Airbnb share your style program


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A feature idea for Airbnb

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Airbnb share your style program

  1. 1. “Share Your Style” programNick Fisher
  2. 2. ObjectivesIncentivize more hostingImprove guest experienceEstablish relationships with local artisans & brandsGather actionable data about users
  3. 3. The “share your style” programairbnbYour home is a showroom for your styleGuests have prolonged directexposure to that showroomNow, hosts can easily catalog thedistinctive products in their homeThese brands are then displayedto the guest on the airbnbplatformguestshosts brands
  4. 4. A typical airbnb living room*****
  5. 5. Favorite an item with 1 clickLink to purchase online (Amazon)Find stores near home ( artists/merchants featuredLink to website & map to location
  6. 6. Value proposition for hostsairbnbguestsbrandshostsKnow which products guests love• Hosts can then improve their ratingsFree gifts for high volume hosts (or SuperHosts)• Brands will offer products to their influential advocatesValidation• Appreciate knowing guests liked their styleSatisfaction• Feel good helping out a respected brand or local merchant“Guests love this affordable bed!”Free Jambox for your modern home
  7. 7. Value proposition for guestsairbnbguestsbrandshostsDiscover new styles and products• View products in beautiful catalog formatSimple purchase channel• Browse at any time, option to purchase online or locallySatisfaction• Rewarding the host for their style
  8. 8. Value proposition for brandsairbnbguestsbrandshostsBrand awareness•Products integrated into airbnb website•Local furniture merchants or artists are highlightedConnect with your brand “influencers”•Can offer free products to hosts who have a high guest turnover and driveproduct interest (similar to Klout Perks)Customer data•Know exactly who is using and liking your products•Verify the impact of “influencers” through guest engagement with products
  9. 9. Value proposition for airbnbairbnbguestsbrandshostsMore hosting• Driven by desire to be gifted free products from brands• Better host ratings as hosts know which products guests loveImproved guest experience• Discovery of new styles and easy channel to purchaseEstablish relationships with local artisans & brands• Refer guests to local furniture merchants or artists• Partner with niche brands that want specific image (Jawbone)Gather actionable data about users• Know the products that interest your hosts and guests• Lay the groundwork for features around home décor/style
  10. 10. Next steps1. Further Validation• Initial discussions with hosts shows genuine interest in this feature• Need to continue validation with guests, hosts, and brands to confirm demand2. Complete designs and write specifications• Work with designers to conceptualize a simple product “tagging” feature for hosts• Identify key metrics to measure when testing hypothesis (guest/host participationrate, host retention rate, purchase conversion etc.)3. Design and implement A/B Test• Consider limited A/B test in Australian market• Evaluate hypothesis using established metrics4. Ramp up program and establish brand partnerships• Identify “cool” brands and “influential” hosts to participate