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Voice Quick Tips - Google Plus for Nonprofits
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Voice Quick Tips - Google Plus for Nonprofits


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Voice Quick Tips - Google Plus for Nonprofits

Voice Quick Tips - Google Plus for Nonprofits

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Google+ for Nonprofits Author:  Sylwia  Presley,    November  2011  
  • 2. IntroductionGoogle+ (Google Plus) is a new social network introduced by Google. Itrequires a personal Google profile, but with the launch of branded pages italso provides great opportunities for nonprofits.The core benefit of this particular social network is strong focus on privacycontrols and ownership of your content.In this short presentation we will show you few examples of how Google+ canbe effective for your work with quick tips on setting up branded page for yourorganisation.
  • 3. Setting up Google+ profileGo to and followstep by step sign in (remember thatyou need to have a Googleaccount!).You can only create a Google+account as an individual, but yourpersonal account will not befeatured on branded page of yourorganisation.
  • 4. Major options on Google+Posting: you can post content with links, photos, videos, geolocation; you canedit your update later, delete it or link to it; you can disable comments underthis particular post.
  • 5. Major options on Google+Posting: you can post content to specific circles (groups of contacts you createon Google+) or individuals (just type “+” and name of your contact).
  • 6. Major options on Google+Commenting: You can use“+1” button to mark contentyou like, agree with; you canshare it to your networks orrespond to it (you can tagothers in your comments too,just type “+” and name ofindividuals or branded pages).
  • 7. Major options on Google+Photos: you can upload, tag, edit and comment on photos on Google+,manage their privacy, you can also use photo editor provided here.
  • 8. Major options on Google+Circles: groups of contacts, you can group people in many ways to manageyour content sharing better; you can manage those groups in many ways too,so check your circles area.
  • 9. Major options on Google+Chat and hangouts: You can chat to all your contacts or start a video call withmultiple users called hangout (you can specify its privacy too).
  • 10. Setting up Google+ branded pageGoogle+ pages have the same functions as individual accounts, but they havebranded avatars and profile information. Go to create a new branded page.At the moment only one person can be your page admin!
  • 11. Setting up Google+ branded pageChoose nonprofit category, fill out the basic information about yourorganisation and define the privacy levels.
  • 12. Setting up Google+ branded pageDescribe your work in the tagline, add your avatar. Later you will be able to usemore than one photo for avatar section too.Note: Using Google+ as an individual or organisation might be confusing, sokeep an eye on the grey bar on the top of your screen for notifications.
  • 13. Setting up Google+ branded pageFinish and start posting! Your avatar will give you clear indication of the areayou are in. To post as individual change to your personal page next to youravatar.
  • 14. Setting up Google+ branded pageLook out for tips! As a new page admin you will receive valuable notificationsand support.
  • 15. Setting up Google+ branded pageClick on the avatar of your page to see how others see it on Google+. Greysquare icon next to your page name indicates that it is a branded page.To edit your profile click on blue “edit profile” button.
  • 16. Setting up Google+ branded pageMake the most of your profile page – edit avatar (add more than one photo/visual), add photos, introduction, contact information, other pages that interestyou (great way of on-line positioning of your organisation), feature teammembers if appropriate.
  • 17. Major benefits of Google+1.  Clear privacy policy and data ownership,2.  Free solutions for team work (chat, contact management, hangouts),3.  Ripple effect of posted messages – as effective as Facebook fan pages,4.  More control in content sharing and targeting,5.  Good integration on “+1” button outside of the network,6.  Ability to post public messages (no entry barrier for viewers),7.  Good integration with other free Google tools and networks (YouTube, Picasa, Gmail),8.  Despite of early days large amount of nonprofits already present with their branded pages,9.  Direct access to ambassadors of tech and innovation,10.  Increased on-line visibility – Google is pulling in Google+ branded pages to general Google search results.
  • 18. Suggested usage of Google+Like any other social media tool Google+ will be effective for your specificpurposes, but we strongly suggest to at least set up a page for your organisationand post basic information.There are other things you can do:1.  Free virtual meetings over video with your team with controlled privacy,2.  Creative engagement through textual and visual content,3.  Document and engage volunteers, supporters, donors in events or hangouts,4.  Use status updates as another outlet for your press releases,5.  Reach out to new audiences with your content or simply with ask for support,6.  Connect easily with other organisations and individuals through interesting content,7.  Promote the great work you are doing by sharing it on-line and increasing your on-line transparency.
  • 19. Examples of nonprofits on Google+
  • 20. Examples of nonprofits on Google+
  • 21. Links
  • 22. ContactIf you have any comments please contact:Sylwia PresleyE-mail: sylwiapresley@nfpvoice.comMobile: 07850 138 178Twitter: @presleysylwia and @nfpvoiceSkype: sylwia.presley