Cs270 module 8 final exam (data structures (grantham university)
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Cs270 module 8 final exam (data structures (grantham university)



Cs270 module 8 final exam (data structures (grantham university)

Cs270 module 8 final exam (data structures (grantham university)



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Cs270 module 8 final exam (data structures (grantham university) Cs270 module 8 final exam (data structures (grantham university) Document Transcript

  • The link to downloadCS270 Module 8 Final Exam (DataStructures (Grantham University)1. To speed up item insertion and deletion in a data set, use ____.Points Earned: 2.0/2.02. In a ____ queue, customers or jobs with higher priorities are pushed to thefront of the queue.Points Earned: 2.0/2.03. The ____ operation on a queue returns the last element in the queue, butdoes not remove the element from the queuePoints Earned: 2.0/2.04. Random access iterators are ____ iterators that can randomly processelements of a container.Points Earned: 2.0/2.05. The order of the nodes in a linked list is determined by the data valuestored in each node.Points Earned: 2.0/2.06. Building a linked list forward places the new item to be added at thebeginning of the linked list.Points Earned: 2.0/2.07. Assuming deq is a deque object, the expression deq.push_front(elem)deletes the first element from deq.Points Earned: 2.0/2.08. complexity of the function seqSearch in an array list is O(n2).Points Earned: 2.0/2.0
  • 9. A queuing system only consists of queues of objects waiting to be served.Points Earned: 2.0/2.010. The operation ____ is used to remove the top element from the stack.Points Earned: 2.0/2.011. Class objects cannot be passed as parameters to functions or returned asfunction values.Points Earned: 2.0/2.012. Indirect recursion requires the same careful analysis as direct recursion.Points Earned: 2.0/2.013. From the binary search algorithm, it follows that every iteration of the whileloop cuts the size of the search list by half.Points Earned: 2.0/2.014. Using static arrays, depending on the number of servers specified by theuser, a list of servers is created during program execution.Points Earned: 2.0/2.015. A sequential search assumes that the data is in a particular order.Points Earned: 2.0/2.016. In an array list the time complexity of the remove function is identical tothe time complexity of the ____ function.Points Earned: 2.0/2.017. A convenient and fast way to implement an associative container datastructure is to use a ____.Points Earned: 2.0/2.018. An ____ is an object that produces each element of a container, such as alinked list, one element at a time.Points Earned: 2.0/2.019. A linked list in which the last node points to the first node is called areverse linked list.
  • Points Earned: 2.0/2.020. A binary search can be performed only on ____.Points Earned: 2.0/2.021. A ____ is a set of elements of the same type in which the elements areadded at one end.Points Earned: 2.0/2.022. In 1736, Euler represented the Kцnigsberg bridge problem as a graph,marking (as recorded) the birth of graph theory.Points Earned: 2.0/2.023. The general case in a recursive function is the case for which the solutionis obtained directly.Points Earned: 2.0/2.024. Mergesort uses the divide-and-conquer technique to sort a list.Points Earned: 2.0/2.025. When an integer is subtracted from a pointer variable, the value of thepointer variable is decremented by the integer times half the size of thememory to which the pointer is pointing.Points Earned: 2.0/2.026. Assuming vecList is a vector container, the expression ____ deletes allelements from the container.Points Earned: 2.0/2.027. The function that overloads any of the operators (), [], ->, a class must bedeclared as a member of the class.Points Earned: 2.0/2.028. Open addressing can be implemented in several ways.Points Earned: 2.0/2.029. The statement ____ declares intList to be a vector and the componenttype to be int
  • Points Earned: 2.0/2.030. Every call to a recursive function has its own code and its own set of ____and local variablesPoints Earned: 2.0/2.031. The algorithm ____ is used to find the elements in one range of elementsthat do not appear in another range of elements.Points Earned: 2.0/2.032. The ____ in a binary tree is the number of branches on the path from theroot to the node.Points Earned: 2.0/2.033. A B-tree can be ____ in three ways: inorder, preorder, and postorder.Points Earned: 2.0/2.034. ____ are systems in which queues of objects are waiting to be served byvarious serversPoints Earned: 2.0/2.035. A class and its members can be described graphically using a notationknown as Unified Modeling Language (UML) notation.Points Earned: 2.0/2.036. The term asymptotic means the study of the function f as n becomeslarger and larger without bound.Points Earned: 2.0/2.037. To simplify operations such as insert and delete, you can define the classto implement the node of a linked list as a struct.Points Earned: 2.0/2.038. The destructor automatically executes when the class object goes out of____.Points Earned: 2.0/2.039. The syntax for accessing a class (struct) member using the operator -> is____.
  • Points Earned: 2.0/2.040. The expression vecCont.empty() empties the vector container of allelements.Points Earned: 2.0/2.041. If we compare the push function of the stack with the insertFirst functionfor general lists, we see that the algorithms to implement these operations aresimilar.Points Earned: 2.0/2.042. If the data needs to be processed in a First In First Out (FIFO) manner, wetypically use a(n) ____.Points Earned: 2.0/2.043. A(n) ____ is a data type that separates the logical properties from theimplementation details.Points Earned: 2.0/2.044. In the second form of ____, the binary operation op is applied to theelements in the range.Points Earned: 2.0/2.045. The ____ algorithm tries to extend a partial solution toward completionPoints Earned: 2.0/2.046. After inserting (or deleting) a node from an AVL tree, the resulting binarytree does not have to be an AVL tree.Points Earned: 2.0/2.047. Every customer has a customer number, arrival time, waiting time,transaction time, and departure time.Points Earned: 2.0/2.048. We need ____ pointers to build a linked list.Points Earned: 0.0/2.049. Because an AVL tree is a binary search tree, the search algorithm for anAVL tree is the same as the search algorithm for a binary search tree.
  • Points Earned: 2.0/2.050. The ____ operation is used to add an element onto the stack.PointsEarned: 2.0/2.0