Wychwood Festival Case Study

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Social media coverage of Wychwood Festival 2010 by Voice, case study

Social media coverage of Wychwood Festival 2010 by Voice, case study

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  • 1. Wychwood Festival : Voice Case Study Author: Sylwia Presley, August 2010
  • 2. Voice
    • We are Voice . We are Oxford based social media consultancy servicing mainly non for profit sector:
    • We educate organisations on power and mechanisms of social media.
    • We apply social media marketing and fundraising practices to help them achieve their goals through personal relationships with supporters and donors.
    • We help them to take the lead in discussions around their brand.
    • We help organisations to discover the practical value of social media.
    Vanessa Blake David Dixon Euan Semple Chris Denton Howard Lake Sylwia Presley Adrian Phillips
  • 3. Introduction Wychwood Festival takes place in June every year just outside Cheltenham. It is a firm favourite on the festival circuit and attracts artists of the calibre of Supergrass, Billy Bragg, Duffy and Seth Lakeman and has a reputation for being family friendly. About nine thousand people enjoyed the Festival in 2010, many of them regular visitors since the event began in 2005. www.wychwoodfestival.com
  • 4. General Insights Majority of conversations occurred during the event and during the week after the festival. Second day of event generated almost 50% less of conversations then the first day. First week after the event high volume of conversations continues, as people as still uploading their content (photos, videos, blog posts).
  • 5. General WOM – Who? 40% of conversations was generated by the engaged ambassadors. 30 % of collected word of mouth was generated by press, however we had no information about twitter names of all press pass holders, so this number should be considered as an estimate.
  • 6. General WOM – Where? When we looked at the types of social media where the conversations were created, we have found that almost a half of those was uploaded of photo sharing websites. Microblogging became second favourite activity of festival attendees.
  • 7. General WOM by topic Please note: due to the restricted amount of time we had to simplify the topics and add photos and videos as a topic. Performances still remain the major topic of discussions.
  • 8. General WOM by topic Apart from photos , videos and conversations about performances people shared feedback on the event, talked about food and camping . General topic stands for informative updates.
  • 9. General WOM – Sentiment Majority of content is neutral (Sentiment 1). Both positive (7%) and negative posts (1%) expressed personal feedback on performances, venue, food and camping.
  • 10. General WOM - Intent All of the post expressing intent were positive, however the percentage of discussions containing intent was very small (1%).
  • 11. Examples of positive conversations http://www.efestivals.co.uk/forums/index.php?s=0676c5b92a174589149e04474aabf826&showtopic=147596 http://www.irregularexpressions.co.uk/?p=149 http://www.facebook.com/GlosWhatsOn http://www.wychwoodfestival.com/1292/wychwood-though-bloggers-eyes/
  • 12. Examples of neutral conversations http://twitter.com/benweblight/statuses/15624440050 http://twitter.com/BMWavesBlog/statuses/15561109815 http://twitter.com/colda/statuses/15714977379 http://twitter.com/dutchcloggie/statuses/15546104029
  • 13. Examples of negative conversations http://emergencybunny.blogspot.com/2010/06/wychood-festival-2010-round-up.html http://www.efestivals.co.uk/forums/index.php?s=0676c5b92a174589149e04474aabf826&showtopic=147596 http://tweetphoto.com/25988012 http://technokitten.blogspot.com/2010/06/festival-season-has-begun-with-wychwood.html
  • 14. Examples of conversations with feedback http://twitter.com/Arcadiankicks/statuses/15570882481 http://twitter.com/DaisyChapman/statuses/15619695149 http://twitter.com/HedgeWatch/statuses/15629880276 http://twitter.com/festiduck/statuses/15617634579
  • 15. Blogger engagement We have invited bloggers to use free press passes to attend the event and document it through various social media channels. Half of the engaged bloggers was chosen and contacted by Wychwood employees. Half of the passes was given away through Wychwood blog and Twitter account.
  • 16. Blogger engagement The engaged bloggers generated 40% of discussions (465 units of conversation) about Wychwood Festival. Most of those discussions was neutral as it was designed to document the event. The bloggers used primarily Twitter, but provided the event with photo, video, audio and blog documentation too.
  • 17. Case studies – Connor, young blogger http://www.wychwoodfestival.com/1292/wychwood-though-bloggers-eyes/ http://charliebrownesblog.wordpress.com/2010/06/14/summer-fun/ http://ipadio.com/phlogs/sylwiapresley/2010/06/06/Wychwood-6 http://www.youtube.com/user/Count0h#p/a/u/2/d9TSFScBDNU
  • 18. Case studies – Morning gig http://www.youtube.com/user/Count0h#p/u/17/Tdolg8W9lXA http://ipadio.com/phlogs/sylwiapresley/Default.asp?page=2 http://www.flickr.com/photos/sylwiapresleyart/4674545492/in/set-72157624207733476/ http://twitter.com/HedgeWatch/statuses/15629864804 http://twitter.com/zerolab/statuses/15545798489
  • 19. Contact If you have any comments or would like to discuss this document with us, please contact: Sylwia Presley E-mail: [email_address] Mobile: 07850 138 178 Twitter: presleysylwia Skype: sylwia.presley