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Student Digital Portfolio

  1. 1. Devin W.'s Digital Portfolio 2010 -2011
  2. 2. Table of Contents 1. He shrugged 2. The World Seemed Full Of Light 3. His Happiness Evaporated 4. Her teeth Gleamed On Christmas 5. He Started To Run 6.He Spoke In Another Language 7. The Car Was Stuck 8. The Boy Whispered
  3. 3. He Shrugged There once was a boy named Kenster . He lost his stupid notebook. It’s so stupid if you look at it you go duhhh and doueyyy. Anyway, Kenster asked Devon,he shrugged. Devon said,”Go ask Zacharia,he probably he knows.” Kenster went to go tell Mr.Umbrella, the principal, that we weren’t telling him where his stupid notebook is. Devon threw a pencil at Kenster and it felt like a punch in the face. Mr.Umbrella said, “You have a 2 month detention.”
  4. 4. The World Seemed Full Of Light Devon was pretty happy that he got a 2 week detention. Kenster got a 4 month detention. Mr.Umbrella said that it wasn’t fair that only Devon got a 2 month detention and Kenster only had a 4 month detention. Zacharia got a 1 month detention for killing a monster. Kenster and Devon fought the whole time. Devon and Kenster got out at the same time for good behavior. It was December 12 2010 they went outside and had a brutal snowball fight. No I’m serious they were putting snowballs in a gun and shooting them at each other. Kenster broke his leg because a millimeter sized piece of snow hit him.
  5. 5. His Happiness Evaporated Kenster went to the hospital and out of no where Abigale came into the room and asking Kenster if he was alright. Kenster said that he was going to get out of here in 2 min. Abbigale’s happiness evaporated when Devon came in and said ,” walk it off Kenster you weakling.”Abigale  shoved Devon. Devon’s happiness evaporated.
  6. 6. Her Teeth Gleamed On Christmas Kenster lived with Devon and so does Abbigale. Devon was playing army of 2 in his room when abbigale and Kenster walked in and they heard him. Kenster went to Devon’s room to play video games and Abbigale  went to watch tv shows.
  7. 7. He Started To Run Kenster was still playing video games and when he died he realized he was late for school. He was sad that he had to go to school. His legs were tired and he had to squint to see the TV. Kenster started to run to school. When he got to school he realized it was Saturday! He was mad. He called Devon to come and pick him up. He said,”he would be there in a min.” He actually was there in 2 weeks and that turned Kenster into a hobo.
  8. 8. About the author Devin is a awesome 10 year old who loves video games. Devin goes to Grafton Kennedy and is in 4 th grade. He loves his school. Devin has lots of friends and family and he really hoped enjoyed this portfolio THANK YOU