Writing successful chapter reports2


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  •  By definition, it is business governed by the laws of supply and demand, not restrained by government interference, regulation, or subsidy. Free enterprise is the economic system that provides the individual with the opportunity to make their own economic choices; it also provides the right to control the level of participation in the business structure. It is the very system that grants citizens the right to sell, buy, and own individual property.
  • Writing successful chapter reports2

    1. 1. Writing Successful Chapter Reports Tracy Danovsky & Nicky Feucht
    2. 2. Chapter Event Reports• Local Chapter Annual Business Report• American Enterprise Project• Community Service Project• Partnership with a Business Project
    3. 3. Common Parts of ALL Events• Individual or team up to 3 people• Chapter event – get entire chapter involved• Deadlines – • March 6 for SLC • 2nd Friday in May for NLC• 2 copies of BOUND reports to be submitted• Reports not to exceed 30 pages; pages numbered• Read the National Guidelines AND the State Guidelines!
    4. 4. Local ChapterAnnual Business ReportNational Guidelines & Event Materials• Include chapter’s annual business• Covers time frame for SLC to SLC• Includes chapter history, productivity, recognition, businesslike procedures• Follow rating sheet and use same headings from rating sheet• Be creative with the report formatting• No performance portion
    5. 5. American Enterprise ProjectNational Guidelines & Event Materials• Promote awareness of some facet of the American enterprise system within the school and/or community • Help members to learn more about the economic system • Develop informational/educational program to share knowledge• Project should not raise money for chapter• What is the American enterprise system?
    6. 6. Community Service ProjectNational Guidelines & Event Materials• Chapters successfully implement community service projects to serve the citizens of their community• Describe one chapter project that serves your community• Chapter participation rather than individual participation• Not meant to raise money for the chapter
    7. 7. Partnership with Business ProjectNational Guidelines & Event Materials• Develop and implement the most innovative, creative, and effective partnership plan.• Learn about a business through communication and interaction with the business community• Bring business leaders and FBLA members together in a positive working relationship through innovative programs• Is not a fundraising event
    8. 8. Best Advice for ALL Event Reports… Be original
    9. 9. BrainstormWrite down as many ideasfor your topic as you canthink of... Then report to thegroup!
    10. 10. Performance Guidelines & Tips• 7-minute presentation (except Local Chapter Annual Business Report); 5-point deduction if over 7 minutes• 5-minutes prep time • Practice setting up equipment • Have back-up plan, extra cords, etc.• 3-minute question-answer period• Up to three (3) chapter members may present • All must verbally participate in performance • All must be prepared to answer questions
    11. 11. Performance Guidelines & Tips• Tailor performance to ratings sheets• Follow dress code; some teams dress the same or complimentary to one another• Don’t have to create a PowerPoint presentation; use charts or other visual aides• Practice, Practice, Practice
    12. 12. Questions?Tracy DanovskySuperior High School2600 Catlin AvenueSuperior, WI 54880tracy.danovsky@superior.k12.wi.usNicky FeuchtLomira High School1030 Fourth StreetLomira, WI 53048nfeucht@lomira.k12.wi.us