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Pop Culture in Libraries

Pop Culture in Libraries



Presentation on Pop Culture in Libraries by Sarah Sogigian

Presentation on Pop Culture in Libraries by Sarah Sogigian



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    Pop Culture in Libraries Pop Culture in Libraries Presentation Transcript

    • Pop Culture in Libraries: How to have what they want before they ask Sarah Sogigian Trainer/Consultant for Youth Services MMRLS
    • POP QUIZ!!!
      • What is the cultural significance of Reese’s Pieces?
    • Who is this?
    • What is this from?
      • The last time I freaked out, I just kept looking down, I stu-stu-stuttered when you asked me what I'm thinking about. Felt like I couldn't breathe, You asked what's wrong with me. My best friend Leslie said "She's just being ____." And next time we hang out, I will redeem myself.
      • My heart can rest till then.
      • On what show did the first romantic kiss happen between two male characters on network television? The date: May 24, 2000
    • Pop Culture: What is it?
      • Culture based on popular taste rather than that of an educated elite, usually commercialized and made widely available by the mass media- OED
    • P.C.: past icons
      • Scooby Doo
      • Speed Racer
      • Bevis and Butthead
      • Cartman
      • Friends
      • Madonna
      • Seinfeld
      • Mickey Mouse
    • P.C.: present icons
      • Hannah Montana
      • Glee
      • Stephen Colbert
      • David Ortiz
      • Tina Fey
      • Buffy
      • Reality stars
      • Lost
    • P.C.: trends?
      • Most every P.C Icons can be found on tv
      • Many are animated characters
      • Limited age group per icon
      • Icons can be found in a variety of medias:
        • T.V.
        • Comics
        • Books
        • Video games
        • Movies
    • Why do they belong in libraries?
      • “ popular taste rather than that of an educated elite”
      • Fun “brain candy”, like Nora Roberts, Janet Evanovich, and Brad Meltzer
      • With so many kids having to read required titles, it’s nice to offer them some materials that they relate to on an recreational level.
      • In order to enjoy reading, one must have a broad selection to choose from
    • So how do we find P.C. materials?
      • Check out tv stations and their websites
        • Disney Channel
        • Nickelodeon
        • MTV
        • Comedy Central
        • ABC, NBC, CBS
    • Disney Channel
      • Hannah Montana
      • High School Musical 1 and 2
        • 7.7 million viewers for the premier of #1
        • 17.2 million viewers making it the most-watched event ever broadcast on basic cable for #2.
      • Suite Life of Zach and Cody
      • That’s So Raven
      Let’s not forget, that this is the network that gave us Britney, Justin, Christina, Keri, and Ryan.
    • Nickelodeon Channel
      • SpongeBob Squarepants
      • Drake and Josh
      • Zoey 101
        • Starring Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney’s sister
      • Avatar: The Last Airbender
    • MTV
      • The Real World
      • Jersey Shore
      • The Hills
      • True Life
      Use MTV and their website to learn about new acts as well as updates on established performers.
    • Comedy Central
      • The Daily Show
      • The Colbert Report
      • South Park
      • Futurama
    • The BIG 3 and 1 more
      • NBC
        • Heroes
        • ER
        • Law and Order
      • ABC
        • Lost
        • Grey’s Anatomy
        • Greek
      • CBS
        • CSI franchise
        • The Mentalist
        • NCIS
      • FOX
        • American Idol
        • 24
        • Glee
    • So, how to tell what will hit?
      • Ask people
        • Teens, other librarians, and don’t forget the 20 year olds!
      • Watch
        • Get dressed for work with MTV on
        • Flip over to Disney and Nick around 5 pm
        • Channel surf the networks in primetime
      • Get online
        • Check out the websites to see what’s new, especially in May and November. This is when networks announce new shows.
    • What if I’m wrong?
      • Don’t buy too much too fast
      • Check out what other libraries have, and use that as a guide
      • Have some faith…remember how popular the Arthur books were after his cartoon debuted?
      • Books
      • DVDs
      • CDs
      • Comics
      • Sheet music
      You don’t have to get them all, but mix it up a bit. Different Formats
      • Unlike many other genres, p.c. usually has a short shelf life.
      • Out with the old, in with the new
      • Remember boy bands? The Spice Girls?
        • Both are victims of our short attention span
      When the fad is over, weed the items. The plus side-- many of them will be in terrible shape anyway The fad is over. Now what?
    • Suggestions to start your collection Books Adaptations of popular tv shows: Hannah Montana, HSM, Laguna Beach, Lost, Smallville, Doctor Who, etc. Behind the scenes: making of movies, shows, writings about shows.
    • Suggestions to start your collection DVDs tv shows: multiple seasons can be expensive, But they will never sit on the shelves So called “teen comedies”: often they are enjoyed by adult and teen patrons
    • Suggestions to start your collection Music CDs: purchase for established artists New artists, wait for more than one song to be released
    • Did you know? That there is a Pop Culture Association AND That it has a Libraries, Archives, and Museums Area? The 2007 annual conference was in Boston!
    • Did you know? That every year, VH1 and Entertainment Weekly host the “ the ultimate pop culture tournament designed for teams to show off their astounding range of knowledge about everything music, television and film.“
    • What others think…. “ Pop culture is not about depth. It's about marketing, supply and demand, consumerism.” --Trevor Dunn, musician,Mr. Bungle “ Everything popular is wrong.” --Oscar Wilde “ The more things are forbidden, the more popular they become.” --Mark Twain “ It's generally my belief and those of others in this field of cultural studies that popular culture has a big effect on the people who consume it.” --Michael Asimov, author
    • Resources
      • Gig’s Daily Dose
        • www.gigsdailydose.blogspot.com
      • Pop Culture Madness
        • http://www. popculturemadness .com/
      • Pop Goes the Library
        • http://www. popgoesthelibrary .com/