Voice Quick Tips: Brand crisis management

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Voice Quick Tips: Brand crisis management

Voice Quick Tips: Brand crisis management

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  • 1. Voice Quick Tips – Managing On-line Reputation Crisis Author:  Sylwia  Presley,  December  2011  
  • 2. IntroductionMany of out clients consider open social conversations around their brandpotentially dangerous to their brand reputation.We think that any brand with a good product or organisation with good,transparent activities should openly engage in on-line conversations with theirsupporters. We do understand though that occasionally there might be a crisissituation which requires pre-defined process of handling it.In this document we are sharing process prepared based on years ofexperience of all Voice team members in order to provide you with confidenceto enter the on-line conversations and be ready to any potential unplannedevent.
  • 3. Unplanned events process Below you can see an example process of handling unplanned event.Alert  iden*fica*on:     Ini*al  insights:   No*fica*on:  An  employee  iden=fies   An  employee   An  employee  no=fies  unplanned  event  related  to   iden=fies   line  manager,  Senior  brand  reputa=on.     circumstances  of  alert.   Management.  Documenta*on  &   Response:     Inves*ga*on:  Monitoring:   Representa=ve  of   Senior  Management,  Assigned  employee   Senior  Management   line  manager  and  documents  the  crisis  and   follows  up  (public   employee  inves=gate  monitors  places  where  it   statement,  response   the  alert  to  define  occurred  for  responses.   to  direct  cri=cism,   appropriate  response.   personal  message).     Off-­‐line  contact  might   be  required.    
  • 4. Response to positive feedback- guidelinesVery  oLen  we  see  brand  and  organisa=ons  ignoring  posi=ve  feedback,  ideas  of  their  supporters  or  genuine  interest  in  helping  the  brand.  We  strongly  encourage  you  to  follow  them  up!  Pending  the  circumstances  your  response  should  contain  following  elements:  • Thank  you–  ‘We  are  happy  you  find  our  project  valuable  to  your  own  blog...’  • Acknowledgement  and  explana*on  of  our  processes–  ‘...we  are  trying  our  best  to  plan  our  ac=vi=es  to  bring  value  to  all...’  • Gentle  way  of  re-­‐direc*ng  aEen*on  to  areas  one  can  get  involved  in  –  ‘...if  you  want  more  content,  check  our  blog...’  • Reference  to  your  work,  or  specific  ac*ons–  ‘...for  tag  ‘eco’  to  find  similar  campaigns  you  can  join..’  • Explana*on  of  process,  as  openly  as  possible  –  ‘..if  you  decide  to,  send  us  an  e-­‐mail  –  we  would  not  like  to  spam  you;)..’  • Reassurance  on  follow  up  and  actual  follow  up  –  ‘..we  will  get  back  to  you  immediately’.  • Signature:  name,  surname,  role,  direct  availability.    
  • 5. Response to negative feedback- guidelinesIn  order  to  address  poten=al  threat  to  brand  reputa=on  the  response  needs  to  contain  following  elements:  • Apologies  –  ‘We  are  terribly  sorry  for  our  mistake...’  (if  applies)  • Acknowledgement  –  ‘...we  understand  how  you  feel  about  this...’  • Firm  explana*on  of  our  approach  –  ‘...however  we  did  our  best  to  ensure...’  • Reference  to  specific  procedures,  ethics  –  ‘...transparency  of  our  ini=al  e-­‐mail...’  • Explana*on  of  process,  as  openly  as  possible  –  ‘using  disclosure  and  copy  explaining  in  advance  what  the  campaign’s  goals  are’  • Reassurance  on  follow  up  –  ‘Incorpora=ng  your  feedback,  we  have  educated  our  team  to  reinforce  our  methodology  and  ethics  to  ensure  good  communica=on’.  • Signature:  name,  surname,  role  at  the  organisa=on,  direct  availability  It  is  advised  to  use  posi=ve  terminology,  refer  to  private  communica=on  and  procedures  as  well  as  arguments  which  stop  the  flow  of  nega=ve  comments,  do  not  provoke  new  responses.  
  • 6. ExamplesHere is an example of wrong handling of criticism. Threatening your fans todelete their comments is not a sign of respect, specially if they are right.
  • 7. ExamplesHere is an example of good handling of criticism and crisis. The agencyinvolved knew that their involvement with the brand suffering huge brandreputation crisis might affect agency image too. The director posted thismessage to clarify agency involvement and additional support provided to theirclient.
  • 8. ExamplesHere is an example of good handling of potential brand crisis. Customer careperson working on Facebook page notices the issue (ActionAid UK’s sponsorrelated to Innocent Smoothies/Coca-Cola’s unethical on-line behaviour),notifies PR team, all investigate, draft and post the response.
  • 9. ExamplesHere is an example of good handling of opportunities posted on-line instead offalling into the trap of fake brand crisis. After this post ActionAid was contactedby an influential beer blogger, sent him the beermats to create more contentfor their cause.
  • 10. And finally……remember that times, tools and people change. All your procedures need tobe clearly communicated to all teams involved, embedded in your HRprocesses and regularly updated.It also helps to cultivate supportive culture instead of blaming one. Teach yourteam to talk about mistakes and learn from them to prepare for any good orbad unexpected event that might occur on-line.With this confidence in place they will represent your brand on-line moreeffectively.
  • 11. ContactIf you have any comments please contact:Sylwia PresleyE-mail: sylwiapresley@nfpvoice.comMobile: 07850 138 178Twitter: @presleysylwia and @nfpvoiceSkype: sylwia.presley