The Big Society discussion


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Discussing the implications of the Conservatives 'Big Society' policy

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  • Election on 6 th May Conservative 307 seats, 36.1% Labour 258 seats 29.0% Liberal Democrat 57 seats 23.0% Brown resigns on 11 th May and new coalition takes office on 12 th May
  • Office of the Third Sector has become the Office of Civil Society (within the Cabinet Office). Office for Civil Society key to building Big Society, says Hurd 19 May 2010 Francis Muade. Minister of Cabinet Office Nick Hurd. Minister for Civil Society. Eric Pickles is Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. Greg Clark, Minister of State in Dept of Communities and Local Govt. Michael Gove is the new Secretary of Satte for Education Andrew Lansley is new Secretary of State for Health. Caroline Spelman is Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Andrew Mitchell is Secretary of State for International Development. Nat Wei. Teach First. Appointed Big Society adviser, and made member of House of Lords Baroness Hanham. Tory peer. President of Volunteering England.
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  • The Big Society discussion

    1. 1. nfpSynergy Summer Insights Wednesday 16 th June 2010 20 Cavendish Square
    2. 2. Big Society What does it mean for the voluntary sector?
    3. 3. Key developments under the Labour Government 1997-2010 2002 Feb. Founding of CRUK 2004 Dec. Asian Tsunami 2005 Jul. Make Poverty History 2006 Apr. Capacitybuilders set up May. Office of the Third Sector established 2007 Feb. Charity Act 2006 comes into force Aug. Beginning of the credit crunch 1998 Nov. Compact signed and published 2009 Jan. UK officially enters recession
    4. 4. Voluntary sector income under the Labour Government 1997-2010. Source: The UK Civil Society Almanac 2010 (NCVO)
    5. 6. New actors in the voluntary sector The Cabinet Junior Ministers House of Lords
    6. 7. Context for the Big Society “ The recession has given the sector new importance. If we just respond economically we will come out of the recession with an environment of even more fragmented communities. The third sector is a key partner in creating a cohesive society” Nick Hurd nfpSynergy Insight Event, Summer 2009 Cuts will “affect every single person in the country” David Cameron , 7 th June 2010
    7. 9. Big Society: what does it mean? Medium Increased outsourcing of services to private and voluntary sectors. Increased involvement of local actors. Maximal Full outsourcing and increased service provision organised by locals and community groups. Minimal Existing voluntary and private sector service provision maintained and expanded.
    8. 10. Big Society: who will be affected? Central Government Local Councils Charities General Public Government funds Taxes and Donations
    9. 11. Some key policies ● A Big Society Bank, funded from unclaimed bank assets, to provide finance for neighbourhood groups, charities and non-governmental bodies . ● A “neighbourhood army” of 5,000 professional community organisers trained to identify and assist local community leaders. ● Introducing National Citizenship Service for 16 year olds. ● A Communities First fund to assist the establishment of community groups in deprived areas. ● Providing new funding for social entrepreneurs, and helping successful social enterprises expand and succeed. ● Launching an annual national Big Society Day to celebrate and encourage the work of neighbourhood and community groups.
    10. 12. <ul><li>What were your expectations of the election, and how did you react to the results? </li></ul><ul><li>What do you think are the opportunities for the voluntary sector in the era of </li></ul><ul><li>Big Society? </li></ul><ul><li>What do you think are the challenges for the voluntary sector in the era of Big Society? </li></ul>
    11. 13. Apart from cuts in public spending, what impact do you think the new government will have on the voluntary sector?
    12. 14. 2-6 Tenter Ground Spitalfields London E1 7NH (w) (t) 020 7426 8888 (e) Registered office: 2-6 Tenter Ground Spitalfields London E1 7NH Registered in England No. 04387900 VAT Registration 839 8186 72
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