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Voice Quick Tips: Planning Blogger Engagement
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Voice Quick Tips: Planning Blogger Engagement


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Voice Quick Tips: Planning Blogger Engagement

Voice Quick Tips: Planning Blogger Engagement

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Voice Quick Tips:Planning Blogger Engagement Author:  Sylwia  Presley,  December  2011  
  • 2. IntroductionBlogger engagement becomes increasingly important element of on-linecampaigns but many brands and organisations do not really know how toplan it.This document contains major factors to consider and sample methodology ofgetting bloggers on-board to support your activities.
  • 3. Understanding the conversationsOn-line campaigns are based around valuable conversations about yourbrand, organisation or particular activity. Before you even start planning anytype of work with bloggers, you need to understand the conversations aroundyour work. Use free or paid tools, set up the scope of your interest too.
  • 4. Brand ambassadorsBrand ambassadors (anddetractors!) are very importantelements of any on-linecampaign.You might already have them,but do not know about it. Youmight need to build a team ofambassadors by gettingbloggers on-board of yourcampaigns too.If you read conversations aboutyour brand carefully, you will findthem!
  • 5. Creative thinkingLet’s assume you have a few influential bloggers interested in your product orindustry. In order to involve them you need to give them the reason to talk andwrite about you.You need to be creative!Sit down with you team…and come up with:• The engaging,• The interesting and valuable,• The out of the ordinary,• The relevant,• The AMAZING…..experience bloggers will just WANT to take part in.
  • 6. Finding the right peopleThe key to the success of your blogger engagement is finding the right people.Make sure that the bloggers are relevant to your story, will want to get involvedbut will also share your story with their networks.Once you find your bloggers, study their blogs carefully – they will expect you toknow them very well!
  • 7. Planning your engagementBefore your first e-mail to bloggersyou need to know exactly:• What you are planning,• What you are offering to bloggers,• How do you like them to getinvolved.Prepare your copies, on-linepresences and all the neededvirtual and off-line assets inadvance!
  • 8. Initial contact When you write to bloggers with your invitations make sure that your copy is: 1.  Transparent – who are you? What is the brand you I am talking to? 2.  Interesting, short but engaging – I receive a lot of invitations, why would I even start and finish reading yours? 3.  Relevant – why is this relevant to my blog? 4.  Explaining the rules of engagement – what are you offering me and what am I expected to do? 5.  Explaining how blogger was chosen – why did you choose me? 6.  Providing various options to respond – can I reach you on Twitter or Facebook, can I call you? 7.  Clear and relevant subject line. It’s always worth asking yourself – would you even open this email in your inbox? Would you find it respectful, clear and interesting?
  • 9. Managing ambassador programmeOnce you have your team of bloggers in place you need to ensure that theyhave all they need to contribute to your campaign:1.  Open and listen – they are there to tell you what works, what doesn’t and how to achieve the goals of your campaign better,2.  Cover all the basics – explain the locations, provide assets, contact details to your team, send out an info pack with all the necessary information – remember that bloggers are visitor, they do not need to be familiar with your work so they need to be briefed properly,3.  Support on the way – be there to answer all questions,4.  Enhance blogging opportunities – provide free wifi, access to mobile devices or any other equipment bloggers might need, plan bloggers area,5.  Read and promote the content created for you – follow your bloggers on- line, promote their content, share their work with larger audiences (they will do the same for you!).6.  Respect, respect, respect!
  • 10. Follow upStay in touch with your bloggers!Follow them on-line. The experience you provided them with might change theway they blog – their new content might still be relevant to your work, to yourbrand.Promote their work in your networks as a case study. It’s the best way to saythank you for their time and commitment.
  • 11. ContactIf you have any comments please contact:Sylwia PresleyE-mail: sylwiapresley@nfpvoice.comMobile: 07850 138 178Twitter: @presleysylwia and @nfpvoiceSkype: sylwia.presley