
    There is a creature in my yard
    And it has lots of spikes
    I’m not going to go out there
    Any time soon.
    Hot dogs
    By Philip B
    I got a hot dog once it was so good
    It was as juicy like water
    The bun was as warm as a hot sunny day
    Topped with ketchup and mustard.
  • 25. Tree
    By Logan C
    Climbing on a tree that reaches up to the sky Sticking its branches into the clouds
    Climbing up a tree
    Playing on a tree, moving from branch to branch
    Getting poked by little branches that are like spears
    Playing on a tree
    Climbing on a tree
    Climbing on a tree
    Flowers’ scent so sweet,
    Different colors and names,
    Making me happy.
    Mikayla S
    My Two Dogs--Cody and D. O. G.
    By Chris B
    My dog Cody is small
    My dog, D. O. G., is big
    But the big dog is afraid of the little one
    If only Cody knew his size
    If only D. O. G. knew his size
    My two dogs, Cody and D. O. G.