Voice Quick Tips: Interactive Campaigns
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  • 1. Engaging audiences with interactive campaigns Author:  Nick  Wa/s,  December  2011  
  • 2. People talk to people…..I have a favourite saying “People talk to people, not brands” and as a resultit is important for the people behind an organisations social media tounderstand their audience, know what they like and most importantly, knowhow to give them what they want to see.This of course has benefits for the organisation, increasing the conversationsyou have with your stakeholders, giving them a sense of worth and makingthem feel involved. This has more benefits like long term increased donations,support and will ensure your content is disseminated as far as possible.So let’s talk about interactive campaigns and how to get your audienceinvolved in the discussion…
  • 3. What does your audience want?A few questions you may want to ask yourself;• Where are my audience? (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ etc..)• What content do they share and engage with most? (video, audio, text, photo)• Which media type gives our messages the biggest impact?It is worth doing your research when it comes to your audience, as understandingthem will often lead to meaningful high impact campaigns.
  • 4. Encouraging involvementThis is what interactive is all about, getting people who follow your causeinvolved! Getting them not only to join in the conversation, but act on your callsto action, share your content and spread your message.• Ask questions, encourage other people to express their opinions.• Encourage sharing “if you agree with xxx, share it on your wall / Retweet”• Give them a reason to comment, use mixed media give people a reason tocomment, tell your story in many different forms.
  • 5. Be prepared to chat…We can post links, objects and feeds all day long but the whole point of socialmedia is that it is social!Be prepared to get comments from people and at the same time be prepared tochat to these people about your cause or campaign, answer their questions andshare their excitement with them.It is great that as we can’t always meet people in person, that people can feellike they have an affiliation with some of the people behind the brand, thanks tosocial networks. But for a social media campaign to be successful, you have tobe prepared to have the conversations online, not just share your links.
  • 6. Campaign in real time, like a person!Remember that social media is real time, therefore be prepared to react to thediscussion that are going on around you.Give your discussions a human edge, involve your followers, make them feelneeded and necessary to your campaign.Maybe you can post a video of your message, share some photos from therecording and then start a discussion around that…By doing this you are giving peoplethe option of content, what theywant to see and allowing them tolook at things in their preferredformats.
  • 7. Quick tips for interactive campaigns•  Make the most of real-time services like Ipadio & audioboo•  Record short videos using your phone or flip cam’s as you go about your campaign, show the world what you are doing•  Take lots of photos, they are invaluable to give your campaign the human element. Keep posts relevant and expand in a blog post.•  Nothing is irrelevant! From the cake in the office to the giant cheque from the lottery – share it and celebrate it with your followers.•  Ask questions and opinions, get everyone involved.•  Go across channels with the conversation to reach the widest possible audience (Videos on YouTube, audio on Ipadio, shared on Facebook and twitter with a question!)•  My most important point….. Be Social!
  • 8. ContactIf you have any comments please contact:Nick WattsE-mail: nickwatts@nfpvoice.comMobile: 07538 36 44 51Twitter: @nickinoxford and @nfpvoiceSkype: nickwattsox