Week 13 Observations


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Week 13 Observations

  1. 2. After realizing that more than 6 million viewers heard him curse out his players on Thanksgiving night, Denver Broncos coach Josh McDaniels has issued an apology. McDaniels said he was sorry that two obscenities were accidentally aired by the NFL Network during the Broncos’ 26-6 win over the New York Giants . From now on, instead of cussing, McDaniels will use clean language, hand out pretty flowers and dandy chocolates. Oh poopy-pants, Kyle, stop staring where you throw. If you don’t control the clock, I’m going to go loopy-scoopy!
  2. 3. This past Thursday, the Buffalo Bills played yet another game in Toronto, Canada. This time in a loss against the Jets. There have been rumors for years the Bills may one day move to Canada. However, Bills players say they will never get comfortable playing in Canadian Arenas. Whoooooa ! It’s too slippery!
  3. 4. Stealers wide receiver Hines Ward apologized Tuesday for openly questioning Ben Roethlisberger’s toughness, saying he spoke emotionally without knowing a team doctor recommended the quarterback not play last Sunday night because of a concussion. Team management said Ward’s comments will definitely cost him money. Ward will no longer be allowed to sell his “Ben Wimplisberger” Towel Or sell his Sissy Ben Girly Dolls.
  4. 5. It was MORE bad news for the Stealers, losing to the lowly Raiders at home! The Raiders do a rare sweep of both Pennsylvania teams. So rare, that Raiders coach Tom Cable partied like it was 1977!
  5. 6. Former coach and Fox Commentator Brian Billick spent about 15 minutes explaining that Chad Johnson’s new name, “Ochocinco” is translated to Eight Five , and not “ Eighty Five ” as is Chad’s jersey number. As you can see, a whoopee cushion always sounds the same. Where as real human gas depends on diet, butt position, or… Billick then spent the next 15 minutes explaining that whoopee cushions do not actually sound like human farts.
  6. 7. Not only did the Miami Dolphins defeat the evil Cheatriots, but the less accomplished Miami QB, Chad Henne matched up play for play against New England’s Tom Brady! Oh come on!
  7. 8. From initial boo’s, to eventual cheers from the Atlanta crowd, Michael Vick returned to Atlanta scoring a rushing TD, and later throwing a TD in the Eagles crushing of the Falcons. This could mean two things: A) Atlanta is the most forgiving city ever. or B)
  8. 9. The undefeated New Orleans Saints almost took their first loss against a subpar Redskins team. If anybody does not think visiting Saints fans were worried, look at this fan in the 1 st Quarter. And that SAME fan in the 4 th Quarter!
  9. 10. It was a Sunday Night match-up between the 40 year old Brett Favre and the 38 year old Kurt Warner. But it was Cardinals QB, Kurt Warner’s youthful exuberance that was too much for Favre and the Vikings! Bah! You young punk! Get off my lawn, Favre!
  10. 12. In the Monday Night Ravens at Packers game, there were an amazing 310 yards of penalties—tied for the 2 nd most in NFL History! 9 of those penalties were “Pass Interference”. There were so many Pass Interference’s, that a Packers cornerback interfered as Tiger Woods tried to make a pass at ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols! That’s a flag!