Quick Tips: Facebook Privacy Settings
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Quick Tips: Facebook Privacy Settings

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Quick Tips on Facebook Privacy settings.

Quick Tips on Facebook Privacy settings.

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  • 1. Facebook Privacy Settings Author:  Sylwia  Presley,  January  2010  
  • 2. IntroductionFacebook privacy settings allow you to define access to the information youshare with your networks.It is crucial to understand the implications your behaviour in this social networkwill have on your friends, so please make sure you check and set up yourprivacy settings.Be considerate when you tag your friends on Facebook. Every single element ofyour shared and tagged content will appear on their profiles visible to theircontacts.
  • 3. Privacy SettingsFacebook privacy settings have four pre-defined sets. You can access themfrom the top right corner of your screen.
  • 4. Pre-Defined Privacy Settings“Everyone” – everyone on Facebook can access all your content.
  • 5. Pre-Defined Privacy Settings“Friends of friends” restricts access to your content to the second level offriends.
  • 6. Pre-Defined Privacy Settings“Friends only” allows access to your content only to your direct friends.
  • 7. Pre-Defined Privacy SettingsYou can also find suggested set of settings.
  • 8. Customised Privacy SettingsWe strongly advice choosing one of the pre-defined sets of settings for a start.Later, to ensure you have full control over your information, do use “customisesettings” option.
  • 9. Customised Privacy SettingsHere you will be able to choose specific access to each type of your contentand information. Make sure you check settings of your photos and videos too.
  • 10. Customised Privacy SettingsYou will be able to edit settings of all your albums separately. You can also drilldown to “customise” option…
  • 11. Customised Privacy Settings…in order to allow specific friends of yours to access particular album.
  • 12. Customised Privacy SettingsAll you need to do now is start typing to find your friends. Make sure you saveall settings.
  • 13. Privacy Settings and Contact ListsYou can also manage privacy by creating lists of contacts with various levels ofaccess to your account. First, go to your friends to create a list.
  • 14. Privacy Settings and Contact ListsName your list and start typing to find and add your friends. Save changes with“Create List” button.
  • 15. Privacy Settings and Contact ListsGo back to your privacy settings to customise any element of it. Choose theoption of “specific people”…
  • 16. Privacy Settings and Contact Lists…and start typing the name of your newly created list. It will appear on the listof your contacts here. Save it to define that this particular element of yourprofile can be viewed only by this particular list of your friends.
  • 17. Privacy Settings for AppsFacebook is an open platform, so make sure you control how 3rd partyapplications handle your information. Go back to the main screen of your settings.
  • 18. Privacy Settings for AppsCarefully choose the right access levels for all apps here and save the settings.
  • 19. More on Privacy SettingsFacebook privacy settings are explained in more detail within the network.
  • 20. More on Privacy SettingsFacebook has dedicated this area to explain privacy in more detail. http://www.facebook.com/privacy/explanation.php
  • 21. More on Privacy SettingsIf in doubt check the video tutorials posted in this area and ask questions incomments section.
  • 22. ContactIf you have any comments please contact:Sylwia PresleyE-mail: sylwiapresley@nfpvoice.comMobile: 07850 138 178Twitter: @presleysylwia and @nfpvoiceSkype: sylwia.presley