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Stem cut propagation technology for rubber  (Hevea brasiliensis) tree species
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Stem cut propagation technology for rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) tree species


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asexual propagation for rubber tree

asexual propagation for rubber tree

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. POTENTIALS OF THE KNOWN WHITE GOLD TREE SPECIES (Hevea brasiliensis) STEMCUT FOR MASS PROPAGATION DR. ONOFRE S. CORPUZ Asso. Prof. CFCST- College of Agriculture Dr. Onofre S. Corpuz
  • 2. Introduction • • • • Rubber is a seasonal tree species known to be the white gold tree in Mindanao Nurserymen/planters could hardly provide means of producing planting materials off season Thus this study try to find alternative methods of producing planting materials Results will help rubber planters and nurserymen to cope with the shortage of rubber planting materials during off seasons. Dr. Onofre S. Corpuz
  • 3. Objective • To find out the success of stem cut rubber through survival rate, sprouts and rooting potentials as influence by stem cut parts, rate of growth hormones and time of soaking Dr. Onofre S. Corpuz
  • 4. Conceptual Framework Rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) Source Tree - RRIM 600 . Stem Cut Parts • Brown • Green Stem Cut Success • Survival • Sprouting • Root growth Dr. Onofre S. Corpuz
  • 5. RESEARCH METHODS • Conducted at CFCST from July 17 to October 2, 2011 • 180 stem cut (green and brown stem) at 1foot length • Stem cut were soak in water with ANAA at different concentrations such as 1tbsp/litH2O and 1tbsp/3litH2O including control treatment (no application). • After soaking at decided number of hours (0 hours as control, 6hrs and 12 hours) stem cut were planted on poly bag soil filled with sandy clay soil at a ratio of 1:2. The experiment is arranged in a split-split plot design Dr. Onofre S. Corpuz
  • 6. Results Survival Rate Table 1. Survival rate of stem cut rubber after 75 days as influenced by stem parts and levels of ANAA Treatment Stem Parts Levels of ANAA Percent Green Brown No Application 1tbsp/1lit.H2O 1tbsp/3lit.H2O 40.67a 74.00b 48.30a 58.30ab 65.80b Mean with the same letter subscript are not significantly different at 5% level Dr. Onofre S. Corpuz
  • 7. Sprouting Table 2. Sprouting potentials of stem cut rubber as influenced by stem parts Stem 17 45 60 75 Parts Days Days Days Days Green 6.267a 5.800a 5.000a 4.067a Brown 3.800b 8.067b 7.467b 7.400b Dr. Onofre S. Corpuz
  • 8. Sprouting Table 3. Sprouting potentials of stem cut rubber as influenced by levels of ANAA Levels of ANAA 17 Days 45 Days 60 Days 75 Days No Application 3.083a 6.083a 5.167a 4.83a 1tbsp/1lit.H2O 7.000b 7.500b 7.250b 5.83ab 1tbsp/3lit.H2O 5.00ab 7.500b 6.33ab 6.58b Dr. Onofre S. Corpuz
  • 9. Length of Sprout Table 4. Length of sprout (cm) after 75 days as Factors Treatment Mean Stem Parts Green 5.7644a Brown 12.700b No Application 9.733a Levels of 1tbsp/1lit.H2O 9.436a ANAA 1tbsp/3lit.H2O 8.778a Dr. Onofre S. Corpuz
  • 10. Rooting Growth Potentials Table 5. Rooting potentials of stem cut rubber as affected by stem parts Stem Parts No.of Roots Length No. of of Root Secondary (cm) Roots Green 2.0 4.65a 5.4a Brown 2.24 6.66b 8.95b Dr. Onofre S. Corpuz
  • 11. Root Growth Potentials Table 6. Rooting potentials as influenced by levels of ANAA Levels of ANAA Length of Root No. of Roots (cm) No. of Secondary Roots No Application 2.22a 7.389a 7.286a 1tbsp/1lit.H2O 2.84a 7.632a 8.867a 1tbsp/3lit.H2O 4.40b 9.544b 9.125a Mean with the same letter subscript are not significant at 5% level Dr. Onofre S. Corpuz
  • 12. Conclusion Older/brown stem parts performed significantly better Lower concentration of ANAA (1tbsp/3lit.H2O) performed better Time of soaking did not significantly influenced sprouting and rooting potentials Stem cut rubber can be mass propagated as an alternative planting materials Dr. Onofre S. Corpuz
  • 13. Potential Impact and Recommendations Stem cut rubber tree can be propagated Brown/older stem parts 1tbsp/3lit.H2O ANAA Trials with other parameters and treatments such as different watering frequency, varied temperature and shading intensity, soil medium, length of cuttings, varietal source, other growth hormones, time of cutting collections , position of planting and age of mother plant/source tree Successful stem cut in the study should be Dr. Onofre S. Corpuz outplanted for field trials
  • 14. Dr. Onofre S. Corpuz