Better Way to Run Your Lean Startup


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Lean Startup is all about learning. You should focus on learning and outsource or forget others.

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Better Way to Run Your Lean Startup

  1. 1. Better Way to Run Your Lean Startup 이의정 Dano Lee CEO & FOUNDER @nextofsearch
  2. 2. What is a Startup?
  3. 3. Problem Solution
  4. 4. Development Methodology
  5. 5. we do know the problem and the solution Waterfall Waterfall
  6. 6. Waterfall
  7. 7. Problem Solution Waterfall Known Known
  8. 8. we understand the problem while the solution is unknown. Agile Development
  9. 9. Agile Development
  10. 10. Agile Development
  11. 11. Problem Solution Known Agile Development
  12. 12. In real world, both the problem and the solution are unknown to startups. Lean Startup
  13. 13. 가설만 있을 뿐 가설은 반드시 실험으로 검증하라 실험은 full version으로 하는 게 아니다 MVP (MinimumViable Product) 우린 아무것도 모른다. Lean Startup
  14. 14. Methodology Problem Known? Solution Known? Waterfall Yes Yes Agile Development Yes No Lean Startup No No
  15. 15. Lean Startup
  16. 16. Lean Startup
  17. 17. Lean Startup
  18. 18. Problem Solution Lean Startup
  19. 19. Lean Startup
  20. 20. Lean Startup
  21. 21. Lean Startup
  22. 22. Lean Startup
  23. 23. Lean is the most capital efficient way to run a business. Lean is the never-ending process of eliminating waste. Lean Startup
  24. 24. We value Working Software over Documentation
  25. 25. We value Working Software over Documentation We value Learning over Working Software
  26. 26. We value Working Software over Documentation We value Learning over Working Software "The unit of progress for entrepreneurs is learning, not execution." Eric Ries
  27. 27. while it is fun to build things, it’s more important to learn the right thing to build. Kent Back Kent Beck is an American software engineer and the creator of the Extreme Programming[1] and Test Driven Development software development methodologies, also named agile software development. Beck was one of the 17 original signatories of the Agile Manifesto in 2001. from wikipedia Lean Startup
  28. 28. • Eliminate Waste. Don’t waste a bunch of time building something that no one might want. • Create Knowledge. Lean startups are all about learning. • Short Iterations with a tight feedback loop to allow us to learn and adapt. • Fail Fast! If something isn’t going to work, figure it out as soon as possible so we can move on to something that will. Lean Startup
  29. 29. Technology
  30. 30. Technology
  31. 31. Low Cost Hardware and Software Technology
  32. 32. Technology
  33. 33. Virtualization Technology
  34. 34. Technology
  35. 35. My Story
  36. 36. 모바일 앱 사용자들의 리텐션과 매출을 높이기 위한 인-앱 마케팅 솔루션 서비스
  37. 37. • 주식회사 애드프레스카 • 2012년 3월 설립 • 종업원 수: 4명 • 주요 서비스: 모바일 인-앱 마케팅 솔루션 서비스 • 주요 고객: 게임빌, 넥슨, 네오위즈게임즈, 아프리카TV 등 • 2013년 1월부터 서비스 전면 상용화 • 2012년 11월 엔젤투자 유치 (PAG&파트너스) • 벤처기업확인 (제20130400194호)
  38. 38. 급격한 성장 방대한 양의 데이터 처리 24M앱 설치수 517M앱 실행수 주요 통계
  39. 39. 글로벌 서비스 226개 국가, 39개 언어 사용자 주요 통계
  40. 40. Name Role Experiences 이의정 CEO Sales & Marketing Architect Programming EA, Director (mobile game publishing) Serial Entrepreneurs 강선구 CTO Architect Programming Main developer of ‘1Km’ mobile local SNS Experienced Agile Team
  41. 41. What 2 Engineers can do
  42. 42. What 2 engineers should do What 2 engineers can do Make a choice!!
  43. 43. 마케터 모바일 SDK 웹 서버 DB 서버 데이터 분석 서버 CDN 트랜잭션 서버 통계 서버 Hadoop Clusters 개략도 Workers
  44. 44. Infrastructure, Platform Database, Queue, Cache Storage & CDN Software
  45. 45. Category Service Plan Remarks PaaS Heroku IaaS EC2 Database Amazon RDS Database Redis-to-goDatabase Memcache Storage Amazon S3 Storage Amazon CloudFront Operation NewRelic Operation Logentries Operation Pingdom Operation MediaTemple Productivity Pivotal Tracker Productivity Repository HostingProductivity Yammer Marketing Mailchimp Marketing Zendesk pay-as-you-go application server pay-as-you-go testing for now pay-as-you-go Transaction database paid plan count and queue paid plan cache pay-as-you-go data storage pay-as-you-go CDN paid plan application monitoring pay-as-you-go log management free ping over the globe paid plan email, DNS, blog hosting paid plan Scrum tracking paid plan Git repository free Internal communication free Email marketing paid plan customer support What We Use Now
  46. 46. Scalability Maintenance Operation Choose the right tools and services to meet your needs
  47. 47. Communication Collaboration Focus, Focus, Focus Time > Money Don’t reinvent the wheel You are a human, not a machine Key things that you should not forget
  48. 48. Communication
  49. 49. Collaboration
  50. 50. Time > Money
  51. 51. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel
  52. 52. You’re a human, not a machine.
  53. 53. Platform Database & Storage Operation Productivity Marketing 5 Must-have Tools
  54. 54. Platform Your playground PaaS: Heroku, EngineYard, dotCloud, etc IaaS:Amazon Web Service 5 Must-have Tools
  55. 55. Database & Storage From SQL to noSQL On-demand service with scalability Amazon RDS MongoHQ, Redis-to-go, Memcache Hadoop, Big Query Amazon S3 & Cloudfront 5 Must-have Tools
  56. 56. Operation Your 24/7 Service Guard Monitoring: newrelic Ping: pingdom Log: Logentries Email, hosting, DNS: MediaTemple 5 Must-have Tools
  57. 57. Productivity Tick,Tock,Tick,Tock Tracker: Pivotal Tracker Repository: RepositoryHosting (instead of github) Communication:Yammer Email: Gmail 5 Must-have Tools
  58. 58. Marketing Communicate with your customers Email Newsletter: Mailchimp Customer Support: ZenDesk 5 Must-have Tools
  59. 59. ThankYou! 이의정 Dano Lee CEO & FOUNDER @nextofsearch